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John Frieda Frizz Ease® Secret Weapon® Finishing Crème

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John Frieda Frizz Ease® Secret Weapon® Finishing Crème is a styling cream that instantly touches up and eliminates frizz for all hair types. The moisturising formula contains avocado oil to rehydrate the hair for a smooth, silky look.


John Frieda Frizz Ease® Secret Weapon® Finishing Crème


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My hair is one of my best accessories, however frizz and I are in a constant battle. This product is brilliant for that. It helps me tame the frizz and stop flyaways and leaves my hair shiny and moisturised. I apply a small amount of cream to my hair from mid-length to ends after styling. If I have find myself having to rebrush my hair throughout the day I also reapply the finishing cream, regular touch ups also helpful for a particularly humid environment.  It doesn’t always get all the frizz, but it’s the best product I’ve found that actually works so far.
Best thing for flyaways. It doesn't weigh down the roots like so many other products do, but really smoothes the flyaways at your parting and also all the way down the lengths of your hair.  It is a handy size to have in your bag, and I use it almost every time after I have straightened my hair.
I WANT to give this 5 stars so damn badly. It is the ONLY product, cheap or expensive, that truly tames the frizzies.  I have curly, fairly long, very fine hair and there is a heck of a lot of it. This is the only thing that has really worked to smooth it down when it’s humid or if it’s decided to dry frizzier than usual. It works so well and doesn’t leave me greasy.  That being said, I can’t give it 5 stars as it is not paraben free and this is especially not good for long term use on dry/frizzy/curly hair.  If this were free of the detrimental ingredients I am forever trying to avoid, it would be a 6 star! That being said, it works way too well to give up completely. Give it a go if nothing else has worked for you either :)
I love this "Secret weapon". It is very easy to use and a little bit goes a long way. I have thin, curly, unruly hair and it's perfect to use everyday to maintain my frizz! Similar to the rest of the products in this range, there is a scent, but it isn't too overpowering. I would recommend this secret weapon for those who want to control their frizz and flyaways without the product making your hair oily or greasy.
I finally have a go to product to actually tame my fly away hair properly, it lasts at least half of my hectic day, which is so much better than the drawer of half used products that I have tried before which last under 1 hour. It smells great, feels great and delivers on its promise. To tame my frizz.
I adore john freida products and cant live without john freida frizz ease and shampoo and conditioner for brunettes. I had to try this finishing creme and so glas I did. this leaves my hair frizz free every time and styles it super sleek and smooth. This product hydrates my hair and no more fly aways, damp and humid weather no longer affect my hair when I use this product, a huge bonus. I have thick hair that i straighten so I need a high quality product and this creme does an amazing job.great value as you only need a small amount, easy to use just smooth on and style, it doesnt weight hair down or look greasy. Another high quality john freida product i cant live without. I highly recommend this
I normally don't like to use anything after I have styled my hair (blow dry or straighten) as I am worried about products weighing down my hair and making it look greasy as I have fine hair. However I don't like the frizz or flyaways that come with styling my hair so this product was great for this. It is a cream formula that is thick so I started off with a very small amount. I knew I could always add more so I rubbed one drop of the cream between my hands and I brushed it through the mid lengths of my hair and the ends. Whilst I admit it didn't get all the frizz but it did getting most of it, giving me a wonderful result of smooth, silky and shiny hair. Even though it says in the directions to use on dry hair I have used it on damp hair, both the middle and ends and found it did a great job of detangling my hair. Use sparingly as a little bit goes a long way and it's ideal for everyday use. All in all a great product.
Beautiful hair is a big part of my every day beauty regime, and having the best possible shampoo, conditioner, mask and treatment at my disposal, makes having a good hair day every day possible. I experiment with my hair quite a lot, with home hair dye kits, different looks and styles, which means I need products that will help care for and protect my hair, no matter what I decide to do with it that day. For my everyday look, I go for natural makeup and hair which is full, shiny, glossy and neat, with no fly aways or frizz. The product that helps me achieve this look with ease is this John Frieda frizz ease finishing creme, a true cult classic in the world of hair. This product is a cult icon, loved by celebrities and professionals and every day women all around the world, for a very good and simple reason, it works. It helps to keep every single hair in place, whether worn down or in an up do, with zero frizz, without any heaviness, grease or stickiness. It's so affordable, the tube size is hugely generous and a little goes such a long way, so a single tube is keeping me going still months later, and it's not even half empty even though I use it pretty much every day. After my usual hair routine of a double shampoo, rinsed thoroughly, and conditioner, I wrap my damp hair up in my hair turban and moisturise my damp body. I squeeze the excess water from my locks and work a pea size amount of the styling creme from roots to ends and comb through gently and let my hair fully air dry, either with or without a heated styling tool. When my hair is then fully dry, it is full, soft, shiny, radiant, and yes, smooth and frizz free, with no fly aways ruining my looks. It is that easy to use every day and works so well when left to air dry on its own, or if you blow dry, curl or straighten it. I cannot live without it now and it works day or night, and any occasion, such as a formal job interview, date, or a girly shopping day. And it's very affordable like any other John Frieda product on the market. I cannot stress how important having full, glossy, shiny and frizz free hair as a part of your everyday beauty routine. Beauty is truly from top to toe and products such as this John Frieda frizz free finishing creme makes it easy and simple to have the most beautiful looking hair, and the power, confidence and happiness it gives you is life changing. Just beautiful.
This really is my secret weapon! It smells amazing, it fights frizz and it leaves my hair light and bouncy. A lot of anti-frizz creams can leave my hair lank and flat but this one is so light and doesn't weigh down my hair! I usually apply this to dry hair and it leaves my hair soft, smooth and frizz-free. Love th scent as well- it's gorgeous!
I almost forgot to use this product as my hair looked great after using the JF frizz ease shampoo, conditioner and serum , so I made an effort to use it . I Did find that I only need a very small amount  and very lightly smoothed it on to any fly away hairs that appeared, especially as a touch up when going out  after work etc, handy back up product . Probably not first on  shopping list
I was gifted this product along with the shampoo, conditioner and the serum. I felt if I used this product after the first three that my hair felt greasy and heavy. But without the serum and just this my hair was again shiny and frizz free. Perhaps if you had thicker/courser hair it would work better for you. (my hair is rather fine)
This is the final touch up to get a better effects of the frizz free. To seal the moisture in hair to eliminates flyaway. When I first use it I think I've used way too much product and it seems to take away the shine and makes my hair feels heavy. However, I've tried the second time and just dispense a small tiny amount at the tip of my finger and lightly apply it on the end tips of my hair and it works perfectly and feels right thtoughout the whole day. The additional avocado oil a plus point for me as I've already use the oil itself just for other skincare benefits.  A tiny bits amount of this product goes a long way for this before u need to get a new bottle.
The John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Finishing Crème is a cream that helps to hydrate hair and eliminate frizz. As someone who struggles with frizzy hair, a product that can fix and or help with this is a must for me.   This cream comes in a plastic tube with a flip top lid. The packaging is a pretty purple and black.   You apply the cream to dry hair, and then instead of dry and frizzy hair you are left with smooth, shiny glossy locks. I can feel the difference in my hair immediately, it keeps my hair feeling much more hydrated and sleek. You can reapply throughout the day if needed. I found I only need a tiny amount of the cream to smooth the fly away's and frizz out of myhair.   I have used this cream both when my hair is wet and dry and it works wonders for my hair both ways, even though its designed for use on dry hair.     The cream has a nice sweet scent to it, but I didn’t really notice this scent after I had applied it to my hair.   At such an affordable price, it’s a bargain for when you need to tame frizzy hair.   I use this finishing crème along withthe John Frieda Miraculous Recovery shampoo and conditioner and my hair hasbeen so easy to manage and style since using these products. I would recommend this cream to others who struggle with frizzy hair.   Pros: - gets rid of frizz and flyaway - hair looks smooth, shiny and sleek - great value - easy to use
I have been sent this to try and I have used it throughout the week and my hair is in love my ends feel amazing. I use it after i have straightened my hair and doesn't feel greasy my hair absorbs it really well not leaving it heavy but healthy and shiny. I highly recommend with all the other Frizz ease products if you have dry frizzy hair try it, you wont look back.
I love this product, a tiny amount goes a long way! I use this to tame frizz after a blow dry or if I am putting my hair up to smooth my hair down. I use this product every day, it is light weight and smells amazing. I rub a little bit into my hands before I apply to my hair and keeps my hairstyle manageable.
A little heavy, smells good and did eliminate frizz, but was too heavy for regular use. I'd use this when I had a big event and needed hair to look good once rather than for several days.
Luscious product which does what it claims. Great for touch ups without hair looking or feeling greasy. Love it
hmm i used finishing creme after the serum and didn't like it because it makes my hair sticky and also i use at the end part of my hair but still felt like I don't really need this after the serum. I would recommend to use serum or creme not both at the same time. on the other hand I could use this with serum when its windy and humid or rainy days.
I have long, straight thick hair so for me this was the least useful of the product range. A tiny amount applied while hair was still slightly damp to attempt to lessen frizz and fly aways had no noticeable effect - however if you have wavy or curly hair I can see that this might be effective.  A word of caution that you don't over apply though, too much product threatens to make hair heavy or sticky.  This product has the same lovely sent and feel as the shampoo and conditioner and is of the same generally high quality as the rest of the range, it just had no place in my routine.
Out of all four products I trialed from this range, this one was my least favorite. It is recommended that you dry & style your hair then apply this creme. I didn't get a chance to take with me to apply during the day (as the package recommends) so I can't say for sure this would improve my hair later in the day, but I did apply it after I styled my hair & when it was dry and I didn't notice any improvement in regards to frizz (which was already minimised by the first three steps in the process), however, I do think this did create a bit of added shine to my hair that it would have been lacking otherwise.