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John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Deep Soak Masque

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John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Deep Soak Masque quenches thirsty, lifeless hair with an intensive surge of moisture. Infused with nutrient rich drops containing monoi oil and keratin, this hair mask for dry hair deeply nourishes dry, brittle strands for touchably soft, silky hair that moves with you.  

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John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Deep Soak Masque


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Hydrating hair mask and luxurious scent.

I have had a lot of hormonal changes recently and that means my hair has become dull, brittle and lifeless. I was looking forward to giving my hair a good hydration boost after this winter was over and I was lucky enough to find just the perfect hair mask. It does exactly what it promises - hydrates and recharges hair. I will be using it for a long time because I was so happy with it. My hair was also so easy to comb afterwards and most importantly, it smelled wonderful for days and days! I do not know how to describe that smell, but it reminded me of just stepping out of a hair salon and having that awesome "I just had the best hair appointment" feeling and scent.

John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Deep Soak Masque

I received a sachet sample of this John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Deep Soaking Hair Masque. It comes white in colour and thicker in texture, the scent is divine to me it smells just like a sweet bubblegum. After washing my hair while in the shower I applied this to my mid lengths and ends then ran my hands through the scalp to give that some nourishment too. I left this masque on for 5 mins while I cleansed my face and washed the rest of my body. After showering my hair felt nice and nourished and moisturised, my hair was soft and easy to manage and style. I would recommend you to apply to hair and leave in for 5 minutes for hair needing moisture and nourishment.

Sample was too small to see results

I received a set of John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo (8mL), Conditioner (8mL) and Deep Soak Masque (4.5mL) in my online product order. This review is for the deep soak masque only. The masque is a thick white cream. It has a very sweet smell and it actually really smells quite nice. The sample is 4.5mL!! Even smaller than the shampoo and conditioner which does not make much sense at all. My regular 200mL hair mask would last me about 10-15 uses (13-20mL each use). I guess it's because I have thick, long, shoulder blade hair. I could only soak my ends in this sample but not as saturated as I would usually do. (I did receive two sets of samples from two different orders but I was already in the shower with one set so it was not very practical for me to go and get another set). It felt that at least triple the amount of sample would have certainly given me a much better idea to test this out. I am not sure if it was because the small size of the sample, or because of the product itself, I could not tell whether the mask is working for me. I feel that it gives me less manageable hair than my regular treatment mask - but somewhat difficult to tell as I was using the whole set of shampoo, conditioner and mask together so it was impossible to tell which product is working well and which one not so well. That said, I like that it is easy to rinse out. It does not have the heavy-built-up feel that some conditioner can leave. I dried my hair naturally. I still need to use leave-in treatment oil to make my bleached and coloured hair manageable, but this is quite a standard thing for me to do. My hair is colour treated and the colour did not come off with the wash. I have always enjoyed John Freida products as I found them to be good value for the supermarket price range.

Deeply penetrating

The John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Deep Soak Masque has the same lovely sweet floral scent as the shampoo and conditioner in this range that I’ve been using. Before applying the creamy mask I wash my hair using the matching shampoo. I don’t feel the need to use any conditioner but instead just work the mask through my hair from roots to tip and then massage my scalp. I leave the mask on for a few minutes to soak in before I rinse it out thoroughly. The results are soft, shiny, silky hair – so nourishing and hydrating, and so manageable – plus my hair seems easier to blow dry and style.

Soft hydrated hair

I was lucky enough to try sample of John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Deep Soak Masque. The smell of this product is amazing. I noticed my hair is much more hydrated and manageable after using the masque. I have used it in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner from the range. I use this as a leave in mask although the package said it to wash off. It didn’t leave any kind of greasy residue on my thick hair when it was dry, and my hair felt soft and shiny. I would highly recommend the people with dry hair to try this mask. Overall a good little treatment! I will definitely buy full size product as this is very effective on my dry hair concern.


I received a sample of this is Masque and I do really like it because it has left my hair hydrated and soft. It is thick and white in colour and smells sweet and fruity. I applied this to my mid-lengths and ends and then what was left I applied to my roots as my roots can be really frizzy and unmanageable. I left it on for about 4 minutes then rinsed. My hair was silky smooth, soft and hydrated. Once my hair dried naturally it was manageable, frizz free and soft. I would definitely purchase this myself.

John Frieda Hydrate and Recharge Deep Soak Masque

I had the opportunity to try a sample of the John Frieda Hydrate and Recharge Deep Soak Masque in my 2021 Rewards Room order. I have dry, bleach damaged hair so was looking forward to hair wash day to give this treatment a try. As the name suggests, this mask hydrates the hair, being formulated with monoi oil and keratin, known for their moisturising properties. The mask came in a foil sachet with enough product for one use. It is a creamy consistency and has a sweet, fruity fragrance that I adore the smell of. Being a smaller sachet than that of the shampoo and conditioner, I was skeptical that it would be enough for my long hair. However, I was able to apply to my lengths, which is what I typically do when using a hair treatment and there was still some for the roots as well. I left on my hair for around 5 minutes before rinsing. The way my hair felt when wet gave me hope that the mask would make a difference to my hair, even more so when I was able to run a comb through my hair without too much resistance from knots and tangles. Once dry, I could not believe just how soft and smooth my hair was. All of my hair felt the same, even the bleached ends which are normally like straw to the touch. I raved to my husband who he even noticed the improvement. I only got to try the John Frieda Hydrate and Recharge Deep Soak Masque the once, but I am sold on the product and need a full size. In fact I really want to use the whole range! My hair has shine, is more manageable and I can't stop touching it.

Amazing results

I have coarse, dry, damaged hair from too much colouring and straightening. Due to the poor condition of my hair, most hair treatments disappointment me as they are only barely better than good conditioners. I was amazed by the results from this hair mask as it really hydrated my hair without leaving it greasy or weighed down. The mask is creamy white and is quite thick, with a pleasant scent. It just needs to be left on for 2-3 minutes on clean, wet hair, so it can be easily applied in the shower after shampooing. It left my hair feeling silky soft and removed the 'crunchiness' of my dry hair without any oiliness. So impressed.
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The recharge my hair needed

I tend to shy away from using a hair mask, mostly due to the fact that I have fine hair and it gets greasy way too often. However I was pleasently surprised with this one as I applied it mostly to my ends for roughly 2 - 3 minutes and when I wash it off my hair is even more softer then when I typically use the conditioner! Brushing my hair when I get out of the shower is a breeze and very much gives my hair a bit of a boost. I like using the mask about 2 times a week, sometimes I leave it in for about an hour as a treatment which works wonders. I highly recommend!
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Locked in moisture

IInwasnprertynexcitednto be offered this product to try out. I really love a good masque to lock in the moisture into my hair. This masque was a great product to try and leave on my hair to lock in the moisture to my dry hair. I feel that it would do an even better job if left in for a bit longer. It was of a great texture meaning it did not run all over my head and stayed out. My hair was easy to comb through after the masque and smelt great. I would recommend you try this product if your hair is feeling dry and in need of a boost.
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Healthier 'swishier' hair!

Let me preface this review by saying I'm not a fan of hair masks!. I've been tempted more than once to buy them off the supermarket shelf with promises of silky hair etc etc. So I tried the John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Deep Soak Masque with some trepidation. Loved it! Loved that I didn't have to go through the drama of wetting my hair or shampooing my hair, towel drying and then applying. Instead it lives in my shower and I use it alternately with the conditioner. It smells amazing. And it really does perform. My hair feels 'swishy' and healthy and looks great. I'm not young so if I say my hair feels great then you know the product is working double time to achieve that!
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mask magic

This mask is magic! The detangling powers are like no other. By the end of the week my hair is quite sad and knotted, with constantly being tied in a bun, it can be uncontrollable and matted. I would use this mask once or twice a week before a wash for that extra bit of TLC. It helped to punch hydration and life back into my hair. It smelt the same as the other products in the range, so needless to say, DELICIOUS! The use of a tub for the product allowed me to slather this through my ends and I kept it in for longer than directed and sometimes over night (sleek bun hack) for it to truly penetrate and work it's magic. I'd then wake up or rinse it out the next day as well as wash it, though immediately after rinsing it felt so silky smooth I didn't even feel the need to finish the wash with the final steps (though I did). Thanks BC and John Frieda!
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Must try!

Ok wow. So I received this product only with the others in the range as part of the beauty review crew and all I can say is wow. My hair is so soft and luscious after only using these 3 products for a short time. This masque smells great, feels even better, is easy to use (thanks to the tub) and makes my hair feel like I’ve just had a salon service treatment, absolutely amazing and will be continuing to use this in the future. Would recommend to anyone feeling a bit dull and dry to give it a go.
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Nourishing masque

I really liked the texture of this hair masque as it is lovely and thick. I used a decent amount, and paid extra attention to my ends. My hair is admittedly a little dry and in need of a trim so I was hoping that this masque would help. Whilst it conditioned my hair and made it a little smoother, I didn’t notice a huge difference but in fairness, I would like to use more of the masque before stating that I wouldn’t purchase it in future. The scent is nice, not too overpowering, and the size of the tub is a decent size.
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Hello Hydration

Been using this product for over a week now and I noticed my hair is soft to the touch and doesn't feel brittle as before. Makes my hair more manageable when drying and brushing less breakage and knots considering my hair is 3a. The smell is pleasant and lingers throughout the day and it's not overpowering. The bonus is that I've been using it daily as I am frequently going to gym and it doesn't strip the natural oils like other shampoos. I like the packaging being 250ml bottles it’s great for travelling but hope they come in bigger sizes.
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Good to have for extra hair care

I’ve used this hair mask for a few weeks. For me, my hair feels good after but it somehow deliver the same effect with just the conditioner. I am still giving it a four star because hair feels soft and bouncy after but for me, the shampoo and conditioner are already enough. I’m indoors most of the time though, I’m not always exposed to sunlight that can cause too much dry hair so I’m not sure if my hair still need a mask. As I genuinely love their shampoo and conditioner, i’ll reconsider having it again during summer days. But for me, this is something for to me skip in my hair care routine.
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Magical Masque

Like the rest of the Hydrate and recharge range, the masque smells divine, it’s fresh yet fruity, with hints of coconut. The packaging is simple and easy to use and looks appealing. I love the fact that this masque only needs a couple of minutes on the hair to work it’s magic. I’ve tried hair masks in the past and have always been underwhelmed with the results but this one made my hair feel instantly hydrated, resulting in smooth, silky, soft hair. This will make up part of my weekly treatment regime now!
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Left in overnight with no sensitivity!

I quite like the light blue colour and the tub (as opposed to a tube or bottle) allowed me to scoop out easily the large amount my hair needs to cover it completely. As I have very dry curly frizzy hair I was very excited to try this product. I find my hair knots veryyyyyy easily in the shower, sometimes I have to physically rip them out with my hands!!! But this mask had a lot of slip to it, detangling was not a problem at all! There was minimal amount of hair loss too which was a huge plus for me! I kept this mask in my hair overnight which is what I usually do with masks and there was no irritation at all which was great. My hair did feel really soft afterwards but I think still a decent amount of frizziness and fly aways remained. Unfortunately I only had a few days to trial this product and only had the chance to use it once so I will keep using it for sure and hopefully over time there will be improvement as with most hair products a few times is needed to actually work!
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Soft & Silky Smooth Strands

Quite an aesthetic design, I enjoy the baby blue packaging and portability that this range offers. Convenient size for travelling and keeps clutter to a minimum in the shower. The masque is a compact tub that is easy to open/close, ensuring no mess, spills or leaks :) The application is a sensory experience. I'm very fond of the sweet smell and thick, creamy texture. After brushing it through my thirsty strands, I tie my hair up and proceed to shower.. The magical masque melts deeper, infusing my hair's cuticles with the surge of mositure they not only require but desire. It's recommended to rinse after 2-3 minutes. I have left it developing up to 5 minutes which also results in an impressively pleasant and tame mane :) I used this product following the Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo.
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A Masque with a Moisturising Mission

I was excited to trial the final step, having trialled by the Shampoo and Conditioner and not having used a “John Frieda” product before I very happy that I did. It came in a light blue tub which was easy to open and use and I found it to have the same lovely fragrance as the shampoo and conditioner. I used this after washing my hair with the “John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo”. It was of a nice and thick consistency that easily distributed through my hair. I left it on for a few minutes as it suggested then it rinsed out easily. My hair was soft and I was able to easily comb and style it. I have coloured hair and this product has not faded my colour and I am confident with continual use that this masque will continue to keep my hair soft and in great condition. I would definitely recommend using this product, preferably with the matching shampoo and conditioner.