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John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo quenches thirsty, lifeless hair with a surge of powerful moisture. Infused with nutrient rich drops containing monoi oil and keratin, this hydrating  shampoo transforms dry, lifeless strands into silky hair that moves with you.

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John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo


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Great value

This shampoo is such a great product and value for money. I was surprised how nice this makes my hair feel for a shampoo. It's good a really good lather to it and smells incredible. Really fruity and sweet like bubblegum. I find that this shampoo doesn't make my hair feel dry and tangly. It's almost like it conditions at the same time. It doesn't strip my hair and I really would recommend this to anyone who has dry or frizzy hair as I find this does a great job at making my dry frizzy hair feel silky and soft.

Amazing scent

I like this John Frieda shampoo because it doesn't leave my hair dry and it smells to die for. It's probably one of the best scented shampoos I've ever smelt. You only need a small amount even for thick frizzy hair like mine as it lathers very well. It leaves me hair feeling soft and clean. It doesn't irritate my scalp nor does it make my head itchy. I haven't found it to strip my hair colour either which is always great. I will be purchasing this again and again. It's really good. The matching conditioner is also fantastic.

Great hydration and smoother hair

I love John freida products and love this hydrate and recharge shampoo. It’s super rich and creamy, a pearly white that smells beautiful, it lathers up well and leaves my hair clean and shiny. Infused with keratin it helps smooth my hair which is very thick and is super hydrating which helps keeps frizz at bay. My hair was quite dry after winter and after using this shampoo it was much more hydrated and nourished and easier to style, smoother, shinier and much more manageable. This is a great shampoo for repair and dehydrated hair. Great product.

John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo

I was very lucky to receive this sample. I usually do two shampoos of my hair but each time I wash it but there was only enough to do one wash with this sachet. When I tore the sachet open I instantly noticed the beautiful bubblegum scent and when I poured it into my palm noticed the beautiful pearly white colour. The shampoo lathered really well and felt nice on my scalp. After using the trio of samples my hair was soft, felt less frizzy and more hydrated. I would recommend this for hair needing hydration, frizzy hair. Perfect for the coming cooler months.

Nice everyday shampoo

The John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge shampoo has a lovely sweet fragrance and has quite a thick consistency. The creamy white shampoo lathers really well to create a nice foamy wash which then rinses out with ease. I always double wash my hair and after the two washes I can still run my fingers through my hair with ease after using this shampoo. My hair is salon coloured so I’m very wary of which products I use. When trying a new shampoo I want it to produce that nice nourished feeling. I feel this shampoo keeps my hair well hydrated and leaves my hair soft and silky.

Great value

I received a set of John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo (8mL), Conditioner (8mL) and Deep Soak Masque (4.5mL) in my online order. This review is for the shampoo only. The shampoo is a pearlescent cream which lathers up. It has a very sweet smell. It was difficult to tell the cleansing power because the 8mL sample was really insufficient. I have thick, long, shoulder blade hair and I almost always double cleanse with shampoo. The sample that I received was barely enough for one wash. (I did receive two sets of samples from two different orders but I was already in the shower with one set so it was not very practical for me to go and get another set). So I concentrated on the roots and left the ends alone. It felt that another cleanse would certainly have been beneficial. I didn't feel the shampoo stripping my natural oil which is important for me. My hair is colour treated and the colour did not come off with the wash. I have always enjoyed John Freida products as I found them to be good value for the supermarket price range.

Great for regular use.

I was lucky enough to try sample of this shampoo. This is pretty good for keeping my dry hair hydrated. Shampoo is the perfect product works well with its conditioner. The shampoo is white and creamy. It lathers really well and doesn't seem to be too drying on my hair. It is easy to wash off and great clean feeling on my hair. Overall I am very happy with this product as it did make my hair looks good, feeling soft and smooth. Plus the smell was nice not overpowering. Great for regular use. I will purchase full size product next time.

I can't get over the smell

I received a sample of this Shampoo to try. It's thick and a pearly white colour. It smells like sweet sherbet watermelon lollipops. It felt nice applying it to my hair which is just below my shoulders and thick. It foamed up really well and didn't leave my hair with tangles. Once rinsed, my hair didn't feel stripped or dry. It did feel hydrated. I followed with the matching conditioner and masque. I would purchase this myself. This shampoo and range is ideal for dry or damaged hair as it hydrates and leaves hair more manageable.

Hydrating shampoo

This is a shampoo that does not only make hair clean, it also hydrates. Sun and water can be really damaging to hair and make it dry and brittle so it is good to have a shampoo that actually tackles that problem. The scent was really refreshing and had a hint of monoi oil that was flattering. I used it every third day since it actually helped to keep my hair clean longer than usual. I only had to use a small amount of shampoo to get my hair clean. It lathered on really well. Bonus points for making my hair easily manageable afterwards. It also didn't weigh my hair down and I was able to style it afterwards without any issues. I would recommend it to everyone who has dry and thin hair since it makes hair silky, soft and has a bouncy feel to it.
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A great boost for my locks

I have been finding my hair to be a bit dull recently, I have medium length hair that is coloured brunette. The product first smells great and definitely has that salon smell which I love. I like to do a double wash with the shampoo in which case the product lathers really well and good to know it has some great ingedients that feeds my hair which is Monoi Oil and Keratin that helps with hydrating my ends. Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed my hair becoming a lot more healthy, shiny and strong. It is at a great price point that I know I can look after my hair with salon quality products without spending a lot of money.
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I tried this sample through Beauty crew and was excited to try it with my dry hair. The product looked inviting and smelled amazing. It had a lively texture and gloss to the product. I tried it for the first time but it did not suit my hair unfortunately. I loved the smell and lather but it was difficult to wash out of my hair. It felt like straw for some reason and took a lot of effort to wash out. I tried it again but the same thing happened. Perhaps it is just not the right product for my hair type. I will keep on perserving in case my hair just needs to get used to a different product as it really needs something to bring back the moisture.
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A really nice shampoo

I tend to buy supermarket shampoo's, and usually whichever of my favourites that is on special. I tried John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo and it's a game changer! Love the simplistic packaging - the size and shape of the bottle, the colour and the lid. Love, love, love the smell! The actual shampoo is amazing. I am a 2-wash person and continued the habit with this shampoo. I got a great result especially when used with the matching conditioner. My hair feels healthier - it really does! I'm usually pretty generous with conditioner so I think both bottles will probably run out around the same time. Competitively priced.
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Love shampoo

I have received this shampoo product as apart of the beauty review crew. I have enjoyed this product, from the packaging, to the smell, to the feel and of course how it made my hair feel. After a short amount of time I have noticed the condition of my hair feeling a million times better (I have been using all three products in the range). I truly believe that these products have worked as they say they should for the condition of the hair. The shampoo makes my hair feel cleansed as well as super soft which is a huge bonus.
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Cleans but not much hydration

There were a few things I like about this shampoo; the size was nice and small, not too bulky, so it is ideal for storing in the shower or when taking on travel. And also the scent of the shampoo was fruity and sweet. It lathered well and not much is required to get a good amount of lather, but unfortunately for me, I didn’t see much of the hydration or recharge claims. It left my hair clean but didn’t hydrate or nourish it as much as I was hoping it would. As my hair dried, I didn’t notice much of a difference to the texture of my hair, it didn’t feel any softer or smoother. I don’t think that I would purchase this shampoo in the future unfortunately.
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Hair and scalp feel clean

First if all, I like the different look on the packaging of the shampoo and the entire range. The size is perfect to carry when you’re going out of town or a vacation. The shampoo lathers very nice on hair after rinse, hair feels clean but does not have that stiff feeling. I’ve used this as is and when hair dried up, hair still feels good. When used with condition, it delivers a better result. Hair is softer and with a bouncy feel to it. Lastly, the shampoo has a very sweet scent! It had me at its scent the moment I opened the bottle. I truly recommend to others.
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Moisture Surge

This shampoo smells and feels divine! It has a fresh, tropical smell and makes my hair feel cleansed and hydrated. Occasionally, it does leave my hair with a film over it, once I’ve rinsed it, hence why I’ve given a four star rating, but I’m a double cleanser so it might just be a bit heavy for me. Once I’ve conditioned, the feeling is no longer there. All in all, I find it a beautiful shampoo for my dry hair. It styles better and more quickly and I would definitely use this product ongoingly. The packaging looks great and love the fact there is monoi oil and keratin included in the ingredients
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Lathers up well with a sweet smell

I quite like the light blue colour and easy to open/close lid of this bottle. I feel like the bottle somehow seems small but it is indeed 250ml which is standard size for most brands so just a bit deceiving bottle. This shampoo performed really well - it lathered easily and a lot and i got that squeaky clean feel after 2 rinses. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the smell. It smells really sweet like lollies which im sure some people like, I just found it to be a bit too strong. But a part from that a lovely shampoo!
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Small Bottle, Big Results!

A sleek and compact bottle, the packaging is a calming baby blue with a simplistic label. Convenient size for travelling and keeps clutter to a minimum in the shower. I enjoy the design of this flat lid. It opens with ease to reveal a small decanter that pours the product in a controlled manner - precise, no mess or spills :) I'm fond of the sweet smell and silky texture. I (always do) need a second shampoo, this helped to really activate the lather and feel "clean" after rinsing. My hair felt quite squeaky and dry which I think may be due to it being a sulfate based shampoo. It's hard to rate alone since I always followed with the Hydrate & Recharge Conditioner or Mask. I'm happy with the ongoing results, my frizz is now more wavy :)
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Shampoo that Revitalises

I was excited to trial a “John Frieda” product having never used them before and I was not disappointed. It came in a small cute light blue container which was easy to open and use and on opening I was greeted with a lovely fragrance. The first time I washed my hair with this shampoo I found that I didn’t need to use as much as first expected as it easily foamed and went through my hair which is a bonus; I have previously read that you don’t need your shampoo to foam to be able to wash your hair but I always find it easier and prefer it as I feel that it distributes through my hair easier and I’m getting a better clean. It then easily rinses from your hair. After completing the process with using the conditioner my hair my hair was left soft and able to be combed and styled. I have coloured hair and this shampoo has not faded my colour and I am confident with continual use this shampoo will continue to keep my hair in great condition. I would definitely recommend this product.
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John Frieda Hydrating shampoo

I recieved the shampoo, conditioner and deep masque as part of the ReviewCrew and have been enjoying using the trio. The shampoo is a nice, creamy consistency, pearlescent in colour and lathers up amazingly well and cleanses the hair beautifully; does not feel harsh at all, doesn't leave the hair feeling stripped. Hair is left feeling gently cleansed, soft, lightweight. No residual film or oily after feel. I love the fresh scent, I can't determine what it is exactly but its very pleasant and refreshing to use. For referrence my hair is waist length, thick and wavy and about 2x 20c coin sized amounts is enough to get a thorough lather and cleanse. Rinsed out easily with no harsh scrubbing (some shampoos leave a gross after film feel in my hair which weighs it down a bit, this doesn't do that). It is overly hydrating but it does leave my hair feeling softer and more manageable after use, easy to brush.