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John Frieda Vibrant Shine Colour Shine Conditioner is a conditioner that adds shine to all shades and styles. This innovative formula, with lightweight rose hip oil and Shine-Enhancing Complex, hydrates hair without weighing it down. Part of the powerful trio of shine-boosting essentials for all hairstyles that instantly and weightlessly magnifies sheen to bring out your most radiant shade, whether it’s natural or colour-treated hair. The brand-new patent-pending technology uses micro shine boosters that dramatically enhance each and every strand’s ability to reflect light from the inside. The three-step Vibrant Shine system ditches parabens, silicone and SLS/SLES sulfates that sit on top of your hair with a formula that features 97% biodegradable ingredients to deliver weightless radiance that make all hair shades glisten.

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John Frieda Vibrant Shine Colour Shine Conditioner


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Soft and shiny!

Personally I like this conditioner it makes my coloured dry hair feel moisturised, strong and healthy again. Especially used in conjunction with the matching shampoo. For the price point I think John Frieda does great products that feel a little bit elevated and deliver on results. I am hard on my hair always swimming in the ocean and colouring it and am happy with how this product performs for me! I would definitely repurchase this or recommend to a friend with colour treated hair Some that don’t love scents may not like the lingering scent however
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Amazing conditioner

John Frieda Vibrant Shine Color Shine Conditioner is amazing. I used the conditioner after using the John Frieda Vibrant Shine Color Shine Shampoo. I like that it's free of SLS/SLES & silicones. The conditioner is formulated with lightweight Rose Hip Oil & Shine-Enhancing Complex which claims to hydrate hair without weighing it down. The conditioner is a bit on the thick side, but easily massaged throughout my hair, and a little goes a long way. I felt it rinsed out well and my hair feels so light and hydrated. It left my hair so soft and easy to comb and manage, but I saw no great difference in "shine" as this product claims to offer. I have thin and wavy hair and it doesn't weigh my hair down, but leaves it feeling so clean and soft. The scent is light and pleasing. My hair looks and smells great. Also the packaging is just so pretty! Totally eye-catching!
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It’s ok

I’ve recently tried the Vibrant Shine Colour Shine Conditioner from John Frieda and I used this product after using the vibrant shine colour shine shampoo and I found the product good to clean your hair and it smelt nice but as for the product doing what it said it was meant to do like bringing vibrancy and shine to coloured hair I just found it didn’t do it. I also found that my hair wasn’t as soft after using this product. I hate not giving a good review but I just found this product wasn’t the product for me.
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Nice Conditioner

I received this product as part of Review Crew. I used it in conjunction with the matching shampoo and shine spray. I really enjoyed using this conditioner and found that it left my hair more soft and shiny than before. It smells awesome too! My hair is dry and damaged, and it definitely improved the look of my hair. It helped to get rid of knots too. Would definitely recommend this conditioner. Packaging is cute and convenient. I find that John Frieda products are fairly consistent and would definitely use it again.

Adds shine and highlights colour

I absolutely loved this conditioner, I recommend using it with the matching shampoo for best results. I have dark hair and this really brightens my colour and adds a lot of shine. It’s infused with rosehip oil which helps with shine and adding moisture to prevent dryness and it smells just beautiful. I don’t need to use a lot of this for great results so it’s quite economical and leaves my hair super soft and so easy to style. It detangles well and helps eliminate frizz from my thick hair. I love John freida products and this vibrant shine colour conditioner was a winner for me and I will absolutely buy it again
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Leaves hair looking gorgeous

I'm always sceptical when it comes to conditioners that promise shiny hair, i typically dont regularly condition my hair because it is so fine that almost anything makes it look like a greasy mess. John Frieda Vibrant Shine Colour Shine conditioner didn't leave my hair a greasy mess and I have really enjoyed using it along with the shampoo. I have semi permanent coloured hair and it has really helped keep the colour nice, vibrant and shiny. Using the conditioner frequently with the shampoo has left my hair with a beautiful healthy looking shine.
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As with the shampoo from this range, I enjoyed that this product is sulphate free and paraban free. This has been something I have struggled to find within the John Frieda range previously. Alongside skipping these nasties, this is also vegan, cruelty free and has a biodegradable formula. This is a first for me and hopefully something I see more of in future. The plastic tube is not recyclable, but hopefully something which can be worked on. Like the shampoo, I used this product as part of the shine three step system, finishing with the shine spray. I used this conditioner straight after shampooing and left on the ends of my hair for a few minutes before rinsing. After using I noticed my hair felt soft and smooth. The fragrance is slightly floral, light and clean. I found it very pretty. I styled my damp hair using the heat spray and found that the conditioner had left it easy to dry and style. I will definitely be purchasing again.
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Not the best from the brand

I was lucky enough to recieve this as part of the review crew. I have long, fine hair, that can tend to be dry on the ends. And I was hoping this product would help nourish the ends of my hair and give it some moisture. I've heard good things about John Frieda but Unfortuantly this product was not one of them. The packaging it great and was easy to squeeze out the product but it left my hair feeling dry on the ends instead of nourished. This isn't a product id recommend if you have fine hair or damaged hair which coloured hair can sometimes tend to be.
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Soft luscious hair left conditioned

I LOVE that this conditioner (and the shampoo set) are free of nasty SLS chemicals and silicones. This conditioner is super creamy and helps detangle my hair after shampooing which is super important after I've bleached and dyed my hair. This leaves it super soft and shiny once dried and paired with the leave in spray I know my hair is protected from the heat too. My hair is left lush and vibrant until the next wash. You should definitely try it out if you have colour treated hair, you'll love it!
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Amazing conditioner!

This conditioner is great! It smells wonderful, similar to the shampoo, it leaves my hair soft and silky and not at all oily. The price cannot be beat! I love that it helps minimise the nasties I put onto my skin, is great for my fussy scalp & hair, I can use it on the kids, and a little goes a long way so it’s actually pretty good value too for the quality you get. The bottle is cute and being small it doesn’t take up too much shower space. I definitely have and will continue to recommend this awesome conditioner to all my friends and family.
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Smooth and scented

It's very rare that I prefer a conditioner over its shampoo counterpart but in this case, it's true. Love the matte black packaging tip with the branding on it, very cute. Size of product is generous and I still have half a tube left after 3 weeks use. I used this after the paired shampoo and let it soak in for a good 3-5 mins l before rinsing. My hair felt so smooth after the first use. The shine really does come out after using this conditioner. I think it kept my colour fresh for longer and my actual hair felt healthier and less weighed down by product. The scent was subtle but fresh and rosey. A friend recently commented on my hair and asked what I was using as my hair looked great. Overall, it delivered on results. John Frieda has ticked all the boxes for a rebuy. Nothing I can fault on this mid range product. I've really enjoyed trialling this and love it when I find a good recommendation for friends too! Definitely worth a try.
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When I received this conditioner I wasn’t too sure that I would like it for my hair as normally I use really high end brands. The smell was amazing and really got me excited to wash my hair, the ingredients were clean and free of all nasties and once I washed my hair I was amazed by how great my hair felt, smelt and looked. It was shiny clean and soft and did I mention the smell!!!! And as a Pluss the price!!! It is affordable, and has all the benefits of products double the price. Will defintly order again.
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Good value conditioner

I've used the John Frieda purple shampoo before to freshen up my colour so was keen to try the Vibrant Shine Colour Shine range including this conditioner. This is definitely great value for products with a great reputation and I liked the subtle scent. A little went a long way which I also liked, so many conditioners you have to use so much and then its still a struggle to comb through. From a shine perspective I've not noticed a huge difference as yet but its only been a couple of weeks. I will definitely keep using this and probably buy again as I like the way it made my hair feel softer and that it was easier to comb through.
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Not hydrating enough

Unfortunately this entire range was a little bit of a let down. I was so excited to use this as it's advertised as exactly what my blonde colour treated, and frequently heat styled hair needs. The conditioner smells beautiful, and I had comments on the smell of my hair. It wasn't as thick or hydrating as it needs to be, it didn't leave my hair feeling soft or moisturised at all, if anything it was a lot dryer and fluffier then usual after drying. I didnt notice any shine at all on my hair either. Disappointed as I had high hopes for this.
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Level hair silky smooth

Great product. Found that you only need to use a minimal amount as it spreads well thought the scalp and hair. Leaves my hair smelling awesome and very shiny for days on end. My partner and kids also tried it and were happy with the smell and results besides needing to use more as they have very thick long hair. Have also been using in conjuction with the shampoo and hair treatment for over a couple of week now and the results seem to get better and better as you use it more and more hopefully will see even better results in the next few weeks to a month. Very happy with the range from John Frieda and will purchase all their products in future and try any other new products that come on the market as they are in a good price range, smell good and have great long lasting effects that get better and better with each use.
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Smooth, Shiny, Bouncy

I got this together with the shampoo and both worked really well together. It doesn’t leave the heavy feeling after using. It actually makes my hair light, smooth, shiny and hydrated. This is highly recommended for people with colored hair. It will enhance the appearance of your hair. One of the things I liked about this, is that it is free from nasty chemicals like sulphate. It doesn’t have a strong smell which I like. After using, I found that my hair holds the shape after blow dry and leaves my hair smooth, shiny and bouncy.
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Soft and shiny hair

This conditioner leaves my hair silky smooth and shine as promised. It smells really nice as well. The conditioner has a creamy texture. I can feel smooth and nourish my hair the moment I applied it after shampoo the hair. It leaves my hair smooth and soft once it was rinsed off. My hair appears shiny and soft after using the shampoo, conditioner and shine spray from this line. Overall, my hair appears smoother, shinier and less frizzy after blow dry. I would purchase this again once i run out of shampoo and conditioner.
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Smells divine

I've got brownish red dyed hair. Not the easiest to find a shampoo conditioner combo that will work and not strip away the colour. This works well in tandem with the shampoo. Doesnt require a lot to feel my hair nourished. It smells divine-- quite refreshing and doesnt smell too chemical. The packaging is pretty cute with the silver and pink theme. My hair did feel softer after a week of consistent usage... not extra shiny than usual. Would purchase again if alternatives are not available. But good product overall!
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Nice shine

I reviewed this as a part of the review crew for around two weeks. The product works as I did notice my hair was shinier from using the entire range, but I definitely noticed the softness more than the shine. I would not recommend this if you do not like strong scents as it has quite a strong fragrance that lingers on. The scent is mostly flowery with a dominant rosy scent. I have colored hair and think this is a good gentle option and it did did not make my scalp itchy or red as other "drugstore" brands have but I do not think it did anything too special for my color. I would purchase again and I think it's good value for money and it's paraben and sulfate free, which I would always go for.
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Shine baby shine

I didn't think I needed another favourite conditioner until I found this one. Add it to the list of faves. Its thick, but not gloopy. It has a lovely sweet, fresh citrus scent (hard to describe but lovely and not overpowering and cloying). It made my blonde hair feel smooth to the touch, and brought about a shine I missed having in my bleached blonde hair. It washed out easily (I hate conditioners that take aaages to wash out - this is not one of those!). My hair was easy to brush afterwards as well. Would definitely recommend this baby to all hair types.