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John Frieda Vibrant Shine Colour Shine Shampoo is a shampoo that adds shine to all shades and styles. This innovative formula, with lightweight rose hip oil and Shine-Enhancing Complex, hydrates hair without weighing it down. Part of the powerful trio of shine-boosting essentials for all hairstyles that instantly and weightlessly magnifies sheen to bring out your most radiant shade, whether it’s natural or colour-treated hair. The brand-new patent-pending technology uses micro shine boosters that dramatically enhance each and every strand’s ability to reflect light from the inside. The three-step Vibrant Shine system ditches parabens, silicone and SLS/SLES sulfates that sit on top of your hair with a formula that features 97% biodegradable ingredients to deliver weightless radiance that make all hair shades glisten.

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John Frieda Vibrant Shine Colour Shine Shampoo


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I’ve used other John Frieda products in the past and have liked them so I was excited to try this one next. Having coloured my hair for years I was keen to see how it went. I also have quite oily hair and so this was a real test! I loved this shampoo- full disclosure I do two shampoo washed but I loved it. The smell, the shine and the feeling of clean after use. Some may not like the lingering smell but personally I liked it! I would definitely recommend to a friend to use especially for those with coloured hair like me.
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Good Shampoo

The John Frieda Vibrant Shine Shampoo claims to instantly add shine to bring out the most vibrant hair color. It contains Rose Hip Oil and Shine Enhancing ingredients to gently cleanse and boost shine without stripping the hair of moisture and weighing hair down. I used this shampoo followed by the conditioner from the same line. The shampoo lathered well for the amount of product that I used. It has a floral kind of sweet smell which wasn’t overpowering to me personally. I look for a shampoo that gently cleanses my hair while not stripping my hair of moisture. To me, this shampoo did just that! I felt like my hair was cleansed but still hydrated. Although I didn’t see much difference in the shine as the product claims to provide. All in all, I enjoyed using this product, the John Frieda Vibrant Shine Shampoo, and I would highly recommend this product to my family and friends.
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It’s ok

I’ve recently tested the Vibrant Shine Colour Shine Shampoo from John Frieda and yes it did clean my hair and it had a soft scent which was nice but unfortunately I found it on the dull side. I found my hair feeling a little dry after washing my hair out with water. But sometimes that happens with shampoo so i continued with washing my hair. I have used other John Frieda shampoos and have had good results but I have to say I wasn’t as happy with this result especially knowing it’s meant to bring vibrancy and shine to coloured hair and unfortunately I just didn’t receive what the product said. But other people might think different.
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Great Shampoo

I received this product as part of the Review Crew and trialled it for a week. The John Frieda Vibrant Shine Shampoo left my hair clean and fresh-smelling. My hair is dyed, and it worked well for me. It didn't strip my hair. Overall I enjoyed using it and really liked the fresh scent. Would definitely buy it again. Only needed to use a small amount each time to get a good lather. My hair was definitely more shiny after using this shampoo and the matching conditioner. The packaging is cute and colourful too. I will recommend it to my family and friends.

Brightens colour and adds gorgeous shine

This is a gorgeous shampoo that really brings out the colour in my hair. I have very dark hair which I colour and this shampoo really enhances my hairs shine and adds depth to my colour. I love that it contains no silicons or parabens and that it’s infused with rosehip oil for hydration and to fight frizz. It smell really pretty and the packaging is pretty too and it’s a great price considering it measures up to much more expensive brands. I use this with the matching conditioner for best results and it leaves my hair so shiny and looks like I have just left a hair salon. Love it
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Leaves hair smooth and shiny

I'm always sceptical when it comes to shampoos that promise shiny hair. My hair is so fine that almost anything makes it look like a greasy mess. John Frieda Vibrant Shine Colour Shine shampoo didn't leave my hair a greasy mess and I have really enjoyed using it. I have semi permanent coloured hair and it hasn't really faded it any faster than usual which has been nice. The shampoo has a pleasant fragrance and a little goes a long way. Using the shampoo frequently with the conditioner has left my hair with a beautiful healthy looking shine.
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I have used John Frieda products previously but always struggled to find any shampoos that were sulphate free. I was very happy to see that this shampoo is not only SLS/SLES Sulphate free, but also free of parabans. Environmentally, this product is biodegradable and vegan/cruelty free. One area that could be improved is using more recyclable packaging - plastic tubes are not recyclable. The product smelt lightly floral and fresh. I found a little goes a long way, so this 250ml tube will last me a while. My hair felt clean, healthy and refreshed after using. I used this product along side the conditioner and shine spray - the three step system left my hair feeling shiny and easily styled.
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Not the best from the brand

I was lucky enough to recieve this product as part of the review crew. I have fine, thin hair and it can be hard to find a product that doesnt weigh it down. I had high expectations having heard good things about John Frieda but Unfortuantly I was left disappointed. The product lathered well in my hair but I felt like I couldn't wash it all out properly, as if there was a residue left. And it also weighed my hair down, making it oily within one day of washing instead of my usual 2 days. Not a product id recommend if you have fine, thin hair.
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Nice lather leaving hair clean and fresh

This delicious smelling shampoo lathered on well giving my newly dyed hair looking smooth and shiny. I researched heaps of different shampoos and conditioners after I recently bleached my hair and was looking for the perfect hair treatments to nourish my hair. The shampoo used along with the conditioner and leave in spray has left my hair looking as shiny as before I dyed it. The packaging also looks great in my bathroom with a pop of colour and feels more luxurious than other supermarket shampoos. Would recommend if you've got colour treated hair and I'll continue using it up!
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Amazing shampoo!

This shampoo is amazing! It smells delicious, it leaves my hair soft and silky and not at all oily. The price cannot be beat! I love that it helps minimise the nasties I put onto my skin, is great for my fussy scalp & hair, I can use it on the kids, and a little goes a long way so it’s actually pretty good value too for the quality you get. The bottle is cute and being small it doesn’t take up too much shower space. I definitely have and will continue to recommend this awesome shampoo to my friends and family.
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I tend to like using John Frieda Products so was happy to join in this trial! The packaging is cute and standard to the John Frieda Style. The generous package size allowed me to test this product multiple times for an accurate review. As I frequently colour my hair I am always in need of a decent shampoo. This product lathered up well and I only needed about a little over a 10c piece size to get a good lather. My hair felt super clean after rinsing it out and the rose hip oil gives it a lovely scent, not too strong or sweet. After blow-drying or sometimes airdrying I did notice my colour hadn't diminished or become dull which was a bonus. There was definitely some shine there but whether it was natural or from the shampoo was hard to tell. This is a great option for coloured hair that won't break the bank. My 3 favourite pros of this product would be the rose scent, clean feel 9f my hair and the fact that the pink packaging let's the males know its MY shampoo and not to use it!
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When I received this shampoo I wasn’t too sure that I would like it for my hair as normally I use really high end brands. The smell was amazing and really got me excited to wash my hair, the ingredients were clean and free of all nasties and once I washed my hair I was amazed by how great my hair felt, smelt and looked. It was shiny clean and soft and did I mention the smell!!!! And as a Pluss the price!!! It is affordable, and has all the benefits of products double the price. Will defintly order again.
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Great value shampoo

I've used the John Frieda purple shampoo before to freshen up my colour so was keen to try the Vibrant Shine Colour Shine range including this shampoo. This is definitely great value for products with a great reputation and I liked the subtle scent. A little went a long way which I also liked, it foamed well and I wasn't having to use half the bottle on one hair wash. From a shine perspective I've not noticed a huge difference as yet but its only been a couple of weeks. I will definitely keep using this as I like the effect it did have on my hair's softness in conjunction with the conditioner and spray.
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Long lasting shine

Great product. Found that you only need to use a minimal amount as it spreads well thought the scalp and hair. Leaves my hair smelling awesome and very shiny for days on end. My partner and kids also tried it and were happy with the smell and results besides needing to use more as they have very thick long hair. Have also been using in conjuction with the conditioner and hair treatment for over a couple of week now and the results seem to get better and better as you use it more and more hopefully will see even better results in the next few weeks to a month. Very happy with the range from John Frieda and will purchase all their products in future and try any other new products that come on the market as they are in a good price range, smell good and have great long lasting effects that get better and better with each use.
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Less Dry, Shiny, Manageable

Makes my hair look less dry and yes shiny. I used it together with the John Frieda Vibrant Shine Colour Shine Conditioner. They both worked well together. One of the things I liked about this product is that it is free from chemicals like sulphate. The only thing I don’t like about this product is that it’s hard to get the shampoo out of the bottle. That’s it, but overall I recommend this to people with coloured hair and also those with natural hair. Will make your hair look less dry, shiny, soft and manageable.
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It's okay, not amazing

The smell of this is beautiful and I love that it has no sulphates. Packaging is also quite pretty. It's just a little too thick and I don't find it cleans my hair super well unfortunately. Was really excited to try this range, but unfortunately for thinner my dyed blonde hair it wasn't so great. Might be great if your hair doesn't get frequently oily quickly and is a little dryer. I wouldn't repurchase this one, or this range. .
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Shiny but pricey

I've got brownish red dyed hair. Not the easiest to find a shampoo conditioner combo that will work and not strip away the colour. I think this works well... product smells nice and feels foamy when lathered. Packaging looks pretty cute as well with its pink silver theme. My hair did feel a tad softer after a week of usage... not sure if it was shinier than usual but I have no complaints! Will buy again if my preferred shampoos are not available. It is on the higher end price wise for a grocery/drugstore shampoo.
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Nice shine

I reviewed this as a part of the review crew for around two weeks. The product works as I did notice my hair was shinier from using the entire range, but I definitely noticed the softness more than the shine. I would not recommend this if you do not like strong scents as it has quite a strong fragrance that lingers on. The scent is mostly flowery with a dominant rosy scent. I have colored hair and think this is a good gentle option and it did did not make my scalp itchy or red as other "drugstore" brands have but I do not think it did anything too special for my color. I would purchase again and I think it's good value for money and it's paraben and sulfate free, which I would always go for.
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Shiny baby!

This has a lovely sweet citrus scent. Its thick but not unmanageable. I have blonde hair, and its hard to make blonde look shiny but when I used this i really noticed a difference in not only the way my hair looked, but the way it felt as well. It was smoother too. My blonde felt a little brighter (or i guess more vibrant). Would definitely recommend. I've always loved everything I've tried from the John Frieda range and I think they've knocked it out of the park with this one. Plus the packaging is pink, really, what more could you want from a shampoo!
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Not bad

I am a big fan of John freida products but this just isn’t for me, it’s not a bad range but it’s nothing special. I have very long, very straight blonde hair and was super excited to try this out but unfortunately I didn’t notice much shine compared to my regular shampoo. It has a nice light, fresh scent with a lovely texture and foams up very nicely for a sulphate free shampoo. I think if you’re struggling with very dull hair and are avoiding silicones and other harsh ingredients I would give this a go it might work for you