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John Frieda Volume Lift Weightless Conditioner has a formula that weightlessly conditions and detangles, infuses natural volume, then rinses clean. The lightweight conditioner for thin hair enhances volume and fullness to give you touchably soft feeling hair with natural-looking volume. Gently detangles and nourishes without weighing hair down. Formulated with Air-Silk Technology, the lightweight formula provides softness without compromising your voluminous style, for hair that moves freely.


John Frieda Volume Lift Weightless Conditioner


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Volume Lift Conditioner

The John Frieda Volume Lift Conditioner looks exactly the same as the Shampoo, It's lid could do with a pearlescent finish to distinguish it from its partner. The bottle is easy to squeeze, since it releases from the bottom. I have many thin, straight and blonde locks, so I needed a substantial amount of product to comb through my hair sufficiently. It rinse well and did feel light. The product made my hair smell great, and felt soft. My hair appeared lighter in colour, compared to my unwashed and reasonably dirty hair. Although my hair also developed a kink in the back, like I had my hair up all day and then took my scrunchy out to have it down without brushing it. My hair strands gathered static and became quite wispy. It is not exactly what I imagined when I saw Volume Lift. It required some styling to tame the now unruly locks.
I received a few samples of this and have been using in conjunction with the serum and shampoo of the same set. The packaging is absolutely beautiful,  a nice metallic green that really stands out in the bathroom. The scent is mild and nice. The product itself was a surprise -a clear gel like treatment that resembles no conditioner I have ever come across! I found I had to use a lot more of this than I would a rich,creamy conditioner and my hair just still did not feel hydrated. Just sticky and stiff. Once rinsed out and my hair dryed,I did notice my hair definitely had more "bounce" and looked thicker. Did not leave my hair nice and soft like most conditioners would but did provide more volume and my hair looked better!
I used this John freida clear conditioner in conjunction with the matching protein infused shampoo and totally loved it. John freida is always a high quality product and this conditioner is no exception. The product is quite thick and luxurious so I don’t need to use a lot so it’s excellent value for money. The conditioner smells divine and is silky to use, it coats hair well and rinses clear without leaving residue. Styling hair after using this conditioner is a dream, it eliminates frizz, gives a high shine and silky finish and adds great lift and volume, a nice swishiness. Over time it strengthens my hair as well. A really great product I would buy again and I highly recommend it
I've never used a clear conditioner before the John Freida product, I have to admit that I was a bit dubious at first.  But it really works.  It makes my hair feel nourished and soft and gives it a smoother appearance.  I love it and will never look back!
Usually I don't use conditioner, but once I tried this conditioner I found a new love for it. As I have short hair I never felt like I needed to but after using this conditioner I love how fluffy my hair feels, and it is now full of volume
I have seen a lot of products reversing the conditioner and shampoo use (using shampoo last) but this just left my hair feeling dry so after using this conditioner (with the accompanying shampoo) I was overjoyed to find that it left my hair with lots of volume and it didn't feel like it was being weighed down by the conditioner. Absolutely love!
At first I was skeptical but this product is actually amazing!!!! The clear formula is unusual for conditioners which I totally dig. After using conditioner my hair is often left lifeless so I never do it, but after using this product I can condition my hair without worrying about it being weighed down!
I have really fine hair and struggle to get much volume out of it. I've been using this conditioner along with the shampoo and absolutely love the two combined! The shampoo gives me the volume that I want and the conditioner softens and smooths without weighing it down and losing all the volume - love it!
I enjoyed using the trio of products. After 3 washes I was impressed with the extra volume I had. It has a gorgeous smell and the gel texture was really easy to work with. My hair suffers from daily heat damage and I noticed an improvement after using this. Would definitely recommend this product and I will keep using it!
With fine hair I've tried a lot of fine hair products and this is really good, the conditioner is a good compliment to the shampoo I like the scent and the texture. When I dried my hair after the shower my hair definitely felt fuller with more volume.I also really like the packaging!
The conditioner works really well with the shampoo as it helps softens and silks the hair afterthe shampoo volumises it. I find that usually using a volumising shampoo the hair becomes thick but doesn't have a softness to it and this shampoo helps softens the hair making it look really luscious!
I really like the lovely packing to this product. I enjoyed the clear like formula and the product felt nice to use. It easily rinsed out after use. I felt as well that I didn't need to use too much of the product as a little went along way.
This conditioner is nothing like I've seen before, but it worked so well! My hair is usually really flat because its so fine but after using it along with the shampoo and volumiser, it felt so much thicker and fuller! My hair is also colour damaged and despite being a gel-like formula, it still felt really soft and sleek after using. I would definitely recommend for fine hair :)
This conditioner smells amazing and doesn't sit too heavy on my hair like most conditioners - especially when they promise to add volume! I have fine hair so it's easy for conditioner to weigh it down but John Frieda have nailed the formula. The packaging looks so bright and lovely in my bathroom too. Would definitely recommend!
The gel like conditioner was a surprise, as I had not used one prior. The conditioner did feel a little harsh whilst on my hair, and wasn’t the usual texture of smoothness compared to other conditioners after rinsing, however this is my only criticism as the end result was natural looking volume.
I enjoyed using the range of products. They had a fresh aquatic smell which wasn't overwhelming or sickly sweet (who needs a caramel latte in the shower?!) The shampoo lathered up like soap suds in a cartoon and yet didn't strip my hair too much. The clear conditioner was a novelty; something I hadn't tried before. It softened my hair but didn't deeply treat it meaning it was a little knotted after washing (thank goodness for my tangle teezer!). The serum was the workhorse in the trio, it most definitely boosted volume but it made my hair a little sticky meaning it was harder to style smoothly and my hair, although lifted was also a bit frizzy as a result. All in all the products did lift my locks, but I have found products that do it without compromising in other areas. I have fine blonde hair, but lots of it, it's coloured and I use hot tools frequently. The look I love; brushed out glamorous waves, Victoria Secret-ish sans the diet and wings!
Thanks  B  & John Frieda for the opportunity to trial this range of haircare products. I have quite long, very fine hair that usually has the bounce of a pancake.  And have had for 54 years. So this range appealed to me, with the promise of healthy, bouncy hair. Of the 3 products I've trialed, this conditioner proved to be my favourite. I am very pleased with the formula and results. The conditioner (and matching shampoo) comes in a generous size, colourful, flip-top tube. Looks great in the shower recess! Where this product differs from a typical Conditioner is the formula.  It is a clear gel, almost like a hair styling gel, but minus any stickiness. It has a subtle, very pleasant aroma that adds an extra delight to the senses. Usually when I use Conditioner I almost need half a tube & much patience (with other brands). I only wash my hair every 4 days or so, and in that time often wear it up, but it still can & does tangle too readily. Washing my hair requires a generous allocation of time, and lots of patience.  Using this JF Conditioner gave me a very nice surprise. I found I needed to use a lot less product than usual, and that it works really well at detangling my long locks. It rinses out very easily, leaving me with hair that looks and feels in excellent overall condition. And my showers are definitely shorter than usual. Got to love a Conditioner that helps me be more water-wise! If you have fine hair you should give this range a go. You won't be disappointed.
This was the first gel conditioner I’ve ever tried, and I really enjoyed the consistency and texture. I wasn’t a fan of the scent, however this wouldn’t deter me from using it again. I loved that it didn’t make my hair feel heavy or greasy, and it definitely added volume to my hair, which is super important to me as I have fine hair and prefer it to have some body and movement.
I loved the gel texture of the conditioner. It didn't weigh my hair down like may conditioners do which meant that I could condition all my hair instead of just the ends. However, it wasn't moisturising enough for the ends of my hair which remained dry. I think that together with the shampoo, the conditioner did add some volume to my hair.
My first thought when I dispensed this gel on my hands is oh this is a clear conditioner, how different to what I usually use. I found I had to use more than I usually use as my hair didn't seem to grab the conditioner, leaving my hair feeling dry and rough. I wasn't surprised when I finally rinsed off the conditioner that my hair was a bit stiff and felt more knotted than usual, not the usual smooth texture so as a result I had more breakage when combing my wet hair after shampooing and conditioning. I did find however more volume and bounce to my hair and my soft waves were more accentuated. The packaging also is an eye catcher so well done there.