Kérastase® Aura Botanica Concentrate Essentiel

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Kérastase® Aura Botanica Concentrate Essentiel is an aromatic nourishing hair oil for thicker or lightly sensitised hair that tames frizz and boosts nutrition in strands. The multi-use leave-in treatment contains 99 per cent natural origin ingredients including avocado oil and jojoba oil for softness and shine. It can also be used as a pre-shampoo treatment for all hair types and as a massage oil on the body. 

Price above is for 50mL.


Kérastase® Aura Botanica Concentrate Essentiel


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I splurged on this product as my hair was super dry from colouring and styling and I wanted a leave in treatment that would restore my hair. This did the trick perfectly. It is very pricey though and the bottle is not huge, so they would be the downsides for me, however I didn't need to use a lot for a great result. I apply this sometimes before shampooing and leave it on as long as possible and have also applied it the the ends of my hair when it's in a ponytail or bun for super nourishing. This concentrated oil I see great for taming and hydrating my thick hair and reducing frizz. It nourishes and deeply hydrated and leaves the most amazing shine and gorgeous scent. I leave this for hair only and try to use it sparingly, it's such a beautiful treat for hair. I truly adore this oil and even though it's expensive I would absolutely purchase it again for the gorgeous result it gives my hair. Kerastase products are always such high quality and this one is amazing. I highly recommend it
I got given this product as a present for my birthday and I just love it! What was once a head full of shinny healthy hair has given way to very dry hair due to post pregnancy.  Because it is a small bottle and also a bit pricey I try to only use it a couple of days a week and definitely don't use it as a massage oil on the body as they recommend   or it wouldn't last a week!!  I apply it before shampooing and leave it in for 30 min and I target the ends. When I shampoo, I make sure I only target the scalp area and let the cold water do the rest. Even at this stage the scent is amazing. Once I've towel dried my hair I apply some more on my hair from half way to end and never wash my hands right after: for about the next 30min I can't stop smelling them and they feel so soft!! It makes my hair feel super smooth and shiny and makes me smell unbelievably good!! The only two cons I can find with this product are the size of the bottle and price so even though I'd recommend anyone use it, it'll only be accessible to few.