Kerastase® Bain Prevention

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Kerastase® Bain Prevention is a silicon free hair loss prevention shampoo. The formula contains antibacterial ingredients, as well as soothing and regulating agents to stimulate microcirculation.


Kerastase® Bain Prevention


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I have very long, but very fine thin hair.  I was always complaining to my hairdresser daughter about how thin my hair was and how I would find that shampoos either suited my hair and upset my scalp or they were wonderful for my scalp but left my hair looking as if it hadn't been washed for weeks.  She very kindly gave me a bottle of this shampoo with the matching hair mask that she suggested I use as a conditioner.  I have been using this one bottle of shampoo for 6 months and I still have some left, although it is getting very close to running out.  Not bad when you look at the price and work out a cost per day.  It really is great value, it's such a quality product all you need is a small amount to get a great lather.  After use my hair always feels so very clean, soft, and it has extra volume.  Over time I started to notice that my hair actually started to feel thicker and look more healthy.  I am very happy with the results and would suggest this product to anyone who is battling with scalp issues. It could very well be the solution for anyone who wishes to have thicker more healthy hair. My only negative with this product is that it has a screw on/off lid rather then a flip top but of course that's just me being super lazy.  It would also be handy if the bottle was see through. It's very hard to tell how much product I have left with the shampoo being in a white opaque bottle. I find that even holding it up to the light doesnt help.  They are very small negatives with very big positives