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Kérastase® Blond Bain Ultra Violet is an iridescent purple shampoo for chemically lightened and highlighted hair. The shampoo contains ultra violet neutralisers that remove brassiness and yellow tones in blonde and grey hair to boost the luminosity of hair colour while also restoring shine and softness to the hair. The shampoo contains hyaluronic acid to repair and nourish the hair cuticle to prevent future breakage, and Edelweiss flower for added antioxidant protection from daily environmental damage.


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Kérastase® Blond Bain Ultra Violet


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Good and works.

Works. Scent is good too. Toned my hair well, brightening and neutralizing yellow streaks. Orange ones a bit too. Not from first shampooing. Took couple of times to see good results. The lighter hair highlights turned silvery blonde. Does contain sulphates. Just slightly drying. Has a good concentration of pigment. Love the packaging. One star down as I am using another product that works much better (potent stuff) and can buy in 1L bottles, more affordable and no sulphates. This one is on number 3 list (1. Fanola no yellow Vegan mask/shampoo, 2.fudge Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Violet Toning Shampoo/conditioner 3. Kerastase), still good as a maintenance and a booster product.
Highly recommend this shampoo for those with blonde highlights/foils! I have had so many comments about how bright and blonde my hair looks since using this shampoo. I would almost consider this 'salon quality' in a bottle. The shampoo fragrance is delicious! After using this shampoo just once, my hair instantly feels silky and soft. Even after a blowdry, my hair hasn't felt dry and straw-like like other purple shampoos have done before.
I was very impressed with this product far superior to others I have tried in the past,  it lathered up well and left my hair looking much brighter love the color, I left it on for 5 minutes and the result was beautiful on my platinum blonde hair. I will definitely buy in the future .
I've used a lot of Kerastase products before.  I used the shampoo during my holiday in Hawaii. My hair had a yellow tinge from the sun and the water. The shampoo is easy to use and for my short hair I only needed a small amount. I left it in for 10 minutes and the yellow tinge was gone and my hair was a lot brighter. I will keep using the the shampoo as it is great for my platinum blond hair.
This shampoo is a knock out! I love the way my hair feels after using, it remains oil-free and, less brassy and extra blonde for days after use. It is absolutely worth leaving this in for the whole 5 minutes as the results speak for themselves! I will definitely purchase again!
I have thick, long, foiled blonde hair, and I am always aiming for a creamy blonde (I don’t like seeing any signs of brassiness). This shampoo is a very pigmented purple shampoo that lathers well and smells like a bouquet of flowers. Due to the intense purple colour, I would only use this once every second or third wash. I would gladly repurachase and recommend it, as it was effective as a toning shampoo and not drying.
Can not get enough of the Kérastase Blond Absolu range! Oh my blonde haired goodness is this stuff legit! The shampoo smells like deep herbal royalty, thoroughly cleans without leaving my blonde curls feeling like straw and has yet to turn my hair purple (finally)! I love the shiny silver my curls get from this range, honestly, get it!
Couldn’t wait to try this shampoo. Lovely shaped bottle and easy open lid. Lathered well into a violet foam.Left it on as long as I could without running the shower out of hot water then rinsed it out. Left my hair feeling soft and pleasant smelling. Helped tone my hair down really well, a lot less brassy. I used it every day and was pleased with the results. Highly recommend this shampoo. What eye catching packaging, very pretty.
I was lucky enough to get to trial this product range on my bleached platinum blonde and white/ grey hair. I'm not sure the trial was long enough to fully evaluate the products so I will continue to use them. So far, I am very happy with the results. The products smell lovely and leave my hair feeling nourished and soft. I have noticed a decrease in the small brassy patches i had and my hair is lovely and shiny now, where it had been looking a little dull previously. I've used other "purple" products in the last and this range is by far the best I've tried.
I've used this product a couple of times and really enjoy it.  It has a lovely subtle fragrance,  foams well and cleans the hair really well.  I left it on for a few minutes just to try it out and I could see the difference after I dried it,  the yellow I tend to get in my hair had gone.  Love it.
Fabulous product.  After my last visit to the hairstylists I was left with some brassy tones.  I have been using another very popular toning shampoo which made no difference.  This product removed all the brassiness in one shampoo.  I have very dry, wavy hair and this product did not dry it out.
I was very fortunate to be selected to trial the Kérastase Blond Absolu range, including the Bain Ultra Violet. I have long, coloured light blonde/platinum highlighted hair which is fine - so it has a tendency to dry out. I have used a number of violet anti-brassiness products, but was very impressed by the performance of this shampoo as it eliminated brassiness without leaving my hair feeling dry. I usually wash my hair daily, and I used the Bain Ultra Violet every second shampoo, which I would recommend as it toned my hair without leaving a purple tinge. The product is quite a dark purple, and foams up nicely, and it left my hair smooth and hydrated. I love it, and would be very likely to purchase it in the future.
This shampoo lathers up really well and definitely helps neutralise brassy hair. I would use this shampoo twice a week depending on the structure of your hair. I would recommend this product for people who want to refresh their blonde hair, although the next day my hair felt a little weighed down.
Beautiful smelling shampoo, very pleasant.  I have used a few different brands of purple toning shampoo, but I didn't find this one to be as pigmented. It toned some of my blonde but not all of it - mind you I have about 4 different shades of blonde in my hair. It definitely works best on the lighter blondes. Hair feels soft afterwards, definitely not a drying shampoo. Probably wouldn't buy this as I don't think the pigments are strong enough.
I have greying dull and brittle hair. While I am not particularly worried about going grey I hate that my greys turn that horrid yellow brassy colour particularly in summer. I do not wish to colour my hair but absolutely detest the brassiness and the fragility of my ageing hair. I have tried many purple shampoos before and they all left my hair feeling and looking very dry and brittle. This shampoo is a gem. You only need a small amount to get a lovely violet lather. I left it on for five minutes and was pleasantly surprised when I rinsed it off that my hair felt soft not stripped.. I would highly recommend to anyone with blonde or grey hair who wants to rid themselves of unwanted brassiness or yellow. 
This is hands down the best violet shampoo I have tried. It foams well and smells great. I kept it in for 5 minutes and the result was the same as using a toner,my hair came out fresh blind with no yellow hues. I will definitely buy this product again.
The packaging is to die for. I started using Kerastase products over 30 years ago. Yes, they are a bit of a luxury item but they work! The shampoo smells divine and has that rich purple colour. It definitely neutralizes brassiness and your hair is so soft and swooshy afterwards.
I haven’t used this brand before but have used other purple shampoos with no result. This shampoo along with the conditioner worked. I definitely noticed a difference on my first use toning down my colour to more ash tones. The shampoo lathers well and on rinsing out does not leave your hair feeling dry/ straw like as with other brands. My only negative would be that because you need to leave it in for a while it dripped into my eyes and it stings. I recommend this product and will continue to use but not on every wash, maybe just once a week as my hair colour is champagne blonde which is warm and this product is altering it to a cooler tone.
I have a mixture of grey hair and blonde tones from a previous dye job that is growing out.  The regrowth was dull and the outgrowing colour had a seriously brassy tone to it that was quite unattractive. I had been considering having the old colour stripped out, I disliked it that much.  I have used the Bain Ultra Violet shampoo 4 times now along with the hair mask and have been very happy with the result.  I found it neutralized the unwanted yellow tones very effectively, making the colour closer to the original dyed shade, whilst the grey hair became far less dull, resulting in the mixture of colours blending far better together.  The packaging is luxurious and the smell is divine. I have used yellow toning shampoos and conditioners before and never really liked the way they left my hair feeling coarse and dry.  With Kerastase, the result was soft, shiny beautiful smelling hair without any of the unwanted yellow, brassy or dull tones. This will be my new hair collection as I really look forward to using it and love everything about it.
I have always used a purple shampoo to maintain my blonde foils. This is the first time I’ve really loved using one! The packaging is salon beautiful. The texture and smell of the shampoo is really appealing. It lathers well and doesn’t slide off my fine hair too fast, giving good coverage. It rinsing out nicely. Used in conjunction with the Cicaflash conditioner and Cicaplasme leave-in treatment, my colour looked salon fresh.