Kérastase® Blond Masque Ultra-Violet

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Kérastase® Blond Masque Ultra-Violet is a deep purple hair mask that works to neutralise brassiness and yellow tones in chemically lightened and highlighted hair. The hair treatment helps restore, reconstruct and nourish the hair fibre while also improving softness and imparting hair with a radiant shine. The mask contains hyaluronic acid to repair and strengthen the hair cuticle and antioxidant-rich Edelweiss flower to help protect hair against daily environmental damage. 


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Kérastase® Blond Masque Ultra-Violet


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Toned my blonde for super soft hair

My blonde really needed some help to tone down the yellow, and my hairdresser recommended this mask. It was very purple and acted as the perfect toner and hydrating mask. I use it as needed and add to towel dried hair for 20 minutes, wrapped in plastic. My hair is incredibly soft and bright after each use! A bit expensive but a little goes a long way. And my hair smells great!
I got to say this is one of the most expensive but the best hair mask I've tried for lightened hair. I use this hair mask once a week and leave it on for 30 to 40 minutes. My damaged hair doesn't feel like it's been chemically treated. My hair looks shiny and feels smooth and silky. Love it!
I loved this product, I was a little concerned by the very bright purple and consequently didn’t leave it on as long as recommended, however I needn’t have worried , next time I will leave it in longer,  it left my hair feeling very silky and smooth. Definitely eliminated any brassy tones.  I would highly recommend.
First thing I noticed was the very bright color. I was a bit worried to get a violet tinge like some older ladies have. But nothing to worry about. I left the masque on for 10 minutes and my hair felt so soft afterwards and the color was brighter. I love the product and I will keep using it every week. It is perfect  for my platinum blond bleached hair. the only minus is the packaging, I would prefer a tube.
I had the pleasure to trial this product on my naturally blonde hair. I left the masque in for 20 mins for the first time and 10 mins thereafter- and my hair was amazing! Glossy and shiny and very beautiful blonde. I also really like the fresh smell. The only drawback is the packaging, which is a bit tricky, perhaps a tube would be better. Overall I would definitely buy this again.
This masque was effective in neutralising brassy tones in my hair.  The first time I used it I applied too much and left it on for too long leaving my hair feeling really greasy but I tried again leaving it on for 10 minutes.  My hair looked and felt healthier.  I would recommend this product for neutralising brassy tones and leaving hair hydrated.
Love the jar but admit to being concerned when opened and saw the purple colour! No problem though. I did only leave it on for 7 mins - long enough. It left my hair feeling soft and silky and my blonde looked very fresh. Love the scent and the texture too.
Can not get enough of the Kérastase Blond Absolu range! Oh my blonde haired goodness is this stuff legit! The mask is thick, dark and glides through my hair like butter. I love the texture my curls get after using it and it has yet to turn my hair purple (finally, nothing worse than purple hair)! I love the moisturised shiny silver curls I get from this range, honestly, get it!
I trialled the Kerastse Blond Absolu Bain Lumiere (shampoo) together with the Masque Ultra-Violet (mask) and Cicaplasm (leave-in serum). I have professionally colour-treated hair which takes me from salt-and-pepper brunette to cool-tone dark blonde. I visit my hairdresser Sarah every seven weeks when the brassiness sets in and the roots get too hard to hide.  At first, I was a little apprehensive about testing Kerastase’s purple hair products, and messing around with all of Sarah’s hard work. However, since it had been six weeks since my last salon visit and I still had another week to hold out, there wasn’t much to lose. After one wash, a quick minute with the mask and a squirt of the serum, my hair felt clean, fresh and manageable, but there was no discernible difference to the colour.  A couple of days later, I tried again, and left the mask on for a few more minutes.  I could certainly see an improvement then! The brassy tones were neutralised and there was a nice shine to my hair.  It’s the mask that seems to make the biggest difference I feel, and the instructions say you can leave it on for as long as 10 minutes.  I’m not sure how the products would perform with ongoing regular use, but I’m definitely going to make room for them during the week 4-7 period when I need a freshen up between salon visits. The Blond Absolu range seems to help prolong the crisper cool tones in my hair.  The mask is a bright “whoooaaa” in-your-face electric purple, so no surprise it’s so effective!
I was lucky enough to get to trial this product range on my bleached platinum blonde and white/ grey hair. I'm not sure the trial was long enough to fully evaluate the products so I will continue to use them. So far, I am very happy with the results. The products smell lovely and leave my hair feeling nourished and soft. I have noticed a decrease in the small brassy patches i had and my hair is lovely and shiny now, where it had been looking a little dull previously. I've used other "purple" products in the last and this range is by far the best I've tried.
I only left this product in for a few minutes while in the shower,  one problem I found was getting the lid back on after taking some out,  I lost the first amount and had to try again.  Packaging could be better for ease of use.  The contents were lovely,  once again the fragrance was subtle but lovely and the product was nice on my hair and made it feel soft and bouncy.  Combined with the Sahmpoo it was all around great product.
I have very thick, wavy hair and although I really liked the product it my hair was still a little dry, comparatively to other treatments.  It also left my hair a little fizzy and not as smooth as other products.  My hair was knot free and easy to brush after showering.
I absolutely love this treatment! I was given the opportunity to trial the Kérastase Blond Absolu range, and I am so grateful - this is an effective anti-brass product that I will certainly purchase. I applied the product using a colouring brush to shampooed, towel-dried hair and left it on for 20 minutes on the first occasion, and the result was beautifully toned, soft bouncy hair. After I blow-dried my hair I also noticed that my hair appeared shinier. On subsequent occasions I left the treatment in for about 10 minutes, but still had excellent results. The smell is amazing as well. The only drawback is the price point, however, a little of the product goes a long way so it will last a while.
Beautiful product, smells so nice and almost too good to use! I left it on my hair for about 10 mins, and my hair feels really soft. It looks and feels much smoother on the ends than what it was before. Definitely a great hair masque and definitely a splurge item. The only thing I didn't like is the design of the container, the opening is too small? It would be annoying to scrape out the bottom
I used this product in conjunction with the Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain and had a great result. The packaging looks pretty but isn't really functional as its difficult to hold the gel and place the lid back on. I left the product in for 20 mins for the the first application and then 10 mins for consecutive treatments. It removed the brassy tones and left my hair feeling super soft and bouncy. You do need to be careful with the product as it stains quite easily, I got some on my shower walls and had to scrub it to remove.
I absolutely love this masque. The first time I used it I used a generous amount, left it in for ten minutes and when I rinsed it out could not believe how easily my hair combed through and how soft it left my hair. The next time I used it I used much less and left it in for fifteen minutes and the result was as pleasing ….gorgeous soft hair. A little of this goes a long way and will last quite a while, which considering that it is quite pricey is a great thing.  Apart from feeling deeply nourished and hydrated the brassiness in my hair was greatly diminished as well. I love using this masque and will continue to use it. I highly recommend it to anyone who has blonde or greying hair who wished to neutralise unwanted yellow tones from their hair but needs something deeply nourishing and hydrating!
I found this product to be very nourishing and conditioning. I was a little bit concerned at the length of time I could leave on this dark purple conditioner/Mask as any purple condotioners I have used in the past require you to wash it our straight away. However I need not have been worried at all. I did find underneath my hair was a little greasy but I suspect tgat may have been due to the amount of product Ibused. I will definitely use less in future. Overall a wonderful product.
This is the best treatment for blonde hair I have tried for a long time. I kept it in for over 10 minutes and the result was better than using a blonde toner as it left my hair nourished and the blonde was nice and white and my regrowth got a nice ashy hue to it. This is definitely my favourite treatment for platinum hair
I have a mixture of grey hair and blonde tones from a previous dye job that is growing out.  The regrowth was dull and the outgrowing colour had a seriously brassy tone to it that was quite unattractive. I had been considering having the old colour stripped out, I disliked it that much.  I have used the Kérastase Blond Absolu Masque Ultra-Violet 4 times now along with the shampoo and have been very happy with the result.  I found it neutralized the unwanted yellow tones very effectively, making the colour closer to the original dyed shade, whilst the grey hair became far less dull, resulting in the mixture of colours blending far better together.  The packaging is luxurious and the smell is divine. I have used yellow toning shampoos and conditioners before and never really liked the way they left my hair feeling coarse and dry.  With Kerastase, the result was soft, shiny beautiful smelling hair without any of the unwanted yellow, brassy or dull tones. This will be my new hair collection as I really look forward to using it and love everything about it.
My hair needed a good treatment and I had tried other products to get rid of any brassy or yellow tones. After trialling several other products I can definitely recommend this product.  My hair just loved this hair masque and neutralised the brassy tones and afterwards my hair felt soft and looked shiny. I will definitely continue to use this product.