Kerastase® Chronologiste Le Parfum En Huile

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Kerastase® Chronologiste Le Parfum En Huile is a hair perfume that delivers intense nutrition and long-lasting sublimation of the fibre while leaving the hair with a sensual and subtle fragrance. The formula contains jasmine absolute and myrrh extract in a high concentration for a long-lasting effect, and Oléo-Complexe, which includes maize, pracaxi, argan and camellia for shine, nourishment and softness.

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Kerastase® Chronologiste Le Parfum En Huile


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This is a wonderfully nourishing oil. It seals up my split ends and deminishes frizz. The smell of this oil is pleasantly floral. I like to use it in wet hair as I have fine hair therfore it distributes better in my hair when it is wet. A little goes a long way and you have to be careful not to over do it as you can easily make it look oily. This is a benefit as so little product is needed (I find one squirt) is more than adequate, as this oil is on the expensive side. So at least it will last a very long time and you will get bang for your buck.  I would recommend it to anyone that has dry ends or someone with frizzy or unmanageable hair. 
I am a huge fan of Kerastase product and I have a range of their products at home. Orange, Pink, Green, White, Salmon colour, you name it, I have got it! Unfortunately, I do not like this Kérastase Paris Chronologiste Le Parfum En Huile. My previous experience with Kerastase hair oils is positive. They always smell nice and leave my hair nice and smooth. This hair oil, however, is way to musky for me. I almost choked at its scent in the first pump. I couldn't even bring myself to apply it onto my hair to see what it does. So those that do not like musky scent be warned!
An absolutely beautiful hair oil, so French, so chic. My coloured hair really benefits from this oil, it prevents dryness, leaves my hair feeling silky soft and even though this is an oil it does not leave hair oily or greasy. This product leaves hair smelling divine, musky,sexy, with notes of jasmine and tea rose. I love the addition of argen for shine. This protects coloured hair and leaves hair silky soft with that luxurious swishy factor. This is kerastase goodness at its best and another great way to wear fragrance, imaginative and decadent, I highly recommend this
So, anyone who has read my reviews on here knows just how much I love and adore beauty and writing about it, I even have my own beauty blog if you want to see just how obsessed I am. Beauty isn’t just products or a routine to me, it is what makes me happy and the girl I am, it completely empowers me, yes it is the fabric, the makeup ( pardon the pun) of my foundation. I’m very much interested in the latest hair products, as my hair is a big part of my beauty identity. I am forever dying it every colour of the rainbow, and making sure I nourish and protect it with the correct shampoo, conditioner, masks, leave in treatments and heat styling products. I’ve tried most of the big and small hair care brands on the market so I thought I’d seen it all, was I sorely mistaken in thinking that when I came across this hair perfume, yes, perfume for your hair, from one of my favourite French hair care brands Keratese. I am a perfume loving girl, that is a cold hard fact. I usually have about three or four bottles on the go at the one time, my favourite being YSL black opium and Victor & Rolf flower bomb, when I’ve finished my skin care and makeup routine, I spray on my fragrance and it is only then that I’m ready to face any day, even Monday. So, after my usual shower routine of shampoo, conditioner, all products from Keratese, and lathering up with vanilla body wash and rinse, rinse, rinsing it all off, I smoothed body lotion onto still damp skin, wrapped a hair turban round my squeaky clean hair and dressed, then moved onto my skin care routine. After gently squeezing the excess water from my tresses, I squeezed out a blob, just a tiny little bit of the product, it comes in a creamy, oily, intense formulation and distributed it evenly through the lengths of my hair, starting a few centimetres down from my roots right to the ends of the hair. It smoothed into my hair so easily and evenly and left no excess or grease behind, and instantly gave my hair the most terrific, bright, shiny, magical unicorn like glow to it. The most important bit for a hair or any perfume is obviously the scent and this one does not fail to deliver, with notes of heady, sensual jasmine and camellia, and the goodness of argon oil to nourish hair instantly and long term, leaving it smooth, soft, textured and frizz free. The scent absolutely lingered, even when I hit the pillow that night, I was still getting massive whiffs of it with every slight move I made, plus needing so little each use means that this super magical bottle of liquid perfume heaven gold will last me simply ages, months even, so I won’t feel all that guilty about spending $64 of my hard earned pennies on it. Beauty is all powerful, all confidence and mood boosting and is always changing, evolving and surprising even the biggest beauty aficionado like me. Next time you want a product that is different but makes so much sense that you wonder how you possibly lived without it, treat yourself and your hair to this beautiful hair perfume/hair treatment which ticks all the boxes in terms of quality, efficiency and price.
I absolutely love this product it leaves my hair feeling lovely & soft with a beautiful shine and it also has a beautiful smell it is not at all greasy on my hair I would recommend this to everyone , it's not a budget product but worth the extra money gets the thumbs up from me
French anything...i am a shameless addict,so when a brand i love comes out with such a luxurious take on the hair oil phenomenon,i knew i had to give this beauty a try.  Kérastase Paris Le Parfum En Huile is a skincare inspired (as in,it is part of a haircare regime that includes steps to the perfect mane)hair treatment that is both as beautiful for your hair as it is for the senses.Notes of tea rose, blonde wood and musk take this to olfactory heaven (a summer / boho scent that is both subtle yet sophisticated),whilst the addition of Vitamins A and E,a trio of Ceramids and Oléo-Complexe make for an unforgettable tactile experience.And the visual payoff ? Gorgeous,shining,sleek hair that is truly hair care commercial "flick worthy". The product,whilst it is an oil,leaves hair silky (not greasy) and it gives every single hair colour a sexy sheen and conditioned feel that lasts all day (and as this is Kérastase,you can expect the bottle to be as gorgeous as the product inside.Dark,smokey glass with golden hued letters makes this a glam addition to your bathroom...just be careful with wet hands.The generous 120ml size means that whilst this oil is a splurge,it will last for months,as only a few drops are needed to get superb results). This is a luxury product that takes the act of caring for your hair a step beyond....and is a revolutionary new way of wearing fragrance that lasts for hours (perfect for after work date night when you want to have him snuggle his nose in a scent as sexy as the hair he is running his fingers through). Bonus points for the fact that Kérastase Paris Le Parfum En Huile can be used on both wet AND dry hair. TIP:Think outside the box...try this as a conventional perfume.Apply to pulse points (or be adventurous and apply as a body oil) to lend this exotic fragrance to your entire self.