Kérastase® Couture Styling Laque Couture

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Kérastase® Couture Styling Laque Couture is a medium hold finishing spray that sets hair without making it stiff. The micro-fine spray provides 24 hour, anti-frizz and anti-humidity protection while minimizing fly-aways and delivering a shiny finish to hairstyles.


Kérastase® Couture Styling Laque Couture


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This is an absolute gem of a hairspray, great hold, great shine. I found this to be a really high quality hairspray that will hold any style with ease and prevents frizz and flyaways, especially good in wet or humid weather. This spray leaves a nice natural finish on hair without any nasty crunchy, sticky or tacky feel and the mist is really lovely and fine. The lasting power of this spray is great, it will hold a style all day, the packaging is classy and the scent is really nice.
This has a very fine mist which I find helps to apply it evenly and more accurately.  I love the way this formula holds my hair in shape and it looks naturally 'held' during the day.  I can very easily brush my hair out after this has dried in my hair and it leaves my hair with added shape and style and it looks and feels great.  This product fulfils it's promises and does not make hair stiff. A big difference I've noticed with this spray over other hairsprays is that the nozzle does not ever 'glug' up.  I never have to clean this nozzle under the tap at all!  Yay for that!! I have fine hair but lots of it (and it's long).  I love that this doesn't make my hair heavy at all but keeps it feeling styled and in control.  It does not dull the hair at all.  The scent is very soft and slightly like a violet-musk.  I don't like overpowering scents for my hair and this product suits me in that way too.   The 'lid' is unloseable!  It's so easy to use because there is no 'cap' that comes on and off but instead the nozzle is itself part of the 'lid' which you leave on - it's part of the nozzle and so there is no fussing about when it comes to giving my hair a simple and quick mist of this in the morning.  Therefore no lost caps with this product. The purple long canister is approximately 22cm tall (including it's nozzle-lid) and the can is 5cm in diameter so it's nice and thin and easy to grasp.  It holds 300ml and seems to be lasting me a long time which essentially makes it good value for money.  I can highly recommend this product if you love and enjoy a high quality hair  styling product.  
Kérastase Laque Couture is the holygrail of all the hairsprays, and boy have I used them all!  I have been using hairspray for a very long time, and gone are the lacquer's that set your hair like superglue where you can't comb your hair and leaves you with dandruff looking specs! This spray is absolutely wonderful and I would be on the 4th bottle now.  I use it everyday and each bottle has lasted me more than 6 months, so I can definitely say it is good value for money. The product is a fine spray and comes out in a very light mist.  If you want to comb or style your hair you can, the product is very flexible and does not dry rock hard.   I like a firm hold, so normally spray once, make sure the style is how I like it, then apply another quick mist.  It does not build up in your hair and very easily brushes out.  It has a very pleasant smell and is not overpowering at all. My hair style stayed in place all day, washed out easily and if needed, can be brushed out very easily.   My hair was not rock stiff, it feels very natural, yet the hold this product provides is wonderful, you can go out for hours, and not worry about your hair at all. The product washes out very easily and never leaves any build up or residue.  My hair is fine, and does require a certain amount of styling and styling products to keep it looking nice.  This hairspray is fabulous, I bought it online and have not looked back since. PRO's Each bottle will last you at least 6 months. So easy to wash out. No product build up. Smells pleasant. Brushes out well. Very fine spray, so you can build up as much as you need Con I cannot fault this spray, I understand some my object to the $38 price, but it has lasted me over 6 months, so to me, it's worth it as I have no product build up and my style lasts all day I recommend this spray to those who want their style to last all day with no build up or sticky feel at all.
My teenage self would never believe my adult self would spend $38 on hairspray, but hairspray has come a long way since then.  This is not the same hairspray I remembered from back in the day.  Gone are the horrible cough and sneeze inducing fumes and super stiff hair.  Yes, it is possible to achieve hold and shine without stiff hair and this hair spray is proof of that.  It's not a product I use every day so this bottle will last me ages.
This is my favourite hair spray. This holds my hair in place all day, what ever style and gives it plenty of shine. At the end of the day it brushes out perfectly, love it.