Kerastase® Elixir Ultime L'Huile Originale

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Kerastase® Elixir Ultime L'Huile Originale is a versatile and luxurious leave-in treatment for all hair types. Formulated with oléo-complexe technology, the fluid-oil treatment contains a high concentration of oils including corn germ, argan, camellia and pracaxi to deeply nourish and protect hair from environmental aggressors, leaving strands shiny and strong.

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Kerastase® Elixir Ultime L'Huile Originale


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A little pricey, but amazing..

Before trying this product, I would have said that all hair oils work the same and that paying this much for an oil was excessive. However, after receiving a sample of this oil with an online order, I was impressed with the results on my hair from the first use. It is easy to use, smells nice, and absorbs into the hair really well. I recently ran out and started using a hair oil from another (reputable) haircare brand, and I was amazed how little it did for my hair compared to this Kerastase oil. I would still consider this oil expensive for what it is, but for me I can (just) justify the cost given the results that I am able to achieve.

Professional finish

This oil is like liquid gold for hair. Since I started using this product I can’t live without it. I have thick hair and it takes flyaways and frizz with ease. I use a little before styling and it makes styling so much easier. My hair always looks smooth and sleek and professionally done after using this oil. A little goes a long way so I feel it’s great value and I love that it leaves my hair super shiny. I always get compliments when I have used this oil before styling my hair and get asked what I use on my hair. I highly recommend this product

Must have for my course hair.

This is one of my favourite products of all time. As a person with course hair, I always use this after washing my hair.
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I honestly was a bit sceptical and a little hesitant to try this product when I received it to try as part of my SuperCREW package. I have only heard good things about this product but I have tried many hair oils in the past and(even though my hair is quite dry and in need of an oil) all they have seemed to do is make my hair feel really weighed down and greasy,almost like I haven't washed my hair in days sort of a look:not the result I was aiming for! The Keratese oil comes in a luxe glass pump bottle with gold lettering and detailing. I used this particular oil in very minimal amounts to begin with on wet hair. My first impressions were; WOW! This smells incredible! An elegant sort of floral scent with woody base. Quite a unique and "expensive" sort of aroma. I was surprised once my hair dried to find it looked better than it ever has! Split ends and flyaways were smoothed, my hair had a beautiful shine and bounce to it and it was so so very soft to touch! Absolutely amazing! I have gradually built up to use a full pump of this oil on wet hair and I even add another half to full pump on my hair once it is dry sometimes. It never makes my hair feel or look oily in the slightest. This is honestly the best hair product I have ever used and I will continue buying it in future. Yes, it is pricey, but the 100ml bottle will last a long time with the small amounts required each application. Love!!!
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Love it!!

This product has saved my hair. As I have ombré hair, the ends often become dry and fizzy. If I put this in my hair straight after washing while it is still damp, my hair stays smooth, shiny and hydrated until my next wash. It is so lightweight, but it really does a great job of looking after my hair! Love!!
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Fabulous for dry or frizzy hair

I have oily roots and very dry ends, with midlengths a mush mash of both with a bunch of frizz thrown in. This product is great! A little goes a very long way so it lasts, and provides gorgeous silky hair without going oily. Expensive but as you use so little, it’s definitely worth it. I use after drying my hair from midlengths to ends. It has a great scent.
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Hydrates and Adds Shine to Strands

I thoroughly enjoyed trialing this hair oil. Its lightweight and has a subtle scent. I apply it to my long hair from the chin down and it doesn't make my ends greasy, just less frizzy and adds shine. I use it both on wet and dry hair, whenever I feel my hair needs moisture and shine. The packaging is luxe gold, just beautiful.
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Versatile oil for hair

I love Kerastase products! and this one doesn’t disappoint. I used it both in dry and wet hair, and found it to be beneficial in both ways. When used in dry hair much less product is needed, then in wet, as I found that if I used too much the hair become over saturated. The oil has a pleasing fragrance and definitely calms down frizz. It provided my hair with shine both when I used it in wet and dry hair. I found my hair to be more manageable when using this oil and I loved that it provides heat protection as well. I found that it was true what it’s labelling stated, that it nourished the hair. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a versatile oil to fight frizz, add shine and liven up dull hair.
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Oils are oils

I have really enjoyed using this Elixar Ulyime L’Huile Orginale from Kerastase. After each time I washEd my hair I applied two pumps of the oil concentrating on my mids and ends and then ran my fingers through. It helped to take out the knots and create shine. While my hair feels stronger with the less breakage.
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Great for managing my hair between washes

The Kerastase Elixir Ultime L'Huile Originale is housed in a transparent bottle with a pump dispenser. The product’s texture has a silicone feel to it, but this is to be expected because it contains silicones. I am not sure how to describe the product’s scent, but it might have a hint of white floral and some warm or woody notes. My hair has a fine texture and there is lots of it, and it is very dry and fuzzy. My hair is also very susceptible to being knotty. This hair oil is a great multi-tasking product because it can be used in many ways - I have been using it between hair washes to make it more manageable. I apply the oil through the mid-lengths of my hair (on dry hair), I brush my hair and that’s it. I haven’t been a fan of leave-in products with silicones as they can make my hair look wet and greasy. I’ve only been using this product for a short time, but so far, it has made my hair easier to manage and it looks less fuzzy without looking wet.
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Absorbent and moisterising hair oil

I have always been very wary of hair oils as I found that they tend to make my hair look oily and dull, attracting dirt and generally requiring me to wash my hair even more regularly than usual. But I have found that the Kerastase Elixir Ultime L'Huile causes me none of these problems. The oil is very light and absorbent leaving my hair soft and shiny rather than oily and dull. It’s great to use on damp or dry hair, and I find it very useful for applying to dry ends in between washes. I also use it as a deranged when required. The pump on the bottle gives out quite a generous amount so I tend to use about a half pump at a time and the glass bottle is quite heavy so I have avoided travelling with it for fear of it breaking or leaking. Kerastase is a great brand for hair care and although the elixer has a high price tag - it’s not unreasonable given the quality of the product and the amount of applications you get out of the one bottle. I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone with dry hair or anyone looking for a way to tame flyaways without having to use gels or hair spray.
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The BEST hair product

This product is AMAZING! I have hair which is oily at the roots, and dry at the ends. This works so well to hydrate those dry areas. I immediately noticed less frizz and flyaways. It smoothed my hair and made it look like I'd just had a professional treatment. I'll keep using this forever!
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Fantastic hair treatment!

As someone with short, fine hair, I am hesitant about using hair oils, but this offering from Kerastase works beautifully on my hair without weighing it down or looking greasy. The oil has a very light scent and I apply 1/2 a pump at night (a little goes a long way!) on freshly washed damp hair and it leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and looking shiny and healthy. It comes in a nice glass bottle with a pump dispenser, but I wonder if glass is the best choice for an oil which would be primarily used in a bathroom? Regardless, i really enjoy this hair oil and I anticipate that the bottle will last me a quite a long time. Love this product and definitely recommend!
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I have been using this hair product everyday day for the last 3 weeks since receiving it and I love it so much. It gives such great nourishment, leaves my dry hair shiny, soft and beautiful. There are 5 different ways to use this hair oil: • pre cleanse • leave in conditioning treatment • before blow drying for styling • after blow drying to control frizz • retouching throughout the day I have tried all 5 ways and my favourite, with the best results for my hair needs, is applying straight after showering as the conditioning treatment for intense nourishment and softening and I love using it throughout the day when needed to help with frizz, added shine and heart protection in the hot summer months. Another favourite benefit of this oil is the beautiful scent that it gives to my hair all day long, it's a gorgeous almost woody smell, it's so beautiful. This is the very first time I've ever used a hair oil and I'm inlove with it and I know I'll keep using it everyday and will definitely be rebuying this
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Go ahead - pamper your hair!

I loved using this gorgeous scented hair oil from this well-known French brand. I don’t actually think I have used anything from Kerastase before. I have holy grail hair products that suit my colour treated hair with its combination oily roots/dry ends, so I don’t tend to seek out other hair care. Always happy to try something this nice-smelling though. An oil that adds shine and controls frizz, Kerastase Elixir contains a few sweet oils including Sacred Marula oil and Camelia oil, and I suppose it is the latter that gives it that wonderful scent, which is somewhat like coconut. I smooth on 1 ½ pumps and work it through the ends of my hair to leave it lovely and shiny. I found that 2 pumps was a bit too much, and left my hair rather flat - so you can have too much of a good thing. As well as looking shiny and soft, and smelling amazing, my hair did feel thicker, with more body after use. I was able to use it before using my straightener or blow dryer for protection, as well as add it to a less moisturizing conditioner I have, for a bit more oomph. I have to take a minute to admire the luxe gold packaging of this oil. It is a lovely gold colour in a heavy glass bottle, for a luxe effect, but what stands out is the inside of the label, which is covered with a faceted design, making it look like a lot of diamonds are reflected inside the bottle. Beautiful! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with dull or frizzy hair, as long as their hair is not too oily. It is expensive but at less than 2 pumps per treatment it will really last a long time. Definitely a treatment I will keep in my cabinet!
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Glorious hair oil

I was very lucky to receive this glorious product in my SUPERcrew kit. Kerastase has always been a favourite brand of mine with luxurious and top quality hair care products. The Elixir Ultime L'Huile Originale is a beautiful hair oil housed in a stunning glass bottle with gold accents. The oil has a variety of uses which was a big plus for me. It can be used as a pre and post-shower treatment and a pre and post-styling oil. I mainly used it as a post shower treatment to keep my frizz at bay and hydrate my ends. It detangles my hair nicely as well. The oil is fluid and absorbs quickly. It doesn't weigh down my hair or make it go greasy. My hair is left with a beautiful shine and softness. I can't say anything about this product. It ticks all the boxes of a great oil and the packaging is on another level. Highly recommend this luxe hair oil!
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Liquid GOLD!!

If you don't like the nutty smell of argan oil Kerastase® Elixir Ultime L'Huile Originale is the oil for you. The scent is light and pretty and the pump makes it super easy to disperse the exact amount that I needed. I have dry, wavy, chemically treated hair that always needs a lot of TLC using quality products for it to behave. I applied 2 pumps after washing my hair and went to bed with it damp (I usually do this if I want to wear it curly). In the morning I had the best-formed curls I have had in years with zero frizz! The next wash I straightened my hair and applied the oil on wet hair and then again after styling. My thirsty hair sucked up every last drop! My hair is no longer unruly; it is soft, shiny and has zero frizz! I have tried a lot of serums and leave-in treatments and this is my new HG. It is liquid gold and I LOVE it!
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Keeps flyaways away

This is a lovely scented oil for everyday use. I used it before blowdrying my hair and also other days after styling my hair. I only need to use a little bit and that's enough to keep my hair looking shiny and nourished. It has a lovely scent which reminds me of Moroccan Oil so if you like that scent, you'll love using this replenishing oil.
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A luxurious hair oil

I like it. My hair likes it. My daughter's hair loves it. Her straight blonde hair with a touch of this oil looks like from some ad. Mine, since it is a bit curly/ wavy lately is not as shiny but looks nourished and not as frizzy and smells amazing. The secnt I am sure Tom Ford would not be ashamed of. It smell divine. It might not look or feel much different from any other oils but is much lighter, does not weigh my hair down. Also the hair does not become or look greasy even if I use it for the ends three days in a row. I enjoy it. It is pretty pricey but a little goes a long way.
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Shine perfector

Simply: I like it. My hair likes it. No miracle product. Just a dry oil: silicones and some plant oils with added very subtle fragrance. My hair: fine textured, tail bone length, colour processed (lightened). Gets fluffy when air dried. This serum's performance: When applied on towel dried hair eases up hair brushing. Hair when dried out is very smooth, very very shiny and ends look healthier than they actually are. When applied on dry hair, it does not wight my hair down or make it look greasy. Just more shiny than usual! And sleek. Really great serum. Best part: comes in a glass pump bottle. I am not a fan of plastic packaging of anything.