Kerastase® Extentioniste Scalp Serum

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Kerastase® Extentioniste Scalp Serum is a leave-in hair treatment that works to strengthen the scalp from the root for stronger hair fibres. Ideally applied with a gentle head massage, the serum helps to reinforce and promote a healthy scalp environment. The serum contains ceramides, which help with surface recovery of the hair to promote shine and softness, while creatine works to strengthen the hair from the inside by reinforcing the structure of the hair follicle.


Kerastase® Extentioniste Scalp Serum


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I bought this due to the fabulous review done on the whole Extentioniste program by Beauty Crew themselves. I had recently gotten a pretty drastic chop as well as beginning my path onto colouring my hair again and wanted to finally start investing in good hair products.  I bought this as I felt my hair was a bit too short and in a moment of panic wanted something to help growth.  I would say this delivered. My hair does grow pretty quick but this has helped seem to give it that extra push by keeping my scalp and roots as healthy as possible.  it has a very light and fresh scent (the only real way I can describe it) and is a very watery liquid. You will not have to worry about your hair feeling weighed down, slick or sticky with this product as it absorbs instantly. 2 pipettes is well enough for your whole head and I make sure to spread and massage it in quite well. I have noticed my hair fall our is much less and really now only occurs in the shower (wet hair is weaker anyway) and I attribute it to this as well as my other Kerastase products. 
So amazing!!! Love this apart of my daily and nightly routine. The smell is soooo good and it is smooth when applying to your face. Definitely recommend! Have used this for around 3 weeks now and can say I will be restocking very very soon. Very affordable and you get what you pay for.
I purchased this serum on the advice of my hairdresser to nourish my hair from the scalp down as it lacked shine and I wanted it to look healthy. This is a really great product for feeding hair from the roots for stronger healthier hair. It’s so easy to use, I loved the dropper to distribute the right amount. I simply massaged the serum into my scalp and after using it for a while I noticed a difference in strength and hair health. My hair was softer and shinier and was stronger and healthier. It is expensive I must admit but I don’t use too much so it lasts well and it is a great product for those who need to repair their hair. I loved it and would recommend it.