Kerastase® Fondant Extentioniste

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Kerastase® Fondant Extentioniste is a repairing and detangling conditioner that works to strengthen slow-growing and damaged hair. The conditioner contains Creatine R™ technology that uses maleic acid to penetrate deep into hair to reinforce the hair fibre and seal hair cuticles from roots to tip; creatine to help reinforce the structure of the hair fibre; and ceramides to smooth and soften and help the hair surface to recover.


Kerastase® Fondant Extentioniste


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Kerastase Fondant Extentioniste

I purchased this range after my hair snapped in a couple of places after years and years of chemical hair straightening, relaxing and colouring. The hair salon I go to use this in salon and have it to retail to their clients for home use also. My hairdresser suggested I try this to help strengthen my hair. It comes in a green shiny bottle that stands on its lid which is great for less wastage. In conjunction with using this with the shampoo i used a $0.50 cent piece amount of the conditioner through my lengths and ends and massaged anything that was left through my scalp. My hair felt soft and I was able to run my fingers and brush through it easily.
I tried this kerastase resistance fondant extensioniste conditioner when my hairdresser recommended it for my damaged hair. I loved this product. The conditioner is easy to use, is thick and silky and smells really nice. It rinses with ease and left my hair super smooth, silky and shiny. Styling was easy and it even cut frizz. Over time I did notice my hair was stronger and looked and felt healthier. Nicely packaged, it’s worth the expense as a little goes a long way. I love that it penetrates deep into hair and seals cuticles for protection and it’s also a great detangler, which helps prevent more damage. I loved this conditioner and would buy it again. I highly recommend it.