Kerastase® Initialiste

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Kerastase® Initialiste is an advanced leave-in hair concentrate for all hair types that helps restore hair from root to tip. Based on stem cell research and plant-based biotechnology, the intensive treatment is used after washing hair to help optimise the hair follicle’s regenerative powers, while antioxidant polyphenols, glucolipids and ceramides help defend hair against environmental aggressors, encourage hair growth and fortify strands.


Kerastase® Initialiste


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Scalp health really is something that I think isn't given enough attention when it comes to haircare. Thankfully Kerastase is all about it and has products that go from scalp, root to the very lengths and ends of your hair to make sure you get an all round routine for it.  This serum is part of my journey to taking better care of my hair and also encouraging better growth and less fall out. I am so pleased to say that this has made a difference in both of those things for the better.  This is a medium viscosity, milky serum that sinks into the scalp quickly and doesn't leave your hair feeling oily nor your scalp feeling slick. Depending on the size of your head, you may get longer use out of it than some. I usually use about 2-3 pipettes over my entire head - do note that the pipette doesn't fill to the entire length so it's probably more like 1.5 full pipettes. It has a very pleasant fragrance which clings nicely to the hair throughout the day. I have noticed not only better hair growth, but less frequent fall out and I feel like my hair is stronger and doesn't have the tendency to break and snap as easily as it used to.  PROS:  - product is great for scalp health - may help prevent excess hair fall and help growth (you may not find this depending on your hair/scalp health and routine already)  - easily available and tends to have good gifts with purchase  CONS:  - can be expensive - results definitely can vary - I feel my hair was struggling with mediocre products before so this has made a noticeable difference 
I suffer from a dry scalp, especially in the cooler months. Initialiste targets a number of hair concerns and nourishes the scalp without creating product build up, which is vital when washing your hair too often only further dries out your scalp. The serum is light and absorbed into the scalp quickly. With regular use, my scalp dryness has lessened and my hair feels super hydrated from the root.
I have short curly hair with foils so it can get quite dry, particularly in summer.  Using this product twice a week massaged into the roots and scalp was wondrous - it did make some difference straight away in calming and moisturising, but after the first month my hair was definitely much healthier, softer and lush. Dryness and frizz disappeared.  Definitely one of the best products I have ever used for dry, curly, coloured hair.  And it smells and feels delightful.