Kerastase® Nutritive Masquintense Fins

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Kerastase® Nutritive Masquintense Fins is a nourishing hair mask for fine, dry and sensitised hair that works to deliver long-lasting moisture and texture without weighing hair down.


Kerastase® Nutritive Masquintense Fins


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I'm surprised by such poor ratings for this product! I too have fine and (now) coloured hair (highlights/balayage) and this has been a wonderful addition to my routine.  I wanted something that was nourishing and I also didn't really mind if it was too heavy (this isn't as they have one for fine and one for thick hair) I use this as both a conditioner or a longer, deep treatment mask and have felt that it has helped keep my hair hydrated and healthy while never weighing it down. I also use the Densifique conditioner and in comparison, Nutritive is just that slight bit heavier but nothing that will leave you feeling like all the life has left your hair. 
I love Kerastase products and have tried a lot of their lines. My hair is fine, heavily chemical treated by regular hair colour, previous perms, and lots of regular blow drying and heat styling. So it requires a rich and nourishing hair mask. Despite the name "Masque Intense", i don't find the hair mask particularly nourishing which is why i am giving it only 3 star rating. I think for someone looking for a deeply nourishing or intense hair mask, the Force Architect (Green packaging) is probably more suitable. This product might be more suitable for someone just looking for a regular mask for normal condition hair.
I so badly wanted to love this product and I had heard such great reviews but I am not impressed. It does absolutely nothing for my hair. I have fine, bleached hair. This leaves my hair feeling even more dry than before my wash and so lifeless.  The consistency is too oily for my liking and the smell is very off putting to me.