Kerastase® Resistance Serum Therapiste

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Kerastase® Resistance Serum Therapiste is a repairing cream serum for very damaged, over-processed hair that offers up to 230oC heat protection and works to bind, reinforce and resurface the hair fibre for strands that are softened and smoothed. 


Kerastase® Resistance Serum Therapiste


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This product was recommended by my hairdresser because my hair was damaged by hairdryers and straightening.  WOW this product is absolutely fantastic after washing my hair a use 1-2 pumps and it covers all ends and after a few weeks I could see and feel the difference in my hair it was soft and didn’t have split ends and it didn’t look dry at the ends which bothered me before. It is well worth the price as it really is a magic product.
This is a hair product that really really repairs split ends! I have really fine and dry hair (regular hair colour, previous perms, regular heat styling). My hair is also long, nearly up to my waist line. So yes, i have split ends. This product is really 2 products in 1. It has a cream component and a serum compotent. So when you press the pump, make sure you press it all the way down so it delivers both component, otherwise the serum will come out first. I use 1 pump of product and spread it over the lower 1/3 of my hair ends. I feel it is best applied on towel-dried hair as it can feel a little heavy on dry hair. I really feel my split ends improved significantly after the use of this product. If anyone has split ends, this is what you need to use!