Kerastase® Soleil Masque UV Défense Active

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Kerastase® Soleil Masque UV Défense Active is a replenishing and nourishing hair treatment mask for very sensitised, colour treated hair that has been exposed to harsh environmental elements. Formulated with filtre photo-defense technology, it adds a light UV protection to hair, while cationic silicone and ceramides help strengthen strands and prolong the life of hair colour.


Kerastase® Soleil Masque UV Défense Active


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I've coloured my hair a lot over the years, it's always fun to change up my look, but it also means that my hair has become weak, dry, brittle and kind of flat and dull looking after a while. Enter this fabulous mask from Keratese, a brand owned by Loreal, one of my favourite ever skin, makeup and hair care brands. It was like the answer to my prayers for what I needed a hair mask to deliver for me. After shampooing with a colour care shampoo, I squeezed the excess water from the lengths of my hair and applied a generous amount through out the lengths of my hair, it smelled heavenly, which is always a nice bonus, combed through, clipped it up and left it on for about 5 or so minutes. I combed it again, as my hair is fairly long and prone to knots, rinsed thoroughly with lukewarm water and bundled up my hair in a hair turban. Then, after drying and combing my damp hair, which was now very easy to do, my comb just glided through my hair, my hair dried soft, silky, smooth and knot free and shiny to boot. I was very impressed with the results, even after just one use. Until my next wash, my hair remained soft and shiny and knot free and my colour was just radiant, as if it had been freshly dyed that day, not a few weeks ago. This mask is now a staple in my shower. I use it up to three times a week in place of my normal conditioner and the results are always amazing to me. My hair feels soft and shiny and so smooth, my colour so fresh and vibrant and protected, and the delicious smell of the mask lingers for ages, plus the tub is huge, you only need a teaspoon sized scoop, so it will last you ages, which makes the kinda hefty $60 price tag a little more reasonable. If you have long, dry, coloured and weak hair and are after a mask that delivers on promise and quality, then this is definitely the mask, and brand, I would recommend.