Kerastase® Specifique Cure Anti-Chute

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Kerastase® Specifique Cure Anti-Chute is a six-week program that counteracts hair loss and preserves hair density by stimulating root activity and reducing scalp irritation. Apply one leave-in dose daily.


Kerastase® Specifique Cure Anti-Chute


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hi my name is lateisha laney and i purchased this hair loss preventing product for my mother's 82nd year old birthday two weeks ago and she has fallen in love with it!!! she says it has really kept her very old hair to stay where it belongs and is going to stay. she also says that she would definitely buy it for herself when she runs out of product in this bottle and/or buy it for another friend who is suffering from the same thing as her. as i know, my mother has been going through this hair loss suffering ever since she turned 72 and she says it has helped her hair a lot! it also makes her hair very soft, silky and very shiney , and leaves it non greasy and easier to style. we recomend this hair loss treatment to anyone who suffers from it or who knows someone who is. trust us it works very well.