Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment

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Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment is a nourishing lip balm enriched with lemon butter and coconut oil. The formula melts into the lips and delivers long-lasting hydration and protection.

Available in six shades.


Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment


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Kiehl’s butter atick lip treatment is my go to during autumn and summer because my lips get extremely dry and peels. This lip treatment is extremely moisturising and soothing without feeling thick and uncomfortable. I put a thick layer on overnight and my lips looks so plumped and hydrated the next morning. This lip treatment is so good at a reasonable price
I adore this product and have since purchased two more so that I can have one in my bag, car and at Home! This amazing product follows suit for all the other Kiehl's products, and even though its a bit pricey, it worth it! From the moment you apply it you can feel that its better quality, It applies nice and easily and smells of sweet lemon and coconut which is a great combination. I would definitely recommend this upmarket and highly moisturizing Lipbalm!
I buy this as a special treat because I go through it quickly and it is a bit expensive for the size. However, it is very high quality and you can feel it straight away. None of that sticky, oily, tacky residue that cheaper lip balms have, and the scent is heavenly, doesn't smell synthetic like other balms.  It provides longer lasting hydration and moisture than others, I don't need to apply it as much (but I do because it feels and smells so great!) Truly luxurious, like a mini spa treatment for the lips!
This is such a gorgeous luxe treat for lips. Love Kiehls products, always such high quality and this butter stick lip treatment is simply divine. Soft and buttery as the name suggests it is so nourishing and hydrating on lips, my lips never dry out when using this and remain super soft. A huge bonus is it smells divine and lasts well. It feels amazing on lips soft and creamy rather than sticky. I love the mon butter and coconut oil addition, it's so yummy, the handy container it's housed in is pretty and it's so easy to use for amazing soft lips. I adore this and highly recommend it Pros Super nourishing and hydrating Lovely soft creamy texture, not at all sticky Easy to use Smells divine A real treat for lips Cons At just under $30.00 I guess it's a little pricey for a lip treatment but well worth it for the quality
Kiehls butterstick lip treatment is something I love as it smells amazing and it gives my lips a well earned drink! The hydration is noticed immediately, it is not sticky and gluggy and reasonably priced! I also find it lasts long after. Compact, easy to apply and a staple I carry with me especially as we are moving into the warmer weather.