Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Whipped Body Butter

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Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Whipped Body Butter is a luxurious scented body cream that is light on the skin yet rich in 24-hour hydration. The quick-absorbing formula contains beta-carotene, shea butter and squalane to deliver intense moisturisation.


Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Whipped Body Butter


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Amazing body moisturiser - just a little bit on the expensive side! This has to be one of my favourite body moisturisers ever. I picked it up from David Jones because I love soy milk-based products - they are so gentle on my skin and give me so much hydration. This whipped body butter is no different! First of all, it smells absolutely divine! It is scented as milk and honey, which is so relaxing and soothing right before bed. I really think the scent helps me fall asleep.  I usually apply this right after my shower, while my skin is still damp. I do this because the whipped texture dissolves into a silky milk which just melts into my skin. I have cold hands, so I have trouble emulsifying products just with the heat of my hands - applying the creme to damp skin really helps it perform like it should on me. The whipped body butter is such a fluffy and comforting texture - it feels like silk and clouds in a jar! Applying it to my skin is such a luxurious treat - it is so creamy and wonderful. It sinks straight into my skin without leaving a greasy residue. It does leave a slight film, but nothing uncomfortable. When I wake up in the morning my legs feel INCREDIBLE, a smoothness and softness that lasts throughout the day. My skin loves this luxurious treat! Even though it is quite expensive, it does last quite a long time so it is cost effective. I really love that the ingredients are quality. Containing shea butter, soy milk, and honey, I know that Khiels is only putting the best ingredients for my skin in Creme de Corps. For me, this is really important because my skin doesn't benefit from usual supermarket moisturisers. The quality ingredients show in the health of my skin - and I thank Khiels for amazingly healthy skin.
I have always loved body butters, but some can be too thick, greasy or clog skin. Kiehl's is pure perfection and worth the price! It is smooth and a mixture of fluffy and creamy. Feels lightweight on skin, but sinks in easily and quickly with no caked on feeling or greasy / oily residue. It is super hydrating, works great even on dry skin, elbows and heels, cuticles and nails. It is actually also quite soothing and calming on irritated or sensitive skin. The only thing I don't like is the tub packaging - it can be unhygienic and messy to scoop out.
This is seriously not advertised enough for what it can do. I used this everyday in my pregnancy and I seriously do not have one single stretch mark it’s miracle worker and then I even used it in my baby when she excema it’s like some kind of Harry Potter magic potion!!  it’s the one!!
I have extremely dry skin during winter so my friend introduced this product to me a year ago and I was absolutely in love with it. The texture sits nicely on my skin without feeling greasy or uncomfortable and it does WORK. Now I can't get through winter without it. Highly recommended to people with dry skin.
I hadn’t heard or tried whipped body butter before this one. I had always liked Kiehl’s body cream and with this one - it’s a lot more thicker in texture. It’s also more moisturising. This would be a good body cream to use during everyday in winter when my skin is so dry from the wind and harsh winter weather. This cream comes in a big jar so you can scoop out as much or as little as you need, it’s easy to use. It also has a nice subtle fragrance. Not at all overpowering.
Very nice formula, beautiful product. WhenI first opened the tub, I was amazed at how good the cream smelt. It also has a silky texture and is absorbed easily. This cream is my go to product during Winter because my hands get so dry and it makes my hands soft and hydrated again after 2-3 applications. It is an amazing product, but I just find it a little pricey.
I absolutely adore this rich, decadent, luxurious cream. Kiehls crime de corps whipped body butter is such a divine moisturiser I can't speak highly enough of it. A great product for winter when winds and cold weather are so drying, it intensely moisturises and nourishes skin, likewise in summer it makes my legs look amazing in breezy summer dresses, so smooth, soft and supple, I find it actually has firming properties. This cream is a little pricey at just under $55 however I find I don't need to use a lot for great results and the user friendly pot is quite large so it lasts for ages, this makes the price not too bad. The cream itself smells divine, yummy even and I love the addition of honey, jojoba and she's, it's truly a pot of goodness. This product glides on beautifully as even though its thick and lush it has a silky texture that sinks into skin immediately to provide intense nourishment, it feels nice and light to wear and is non greasy, I really love this product, another Kiehls winner and highly recommend it.
This is such a beautiful product, it looks, feels and smells so delicious, causing me to debate whether I want to smother my body in it, or eat it!. The consistency is light and whipped with a lightly sweet fragrance of milk and honey which is not synthetic or overpowering. The thing that I love about this product is that it is non greasy and doesn't leave a thick residue like many other body butters. This product is a fantastic emollient due to the natural ingredients and the addition of squalene. I love the fact that it can be used on my sensitive skin and that it doesn't clog my pores like many cheaper products tend to do. It also doesn't react with my tanning products that I use in the summer and so I find that this is the perfect moisturiser to use over fake tan, to help extend my tans longevity. My skin drinks this product up and feels delisciously soft and supple afterwards. I recommend this body butter to anyone and everyone. Apply it all over your body after a bath or shower and revel in the silky smooth deliciousness. Your skin will love you for it! I am a body butter fanatic, I love the texture and the different scents but to be honest, many of them irritate my skin and clog my pores and as much as I love sweet fragrances, a lot of synthetic smells give me a headache. This is a holy grail body butter. It is such a luxurious product and also great as a gift. The tub is huge and equates to value for money. I am yet to find any body butter which is better than this and believe me I have tried many.  Easy 5 stars.
This cream is amazingg. I live in a dry climate city and have naturally dry skin, so during winter, it is a struggle to find a cream that is hydrating but with a balance so it isn't greasy. I was recommended Creme de Corps by a friend and it is my new favourite. The texture is beautiful and absorbs into the skin fast and leaves no icky residue, also the smell is divine, I've had people asking me if I'm wearing some form of perfume.Though kinda pricey it is definitely worth the investment.
Kiehl’s Crème de Corps  Body Butter saved me this winter! It is quite rich, but not too greasy buttery goodness for the skin. As I have been away in the very cold and dry climate for couple of months, plus doing lazer hair removal...all this made the skin very dry, flaky and dehydrated all at once! My usual glow and elasticity were for the first time all gone.  I got this jug of the body butter hoping for the best, and it really made a huge difference within the one week! Butter is not too thick to apply and just little is needed. Bit yellowish in colour and has that lightly sweet and nutty aroma. The instructions say yo apply on wet/damp skin and this really makes huge difference in how the butter absorbs (plus quantity used. When applied on wet skin after shower, only little is needed and spreads beautifully, absorbs fast. Unlike when applied on the dry skin). Results after 2 months of regular use: my skin recovered, dryness gone, elasticity is back and no more dehydration. Soft and smooth skin.
Skin food at its best. I have very thirsty dry skin full stop, but it was starting to feel extra rough and patchy. One of my friends recommended a perfect solution - Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Whipped body butter which instantly gives my driest skin a much needed nourishment drink. It completely soaks into the skin layers providing quick relief and softness for a long time. Produced with a moisturising cocktail of delicious soy milk, honey plus shea and jojoba butters all included in their beautiful formula. It comes in an good looking and great sized jar that is easy to obtain the product from while giving my skin many applications over time. The butter body cream offers all of the benefits of huge healing hydration providing a thicker,richer texture that my dry skin craves. It moisturises, revives, and soothes dry and sensitive skin making it perfect for all skin types.   I also have super dry legs which get extremely irritated by shaving, pools and water in general while this ultra-rich healing cream comes to the rescue every time. Simply I  apply directly to the area of my skin that needs required attention. Most times I use a small amount of the product both day and night. I'm totally enjoying the benefits of using this product that gives me smoother, softer legs younger looking with no irritation after shaving.  Contains no overpowering smell but you will fall in love with the alluring scent it has.  The Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Whipped body butter can be used by my whole family and love it as much as me. I would heartily say it is worth every single dollar spent and more.  I praise this amazing cream dedicated to helping people of all ages to maintain soft, smooth and beautiful skin. I can always be assured "Kiehl’s" never lets me down. Once again here is a product that is a total winner!
Crème de Corps is a long standing,cult status product that i have used for when this lush Whipped Body Butter version came out,i had to try it (and i was not disappointed).This is a richer,lusher,sexier version of the original lotion that is perfect for the colder months we have now,or as a decadent after sun treat in summer (and trust me..this big jar will last you that long).The texture is so divine that you won't stop touching your skin (and that feeling lasts all day and well into the night),and the scent.....words do not do it justice,but beyond delicious comes close.Crème de Corps leaves no sticky feel after application.....and is perfect for top to toe silkiness.TIP:Run out of your favourite shaving product ? Apply this as a substitute for the closest,softest shave ever (and no need to apply moisturiser after).