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kōtia Brightening Eye Cream is a cooling, anti-ageing eye cream that brightens and hydrates the delicate skin around eyes. The fast-absorbing eye cream contains 100 per cent pure New Zealand deer milk – a natural source of vitamins and minerals with anti-ageing benefits that aids in fighting dryness, puffiness and dark circles. The formula is lightweight, fragrance-free and suitable for all skin types.

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kōtia Brightening Eye Cream


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I purchased this eye cream after trying a sample sachet and I liked how smooth and silky it leaves my eye area. The texture isn’t thick or heavy, but is more like a lotion, so absorbs immediately without any greasy feel. The eye cream comes in a tube with a pump dispenser and at 20ml is bigger than your standard 15ml eye treatments. The price is mid range and isn’t too expensive or affordable either. This eye cream is good at keeping my skin soft and has a nourishing feel...this might be due to the deer milk? The one thing I dislike is the added fragrance as this can cause me some irritation, apart from this I’m quite pleased with the texture and hydrating properties. I haven’t noticed any major brightening around my eye area, but the dryness has improved.
I recently finished the kōtia Brightening Eye Cream and thoroughly enjoyed it! Firstly, it has a wonderful, lightweight texture that didn't feel heavy on the delicate eye area, yet it still felt nourishing. Secondly, this cream applied easily and layered well with other skincare and makeup products. Finally, i thought that the slim packaging with the pump dispenser was great as it meant that i wasn't dipping my fingers into a pot, which can be un-hygenic. I didn't notice a brightening effect, however it did a great job at moisturising. 
This eye cream felt incredibly luxurious and hydrating around the eye area. There was a slight scent but I found it to be very light and not and all unpleasant. The cream also quickly absorbed into the skin, without leaving any oily residue. It also worked very well under makeup, no pulling or anything. Unfortunately, I found the pump style dispenser impractical, as I always ended up with more eye cream than required. That aside, lovely product! Would recommend!!
I found the eye cream to be a light weight but creamy texture. A little really does go along way, less is more. I found the eye cream helped hydrate my tired eyes but due to me having dark circles, I couldnt notice a brightening change. In saying that my boyfriend did, it really suited his needs. He is 28years old and doesnt get enough sleep. The eye cream helped him look refreshed. I would recommend this eye cream for people travelling, the pump is super convenient and hygienic.
I love this! From the very first application I knew I would continue to use it as it was just so light an velvety. The pump applicator made sure I wasn’t wasting any product and it spread so well that I was happy I wasn’t going to run through the small tube too quickly. I noticed a brighter look straight away and am convinced that my eyes look less puffy when I remember to use the cream as intended. I often do forget so can’t really comment on the long term results, but I definitely feel that the area under my eyes is more hydrated and a little less puffy and dark each time I use it. I do wish there were less ingredients, especially given the Deer Milk reference is obviously trying to indicate that this is a more natural product.
After using this product for the last couple of weeks I haven’t really noticed any visible difference to the skin under my eyes, it does not seem to have done much to brighten the darkened bags under my eyes. The product itself seemed to have a nice texture and consistency nd was aborsbed quickly into my skin without leaving a greasy residue. At its current price point paired with the results I probably  wouldnt purchase the product again in the future
I recieved this eye cream as part of the beautycrew trial team and was pretty excited to try it. Firstly,  I love that it comes in a pup dispenser. I was quite suprised as to the size of the tube too, since most eye creams come in much smaller sizes. The cream had a very pleasant scent and was quite luxurious on the skin upon application. It felt quite rich but not heavy when layered on the skin. It is quite expensive for an eye cream but given the amount that comes in the tube it seems alright as it would last quite a long time.
I quite enjoyed this eye cream, didn't notice a lot of difference in brightening the area, but my dark circles were reduced a bit, it absorbed well into my skin without leaving it oily. I did like the pump action for hygiene, but i did find it did clog up on occasions. I probably would buy this again even at the price point
I used this on my entire face at night-time, not just my eye area. There is a lot of product and its a good price compared to other eye creams on the market. The packaging directs you to the website for the ingredients and its packed full of great ingredients, not just the deer milk itself. The dispenser was easy to use, I loved the smell of the product, I think its a case of either you're going to really love the smell or really hate it. As to whether I'm comfortable with the process of deers being milked, the website paints a rosey picture of animals being treated very well during the short milking process, but I would be more confident if there was a video showing how it was done. I felt my skin was brighter and refreshed after using this product.
Great packaging and was excited about it being deer milk as I heard it has many great benefits for the skin but unfortunately it didn't suit me and I didn't noti e in difference in my skin after using it. The fragrance is extremely unpleasant I found that's my honest opinion
The kōtia Brightening Eye Cream didn't really live up to it's namesake. I havent noticed a great difference in "brightness" around my eyes but they are more hydrated. I found this cream to heavy for morning use and the fragrance was not a pleasant one. I would't buy this cream again.
With the pump dispenser I found the Kōtia Brightening Eye Cream easy and effortless to use. The formula is silky and luxurious (without feeling greasy), a little goes a long way. I didn’t need a full pump, pea size amount is perfect, so the tube will last for some time.  The cream is easily absorbed on the delicate skin around the eyes. It leaves the under eye area feeling and looking nurtured and hydrated. I’ve been using day and night for about 2-3 weeks and have experienced no issues with sensitivity. It sits well under makeup too, which is great. While I haven’t noticed a big difference in the overall brightening of the eye area, the biggest improvement comes into play on days where I didn’t get much sleep. I feel it helps to soften the skin, and makes me look slightly more awake.  I found the scent to be quite strong, it’s heavy on the botanical notes, but didn’t stop me from wanting to use the cream daily. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a eye cream that feels rich on application but absorbs quickly, and sits well under makeup. 
This is not the sort of product that I normally use, so was interested to try. The pump action worked well, allowing small amounts to be dispensed. The cream seemed to moisturise well without any greasy residue. However, I did not notice any visible difference to my skin sagging or darkness / bags under my eyes, so probably not a specialised product that I would justify purchasing in the future.
This product comes in a box which I'm not entirely sure is necessary because the bottle itself is great on its own. I love the matte exterior and really love the pump so you can control how much cones out. I'm not entirely convinced it brightens my dark circles but still a nice feeling to use it.
I love the packaging of this eye cream. As other reviewers have said, a little goes a long way - a full pump is far too much for a single use. I like the feel of the cream, it's lightweight and not greasy. I've been using it for a few weeks now and haven't really noticed much of a difference as far as brightening goes however my eye area is definitely more hydrated which has been amazing during the tail end of winter.
I used this for 4-6 weeks and I don’t think it did much in the way of brightening ... its nice feeling and silky smooth but that’s about it. I wasn’t a fan of the pump either - one pump is way too much product, you only need about half a pump so pump gently!
Have really enjoyed using the Kotia brightening eye cream is great for sensitive skin and doesn't irritate eyes at all. It's great under makeup as the consistency is really light and sinks into the skin quickly. It is not the most hydrating eye cream though so if you have really dry under eyes this may not be for you. There was a slight brightening effect and I enjoyed the product overall.
The Kotia Brightening Eye Cream is easyto use and feels very luxurious when you open the packaging. The cap is greatand hides a smart pump system which is a handy and sophisticated to use. Thepackaging was nice and I really like the look and feel of the container. I usedthe cream and noticed only a small amount went a long way. I felt that it mademy eyes tighter and the darkness and bags seemed to disappear which was great. Thecream was very smooth and glided on my skin easily and melted away, not leavingit greasy and shiny. I didn’t real notice much of a scent to this cream whichwas nice when it’s applied close to my nose and I don’t like overpoweringscents. I enjoyed using this product and will continue to use this to getbetter results and hide my real age – fingers crossed!
This eye cream is amazing. The smell is absolutely divine and it applies smoothly and easily. A little amount goes a very long way. I applied it under make up and had no issues. It felt hydrating and luxurious. The packaging and look of the product also looked luxurious. I would definitely recommend to others. All in all a fabulous product!
This eye cream is luxurious from the moment you open the packaging. The large cap disguises a smart pump system which is a handy and feels fancy to use. I applied the eye cream nightly. I noticed a small amount went a long way so no need to use a full pump. I immediately felt the skin around my eyes a little tighter. Over weeks, I haven’t yet noticed a dramatic improvement in the darkness around my eyes but potentially as the skin feels a little tighter, there is less bags around my eyes. I am happy with this product and will continue to use it. I would recommend it! Easy to use, great application and a good general eye cream.