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kōtia Exfoliating Cleansing Milk is an exfoliating cleanser that contains 100 per cent pure New Zealand deer milk, which is a natural source of vitamins and minerals with hydrating and anti-ageing benefits. The formula utilises lactic acid to aid in gentle exfoliation, while antioxidants lessen oxidative stress caused by pollution. 

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kōtia Exfoliating Cleansing Milk


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Kotia exfoliating cleansing  milk  is a good product for washing your face say before sleep but it  is very lite to use if you have full face of makeup . It is very gentle for exfoliating I hardly feel anything in the milk which helps in exfoliating. I am fan of its packaging, it comes with a pump which comes very handy to use it . But I am expected bit more from this product as I love love love the daycream from the same brand.
I really wanted to love this product because I am such a fan of the day cream, but I have to say it was slightly underwhelming. The milk consistency of it was quite thin and I just didn’t find that it did a great job of cleansing my skin. It smelled lovely and felt nice on my skin but it left my skin not very well cleansed. Sadly I probably wouldn’t buy this product again.
I'm a big fan of this product. It does exactly what it claims to do, exfoliate my skin without being harsh or drying. The packaging is great (pump bottle) and a little product goes a long way. I'm really impressed with it and would recommend it to anyone.
I was quite excited to try products of this brand as a part of Beautycrew trial as I wasn’t familiar with this brand before . I personally generally not a big fan of cleansing milk products as I don’t feel they exfoliate my skin well enough. The texture is creamy and has quite a strong fresh scent which is quite nice  but those who doesn’t like fragranced cleansers  this product is definitely not for you. I personally prefer more foamy textures as after using this product I still felt like to use cleansing lotion afterwords to make sure my skin is thoroughly clean so this product is not quite for me.   This product doesn’t irritate my skin so can definitely recommend it for people with sensitive skin who like gentle creamy cleansers.  Packaging looks nice and easy to use without causing mess.  I think this product is good for people who have dry skin but wouldn’t recommend it for oily combination skin as it can potentially make your skin a bit oily and shiny. 
Let's start with the pros,  this cleanser comes with a pump which is amazing and hygienic,  it left my face feeling nice and cleansed but not dry, and now the cons,  this product is very heavily fragranced so if you are sensitive this may not be the right cleanser for your skin and also just personal preference I love a cleanser I can use on my eye makeup but this is not one of them, other than that a nice cleanser to use daily.
A good, hydrating, non-foaming cleanser. I used this product after an oil cleanser and it worked to remove left over oil and makeup without being harsh and drying. Strongly scented, but this did not bother me. Sleek packaging and bottle design. A great unisex product to share in the bathroom.
Ive been using this product for the last few weeks and honestly? I'm undecided how i feel about it! I love the simple packaging and that there is quite a lot of product in the bottle. It also smells quite nice but if you are adverse to strong scents, this one might not be for you as it is quite strong. I find a little of the product goes a long way as i only needed a couple of pumps to feel my skin felt fully cleansed (without any foaming which is nice). I do have an issue with it being called exfoliating as i found it wasn't at all when i used it- its not even slightly grainy as most exfoliants are, its smooth. The other big issue with it for me? it broke me out. It might be just the change over to a new product that upset my skin but after a week and a bit i felt the unforgettable tingle of a pimple about to bolt forth from my skin. It doesn't state that its non comedogenic- scrubs can be quite comedogenic so I'm not sure if this is the only effectiveness of the exfoliation element of the product for me? Overall i love that it cleans my skin gently but my skin unfortunately doesn't like it as much as i do!
I was fortunate to trial this cleanser thanks to the Beauty Crew trial team. I was very intrigued to try this range with the infusion of New Zealand deer milk. The bottle is nice and sleek and the bronze finish gives it a luxe feel. The bottle is easy to use and functional. The cream cleanser is light and creamy and has a lovely scent. Great to remove makeup and remove traces of grime. It melts away dirt and my skin feels clean and hydrated after removing.  Lovely cleanser especially for dry skin and great to use in winter for added hydration.  Enjoyed using this cleanser. Will be interested to explore more products in the range. Great product!
like Most people are it’s oily/combination skin I typically went for foaming cleansers most of my life, but I feel like this product has changed my process completely. Being more of a milky texture you don’t need a lot. My skin feels so soft after using and not squeaky clean. Like all of the other products from this brand the packaging is luxe and looks stunning on my bathroom vanity shelf. Highly recommend.
I quite enjoyed using this cleanser - despite me always using a foaming cleanser. It has a lovely milky texture which cleanses my skin without stripping it at all. When I rinse my face afterwards, it honestly feels like I have applied moisturiser - that's how hydrated it feels. As for exfoliation, I didn't really notice any difference in the texture of my skin, so I continued to chemical exfoliate with my Liquid Gold. I'm not if I would use this thick cleanser in summer however it is perfect in the colder months when I just want as much hydration as possible. I think it has a great price point considering there is 200mL of product inside.
I have dry to normal complexion so I was excited to try an exfoliating product that wasn’t super rough. Unfortunately my skin can be sensitive to fragrance and this product was heavily scented. The product did feel as though it would be a hydrating option and I would be keen to try if a non-fragranced or less scented option became available.
This cleansing milk is in a pump bottle with cap which I appreciate a lot.  It is scented but not as strong as the cream.  I did see some brightening after a few days of twice a day use.  I liked how the cleanser felt on my skin and my skin felt soft and not dried out after rinsing it off which was great.  I definitely recommend this cleanser to people with oily combination skin as that is my skin type that also can be sensitive. 
I didn't particularly love this product. It had a bit too much of a watery texture for me. I would have liked a different smell. While it was pleasant enough smelling, it was a bit too bland. However, it worked well enough, just wouldn't be a product I'd add to my staples.
I liked this cleanser I wouldn’t say I loved it but it was nice enough just felt it was very fragranced. However it did cleanse my skin and some what exfoliate it, it isn’t a scrubby exfoliator so if that’s what you are after then this won’t be for you. It’s more of a everyday cleanser that you can use daily without having to worry about over exfoliating your skin. I still would use it just not so much for a complete exfoliating experience i found I still needed to use a scrubby exfoliator just not as often!
When I first pumped this out of the bottle the first thing I thought was this was a highly fragranced product. As someone with skin on the slightly more sensitive side I usually stay away from fragranced products. This might be great for someone with normal skin, the milk cleanser felt smooth to put on and wash off. It’s a thicker type texture so not for those of you who like a squeaky clean just-foamed feeling for your cleaner. Overall would possibly be a great product but not quite for me.
Although this is an exfoliating cleanser, I find this to be a nice gentle facial cleanser.  It is a cream cleanser which feels quite different to foam cleanser, there is much less lather and you don’t get that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling you get (which is probably from having the oils stripped from your face), however it is still effective. This cleanser is nice to use, and it is easy to apply with a sleek bottle with pump action. Application definitely has a luxurious feeling. Also, it doesn’t sting at all, and unlike some exfoliants and you don’t have to worry about it stinging your eyes. I don’t know if I noticed the exfoliating factor but it’s probably because I’m used to using scrubs. I enjoyed using this product.
Thank you to Beauty crew and to Kotia for this trial. I used this cleanser along with the spf cream. I had never heard of this brand or of deer milk products so I was very excited for this trial. I really liked the packaging with it being a bottle and pump dispenser, I always find pump dispensers more hygienic. I really liked this cleanser considering it is a cream and not the normal foaming cleansers that I use. It didn’t irritate or leave my skin dry. Just like the spf cream it has a lovely clean scent that I didn’t find overpowering. This milky cleanser cleaned my face leaving it feel clean and fresh.
I was not a fan of this cleanser, it’s too heavily fragranced, even though it’s last on the list of ingredients. If you want to remove eye makeup then I would recommend you use a different cleanser as this could irritate eyes. Hey, nothing wrong with a good double cleanse! Having said that this is not my favourite, my husband loves it. He’s gone from good old face in the shower spray man wash to using this every second night (no eye makeup to remove!). He loves how soft, clean and hydrated it makes his skin feel. I do admit that his face does look more hydrated and radiant, especially when used in conjunction with the Kotia day cream.
I love this cleanser. It feels luxurious on the skin while using it. It is thick, leaves your skin feeling like it has just been quenched with a huge amount of moisture. The bottle dispenses well, though there’s is no indication on how much to use at a time. I find that there isn’t any exfoliating properties but I will continue to use and repurchase for its cleansing properties. Since beginning use of this product in conjunction with the moisturiser, I have noticed a huge improvement in the appearance of my skin. Would definitely recommend as a cleanser
I wanted to love this face cleanser but I just didn't. I have combination skin that is prone to breakouts so was looking forward to a gentle, exfoliating cleanser. I feel like it didn't really give my face a good clean, I had to use it in conjunction with my face oil cleanser. It felt like there was a bit too much film left on my face after using it. The packaging is just gorgeous and the pump makes application easy with little to no product wastage and the smell of the products is subtle and delightful which is nice. I can see this product perhaps for someone more prone to dryness. I wouldn't recommend this for people with similar combination skin to mine who experience partial oiliness.