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La Roche-Posay Anthelios Tinted Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios Tinted Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ is a facial sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF50+, and contains an innovative UV filtering system to provide the highest UVA and UVB protection. It is a tinted fluid texture for a natural, non-greasy and non-shiny glow with an invisible finish and instant absorption. Specially designed for sensitive skin and sensitive eyes. Paraben-free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic.  Contains Thermal Spring Water - a natural, soothing antioxidant for sensitive skin with a universal tinted finish. For oily skin, please use Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Tinted SPF 50+ for a matte, lightweight finish. For dry skin, please use Anthelios ULTRA BB Cream SPF 50+ for a nourishing, lightweight finish.


AUST L 268394

Note: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Tinted Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ has been reformulated from October 2020.

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios Tinted Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+


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Holy Grail SPF

For a person of colour with darker skin I am really impressed at the tint on this SPF. It isn't too light, or too dark and soaks into the skin really nicely. This is a watery sunscreen, with a beautiful texture and dries satin-matte on the skin with NO white cast. It offers very high level UVA and UVB protection and has some of the new SPF filters as well so you know you're getting pretty good protection for a drug store product. Pros: consistency, texture and great inclusivity with no white cast. offers high UVA and UVB protection Cons: small bottle that you can go through quickly
I haven't had a lot of success in finding a BB cream or tinted moisturiser with good SPF for casual days that suited me. Either the colour was too dark or the texture was not very good, not absorbing into the skin or settling into pores. However, I loved this tinted sunscreen from the first use and I have really found a product that suits me. The quality is superb. The fluid is quite dark and at first I thought it wouldn't suit my fair skin, but it is so light it blends in really well, just giving a slightly tinted glow. I actually didn't need blush as I looked glowing and healthy so I just added a touch of highlighter and I was good to go for a no makeup day with strong sun protection. If you want coverage this is not the product for you, but if you just want a hint of colour whilst protecting your skin, a sort of your-skin-but-better, then I would recommend this lovely French product. It dries to a powdery, velvety finish with no hint of oiliness and lasts for hours! Just a quick shake to make sure the formula is mixed properly and you're ready to go!    I can't guarantee I won't sample other BB creams or tinted fluids in future but I can say I probably don't need to anymore. I will definitely be buying Anthelios again.
I have sensitive skin and it’s particularly fussy when it comes to sunscreens. I use quite a few La Roche Possay products with great success and this product is another winner.   It’s reasonably well packaged and easy to dispense.  The cream itself has that sunscreen type feel to it, but it’s quite runny, so easy to apply to the skin.  It soaks in fairly quickly and leaves my face feeling matte after a minute or two.  I don’t have any trouble applying make up on top, no pilling. It protects my skin well and I’ve never been burnt while wearing it. It has no scent either, which is a plus for me too.  
Tried this out since it had a tint to it and I like to have products that have multi-use. I normally use the regular one and love the consistency of it under my foundation and wanted to try it out with the tint. I really didn't like it, not sure if it was the batch I was using. But it turned out really watery and made me look very oily the moment I put it on and just got worse throughout the day as my forehead and nose get very oily. I prefer the regular one without the tint and just a light layer of foundation. Might be better for someone that is quite dry.
This sunscreen is so light and fresh. Doesnt clog my pores is light to carry everywhere in the warmer Australian months. Blends perfectly with foundation keeping my skin protected (as I grow older I realise I need more and more). Staple product that should be in every skin enthusiasts handbag.
I used a few samples of this sunscreen last summer, I loved it so much that I have bought a new bottle for this summer. It is lightweight enough that during heat and humidity, I cannot feel it on my skin after application. It has a strong scent but it is pleasant and it dissipates quickly after application, it's not something you can really smell all day. It is very thin and liquid in consistency, so needs to be applied small amounts at a time or it can get quite messy. I also find if I apply too much it sometimes balls and pills, but after a bit of trial and error I was able to overcome this. I'm only giving this product 4 stars because it only comes in one colour. I have pale skin, I can not wear this product in winter it is way way too dark. In the summer however, I use this as my base makeup day to day with a matching concealer to even out my skintone. It does make me wonder if people with darker skin tones can make the colour work for them? Overall I love this product and would recommend to family and friends
A mother's dream...I love and recommend this product so much! It's so quick and easy to apply, nice and glowy without being greasy. Fantastic for school pickup's and drop offs in summertime when you want to look 'fresh' and protected from the sun without that gross 'makeup melting off your face' feel. Go get it x
Hated this, which was a bit disappointing given all the raving reviews. I found it to be really greasy when I applied it on my skin, not to mention it started pilling a bit as well :(  I will agree that it's super lightweight (because it's a fluid) but I just couldn't get this to work for my skin.
La Roche posay is high on my skin products rotation list due to its high quality. I religiously wear sunscreen as I’m outdoors a lot and this is seriously one of the best sunscreens iv tried. I love the light tint which means I can skip foundation for a lighter more natural look, I just apply a little bronzer for a nice glow. This is a more fluid product than traditional sunscreen, not thick and sticky so it feels amazing and nice and light to wear. It’s easy to use, just shake and apply and it’s unscented so it’s ideal for sensitive skin. The cream feels like wearing a light bb cream and I have honestly never experienced sunburn when wearing this cream so it offers great protection. I love that the formula is not greasy so I don’t have to suffer oily skin. I absolutely loved this and would recommend it.
I love using this sunscreen!! I personally really like the smell of it. I chose the tinted version as I didn't want to risk any white cast.  I use this under the LRP BB cream and it sits perfectly. I have dry senstive skin and this sunscreen hasn't caused any issues for me :) I sometimes forget that I have sunscreen on! Highly recommended for all skin types. 
Great light weight non greasy sunblock. I use it daily under my make up with no issues. It is quite runny, so you do have to be careful not to squeeze out too much or it will be too thick to apply make up over. Convenient size to keep in your handbag encase you get caught out on a sunny day.
I want to love this product so badly, as the reviews are amazing and I love how great it feels on my skin — literally melts into it, without any residue, white streaks, shiny T-zone, etc... but every-time I try and use it, I feel physically sick from the smell. So much so, I had to wash it off after about 1 hour of wearing it under my makeup. Not sure whether I am just sensitive with smells, but it was so over-powering! Shame!!
This is a seriously lightweight sunscreen with a very runny consistency. I normally buy thicker sunscreens that are creams or lotions as I have dry skin, however was amazed at the quality of this one even though it is a light fluid. It is one of my favourite facial sunscreens to date including higher end branded ones. It is lightweight so it spreads on the face very easily and is not streaky. Whilst it is not completely matte, there is definitely less shine and greasiness compared to other facial sunscreens I've tried which is a huge plus. I love that it is SPF 50+ and I wear this daily even though I am an office worker. It layers really well. As this is so lightweight, I usually use a day moisturiser/cream underneath and there's no issues. Also works really well with a primer on top for make up including foundation.
With 50+ SPF this is already an amazing product. To make it even better it feels so light when you put it on- but it’s really runny so be careful. It smells so nice, although a little strong. I found that it didn’t make my skin break out like a lot of face sunscreens do and it being made for sensitive skin I expected it wouldn’t do anything funky to my face. Love this will be buying again.
My son & I love this sunscreen and we have used it for the last few month during summer especially.  This is a trusted brand and I’m happy with the result.  The texture is light watery, not thick and easy to apply. It doesn’t have strong funny smell like other SPF cream/ lotion. It doesn’t leave white patch like other brand too.  We both really like it and will keep buying it.  
La Roche-Posay is a staple in my bathroom...being a French label,a skincare guru and an all round "must have" as far as looking after your skin,the products are hard to beat.The Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Tinted Fluid SPF 50+ is another addition to the much adored Anthelios range. So,with a thousand other tinted sunscreens around,what makes this any different ? For a start,this (like all the La Roche products) sunblock is particularly good for sensitive skin (so no more excuses like "i'm allergic" / "i'm too sensitive" etc), non- greasy yep,makeup will remain in place even with this under it),it's a gorgeous light weight fluid and does not leave a thick greasy white film on the skin when applied (so no selfie flashback that reminisces of Casper),plus the perfect bag size of 50ml means that you can keep this with you everywhere the day may take you,and you can re-apply with no fuss.Another plus is the beautiful ingredients...XL -50+ board spectrum includes Lo Roche- Posay thermal spring water which adds a soothing element to the skin,glycerin to moisturise and Silica.And that tint ? It's a perfect light shade (so maybe not a hue for darker skinned girls or guys) that blends in effortlessly to create a "your skin,just dewier" look that is perfect on it's own (great for summer when layers of makeup are the last thing you want) or workable under a BB cream (this,FYI is NO BB cream.It is lighter,more fluid like and won't be what you want if coverage is an issue.Sure,it's tinted,but it won't cover imperfections etc). Lastly,the all important protection (after all,that's why we are wearing it).This stayed put for a good 3 hours under some pretty hardcore conditions (think Far Nth Queensland,height of summer,middle of the day,on a boat,70% humidity and you get the picture),which is nothing short of miraculous really.It did start to melt a little when first hitting the heat,but i remained burn free until i re-applied after those few hours,and no redness was to be seen at night after that full day in the sun and water. So there you have it....if applying sunscreen is something you hate (yes,yes...i'm in that group,much to my horror),this may be the answer to saving your skin (and your life,let's be honest) that you have been looking for.
This is my go-to facial sunscreen. I've already got a back-up of this in my cupboard, I love it so much! I've bought it for friends, told friends about it, you name it. I've had no issues with it when sweating, wearing contacts, all the usual suspects. By far and away the best facial sunscreen I have ever used. MUG-DOWN!
This is a Great product.  Unlike other sunscreens both the tinted and original versions of the La Roche Posay sunscreen do not leave one with a  sticky/ clogged pores feeling. The tinted version gave my skin a light shimmery look that I liked. Just like the original version the tinted product goes on smoothly and provides a good level of protection and coverage. The packaging makes this product so very convenient to slip into one's beach bag/handbag or even your children's/teens school bags.  It's easy dispenser means even a school aged child can touch up their sunscreen  without the mess of a squeezy  large Sunscreen bottle. Its a great way to add a touch of glamour and shine whilst staying sun safe with this excellent 50+ SPF protection Sunscreen! 
I liked this product, not as much as the normal one.  But it’s still amazing. It goes on smooth and soaks strait into your skin without leaving any residue (except for the tint). Is a great compact size, making it easy to throw in your hand bag or beach bag. The tint felt slightly off for me, but as I am quite pale at the moment, this is to be expected. I used this product on an all day fishing trip, applying every few hours and did not get sunburnt at all.  Skin cancer runs in my family, so I’m always very consistent with applying sunscreen and I think that this brand is the beat in the market. 
I enjoyed the packaging on this product it is practical for travel and in your handbag for reapplication. It is a light weight and non greasy product however I didn’t enjoy this product as much as I liked the standard sunscreen formula with no tint. The reason being a found the product to be too thin to provide coverage that I was comfortable with to go makeup free ie to wear it in place of a foundation for the beach etc it was just too sheer for me.  Secondly I found the colour to be slightly too orange for me and that was even whilst I was wearin a spray tan. It performs its job as a sunscreen well however if you are looking for a bit of coverage or are quite pale/light skin this may be too dark for you without you having to fully blend it into your neck.