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La Roche-Posay Redermic C10

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La Roche-Posay Redermic C10 is a non-greasy anti-ageing moisturiser enriched with 10 per cent pure vitamin C, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to help improve skin volume, decrease fine lines and restore luminosity to the complexion. It is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. 


La Roche-Posay Redermic C10


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 I can’t see my love affair with French skincare ending any time soon! Every week there seems to be a new skincare product I have discovered or revisited and added to my collection. I rediscovered this concentrated Vitamin C serum on a recent trip to Europe. Some of the La Roche Posay range is not suitable for my skin, being for oily skin with enlarged pores or for fading of dark spots, but I knew that Redermic, which is anti-ageing, brightening and moisturising, was perfect for me. As well as 10% Vitamin C it also contains Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, to fight wrinkles and dryness. At almost $70 for a small 30 mls it is not a cheap product but it certainly packs a punch with a concentrated dose of Vitamin C to brighten and firm the skin.  Redermic C10 is a very light cream, so very easy for me to layer under a moisturiser or night cream. I do not have especially sensitive skin, but it is made with sensitive skin in mind, so if this is you, there should be no issues. I have noticed my skin to be brighter and firmer, although I haven’t as yet noticed a difference in the deep wrinkles near my lips. What I have noticed is firmer and smoother skin around my neck. I have started to pay more attention to this often neglected area and try to give it some intensive treatment. Redermic C10 is perfect for this.  I have encountered this product before, as I received a sample size in a previous Marie Claire Parcel. I found the strong, almost iron-like smell very off-putting, and it is still the one negative I have towards this product. However the results so far have been pretty good, with enough product to notice a difference, so I suspect I may turn a blind eye (or nose) to the scent!
Ok, this is a game changer.  Dark circles be gone! As someone with deep set eyes, this product is a miracle worker.  It has visibly brightened my completion and reduced the appearance of bags/lines from my eyes.  I pair this with my La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum in the mornings before La Roche Posay sunscreen.  They are the most perfect trio, built for all of us, because hey - we are only getting more sleep deprived, more stressed and the sun is only going to cause more damage to our skin.  No need to turn back the clock when La Roche Posay will help slow it down.  Would recommend this highly!
I have used this product in the eyes range with great results so was dying to try the serum in the range. It’s an amazing ant ageing product that also gives great results. The vitamin c brightens and tightens my skin making it appear smoother and younger. The silky texture spreads with ease and sinks straight in, it feels super light to wear and makes my skin feel smooth and soft. There is a visible difference in the appearance of my skin, it looks luminous and glows. I never need a lot so it’s great value and is great for those with sensitive skin as it won’t irritate. This is a must have for me under my moisturiser, I can’t be without it.
I really love this product. It’s smooth and lightweight and seems to lessen my red cheeks. It feels fresh and light on my skin and it definitely makes it look fresher and plumper. Makes my skin feel clean and bright. Definitely worth the price. A little goes a long way. 
This is worth the price!  Many vitamin C products have been too strong for my sensitive skin, yet I still wanted the benefits of it without the irritation. Redermic C10 has been fantastic - it is soothing and hydrating but still delivers the positive effects of vitamin C. It brightens my skin and moisturises it.
Perfect addition to my quick skin care routine in the morning. Recommend to use after cleansing skin and before moisturising. A light, easily abosorbed serum leaving skin feeling softer and reduces appearance of fine lines. I have mature fair skin with some sun damage, vitamin c ingredient definitely gives skin brighter, 'fresher', appearance. Noticed visible difference after 3-4 days.
I always look out for products with hyaluronic acid and vitamin c so when I came across this I had to try. A no nonsense product that delivers a lightweight shield of moisture which i noted absorbed very quickly into the skin. Skin did appear luminous, and after using the product continuously for 4 weeks I can definitely see an improvement in fine lines and skin appears to have a glow. Its now apart of my skincare routine.
Love love love this product. Used morning and night under my normal moisturiser. So happy with results that I'm going to grab a bigger pack. It's a lightweight texture that is easily absorbed into my skin.  Due to its ingredients I highly recommend wearing a spf . My skin feels fresher,brighter, and definitely smoother