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La Roche-Posay Redermic R Eyes is an anti-ageing eye cream that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, irregular skin tone and premature age spots around the eye area. It contains a complex of pure retinol and progressive release retinol to progressively deliver a high dose of retinol to the skin. The fragrance-free formula is suitable for sensitive skin.


La Roche-Posay Redermic R Eyes


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This eye cream contains retinol which help to reduce age spot, wrinkles and dark circles and I have all those concerns around my eye areas. This eye cream has a lightweight texture which glides on smoothly around my eye areas and it doesn't leave any sticky residue behind. The cream doesn't sting or irritate my under eye areas after apply and only a small amount is required so a little goes a long way. After using it for few weeks I do notice my fine lines and puffiness have reduced and my eye areas looks plumped. The eye cream didn't help so much with my dark circles.
Great on skin, not oily and a little goes a long way. Waiting to see the results, which will take time. Great for sensitive skin and to wear under make-up and everyday. Seems to be good value for money. No irritation after two weeks when is good news.would recommend for Fien lines and wrinkles and for those who have sensitive sk N.
I liked that this cream, did not irritate my skin. and is light to put on. It made the area around my eyes look brighter and hydrated. Am still am using this cream after a month and I can see its doing wonders for my lines  that were once under my eyes. Worth purchasing.
I was pleased to have received a tube of this to try. Usually I am not impressed by eye creams. I do love the one I'm currently using and was a bit reluctant to try a new one. This cream applied smoothly and was light. I didn't really notice any differences, however I do use a strong eyecream at the moment and have minimal lines around the eyes. At least it didn't cause dryness or a reaction like other brands have.  I will continue to use this and see if i notice any dramatic changes.
Having only been introduced to this brand recently, I have ready gone out and bought other products of theirs. This eye cream is light, non-irritating and smooth. It has minimal fragrance for sensitive skin and even though I haven't seen a significant difference around my eye area yet, I know I will.  Definitely recommend this product! 
This eye cream worked really well and definitely helped reduce fine lines around my eyes. The skin around my eyes felt softer and smoother within a few days. The cream is easy to apply, doesn’t smell and will go a long way. I often have skin reactions to these types of products but this cream was a winner for me.
This was a pleasure to trial. From the first use I could notice a reduction of fine lines and puffiness.  It was light and absorbed quickly with no irritation. My eyes had no stinging or burning at all. I was hoping it might reduce the dark circles under my eyes and unfortunately I didn't notice any change at all.  Overall, I would recommend this to anyone with eye sensitivities as it performs as well or better than many more expensive brands. I'd buy this and continue using it.
This brand is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. Every product I have tried so far has been amazing and this one is no different. The cream is light and applies beautifully. I have sensitive skin especially around the eye area so it was a pleasant surprise that it didn’t irritate my skin and absorbed nicely. The cream made my skin look and feel plumped and hydrated which is exactly what I need for my 34 year old skin. I normally apply this product at night before bed but I have also applied it before applying makeup and my makeup still applied beautifully over the top of it. I recommend this product to everyone.
The eye cream was lovely and I found it absorbed well.  It was a convenient size and application easy.  I applied cream every night as I do not like to have anything under makeup.  I feel the area appears to look better in general however cannot pin point exactly what has changed.  I will continue to use to keep assessing the results.
Great light-weight eye cream from La Roche-Posay. It‘s  non-irritating, very moisturising while completely absorbing into the skin. I use the brand‘s moisturiser and cleansers and found this to fit easily into my routine. I find all of the skin care from this brand to be highly effective and well-formulated - this is no different.
I found this eye cream to be light in texture and easily absorbed without any greasy feeling left around the eyes, a little goes a long way and it did not irritate my sensitive eyes. Over the trial period my wrinkles have softened, less eye puffiness, my hooded eyes appear more open and brighter (like a mini eye lift) I will definitely try more La Roche-Posay products.
I really enjoyed trialling La Roche Posay Redermic R Eyes, I found it to be very light and fragrance free and absorbs quickly into my skin, I had no irritation my skin felt smooth and the fine lines under my eyes are less noticeable. I will continue to use it and definitely will be recommending it to my friends.
I was excited to try this eye cream as I am concerned with my eye area and ageing etc. I found it was lightweight, fragrance free and it absorbed into my skin immediately and was not greasy. However I did not notice much of a change over the period I was using it. I am unsure if this is because I already use a different eye cream every day or it just wasn't what I needed.
As I approach my 50th birthday I am starting to break out the big guns in skincare. Whilst I have always taken great care of my skin, I am  now looking for products that help with wrinkles, fine lines and the visible signs of ageing. I have always loved La Roche Posay products but haven't tried any of their eye products, so I was pleased to be given the opportunity to try the Redermic r-eyes retinol eye cream. I don't know whether I was having a blonde moment when I first tried to use the eye cream, but I had quite a difficult time opening the lid. I thought it would just pull off, but you need to screw the lid off. Once I worked that out I was able to access the thin spout and dispense the fragrance free eye cream. The cream is lightweight, fragrance free and glides onto the skin easily and is quickly absorbed. As it is a retinol product I only used the cream at night and I am happy to report a slight reduction in my fine lines. The only time I can see any fine lines now is if I am smiling broadly. The fine lines I had when I was 'at rest' are no longer visible! I will continue to use this lovely eye cream and will definitely repurchase which proves how much I liked it as it is the first time I have considered re-purchasing an eye product.
This product works really well, definitely noticed some difference around the eye area when using it. I didn't really like the texture however, I found it was too runny, and didn't feel "lush" enough. I like to use eye cream in the evening and so like a thicker product. I did like however that it melted into the skin well when used.
I found this cream very light, non-irritating an easy to apply. A little goes a long way, which will make the generously sized tube last a long time. It absorbed quickly and easily with no residual greasiness, and it was easy to apply makeup over the top. In the 4 weeks I have been using it, I have noticed some improvement in the fine lines around my eyes, and a reduction in the dark circles and bags under my eyes. I will continue using it, and hopefully the improvement will continue!
I really like this light, fragrance-free, quick-absorbing eye cream. It has been wonderful to use, as it doesn’t irritate my eyes or cause any redness or sensitivity. The silky cream is easy to apply and feels very hydrating throughout the day, without being heavy or impacting how make-up wears. After using this product morning and night for a couple of weeks, I noticed fewer fine lines around my eye area and reduced puffiness. The product and packaging has a luxurious feel, and I am sure a tube would go a long way - you only need a small amount per application. I would, and have, happily recommend this eye cream to people looking for an effective and gentle eye cream.
I really like the premise of this cream, particularly to reduce irregular skin tone and premature age spots. I found using this for less than a month, it has diminished the look of fine lines around my eyes. Unfortunately it hasn’t been a miracle worker and got rid of my dark circles! However I have a young baby & the sleep deprivation is real(!!), so there’s no hiding that level of tiredness. I will continue to use the tube as I think it’s a great product particularly if you can’t get retin a to use or find that too harsh on the skin. A little goes a long way so the tube should last a while. As always, SPF around the eyes when using this cream is a must.
I really enjoyed using this eye cream. I didn't notice a massive difference in lines but I did notice a reduction in swelling and dark circles. I don't use my usual retinol around my eyes as it is too strong for my sensitive skin, I used it every second night so it wasn't too much for my skin. Would recommend and repurchase.
An eye cream is something I didnt previously have in my daily skin routine so I was excited to try one. I have heard lots about this brand and had high expectations as I always see it in the more pricey salons. I dont have lines under my eyes but I do have shadows which I had hoped this would lighten. You only need a tiny amount and it goes on quite nicely and dries before I get into bed. Ive been using it almost every night for 3 or weeks, I cannot say I ave seen an improvement in my dark under eyes. I give it 3 stars as it applies nicely and doesnt sting my sensitive eyes, I will continue to use this product and check to see any improvement.