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La Roche-Posay Respectissime Volume Mascara

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La Roche-Posay Respectissime Volume Mascara is a volumising mascara that is suitable for sensitive eyes. The mascara contains ceramides and carnauba wax to condition and nourish lashes, while the micro-aerated formula ensures lashes are intensely coated without weighing them down. The mascara is easy to remove and is flake-free.


La Roche-Posay Respectissime Volume Mascara


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I received a sample of this comfortable and very easy to wear everyday mascara to trial.  I was immediately impressed with all aspects of the product from the smart classic packaging, the generous soft brush and the ceramides and carnauba wax that condition and nourished my lashes. I have very sensitive eyes that react immediately to chemicals and cause weeping sore eyes. I had no issue at all with this mascara there was no scent no fallout no panda eyes. My lashes looked soft full and feathery which is a great look for me. Although not a very dark black the mascara defined my lashes and I love the idea that they were being conditioned and cared for all day.
I am suffering from an eye condition in one eye at the moment and the pharmacy suggested this one to try because I cannot bear to go out without mascara on.  My lashes are always light, sparse and short. What intrigued me was the allergy tested and great for sensitive eyes which obviously I am experiencing in one eye at the present time. Some mascaras can have a very strong overpowering fragrance but this one just has a very slight floral scent which is great for sensitive noses as well. The wand feels perfect in your hand and after applying two coats to my eyelashes they definitely looked thicker and also lengthened them which is a plus for me because my eyes looked alive.   I didn't notice any clumping or flaking during the day.  It's not waterproof so if I did watch something sad it would smudge a bit but not too much so it irritated my eyes as some mascaras can do.  At the end of the day it removes easily.   I was after it being in a Brown but it doesn't come in Brown so I had to take Black but it's not a real black black.  Just perfect and yes, I will continue to use it as I  am happy with the resutls. 
This mascara from La Roche-Posay is honestly awesome. I have blonde eyelashes so I use mascara almost everyday so that they can be seen, because of this constant abuse of applying and removing mascara I do occasionally experience sensitivity of the eye area and stinging of my eyes. This has not happened at all while using this mascara!  This mascara was not at all like I was expecting being a sensitive product, it has a really good sized brush which applies product really evenly without accidents or getting mascara in places you don’t want it. It is also both volumising and lengthening, making my eyes look really wide and awake and truly giving me the ‘your lashes but better’ effect. You can even apply multiple coats of this product for a really dramatic eye look without worrying about the product clumping. The shade is a perfect deep black, and this product wears all day with no flaking or smudging.  Honestly this is the perfect mascara for me, i have nothing negative that I can add about it or how it applies. I do recommend it not just to people with sensitive eyes but to anyone wanting a really good quality mascara, and will definitely be repurchasing this product again in the future. 
I have never been particularly sensitive in the eye area, but thought I might try this mascara as I do trust the quality of La Roche Posay products and am a big fan of how they work on the skin.  This mascara is very smooth and quite thin, so there is not an issue with “clumping” as you find with many thicker, volumising mascaras which is nice and makes for a comfortable application.  It goes on very smoothly but is only moderately lengthening as you would expect from such a fluid consistency.  It does not feel heavy and is very comfortable to wear.  The only issue I had was with some transfer when exposed to warm weather  (cue: panda eyes) so would recommend this only in winter or cooler climates - especially if you have oily skin or have previously experienced mascara smudge.  The formula is good but it is not long wearing n warmer climes.
Didn't like this one unfortunately  :( The formula is so wet, and I am not a fan of those formulas. I do however like the brush! It coats my lashes well, without being too clumpy or resulting in spider lashes. I like that it's good for people who can't wear other mascara brands, but for me, it's a no.
There was absolutely no irritation to my eyes when using this mascara, YAY. I say this because lately I have tried quite a few mascaras that have caused itchiness and irritation. The formula of this mascara is really creamy and quite hydrating and in no way irritates. It has a really high quality black pigment that made my lashes look longer and lusher and I loved how the design of the brush also lengthened and separated my lashes for a pretty effect. it doesnt clump which is a bonus and for great results I recommend applying a second coat after the first coat has dried for a better effect. It lasts well throughout the day with no smudging or clumping, its easy to apply and to remove. I have used some mascaras that give a much lusher effect but this looks completely natural and with no irritation its a great product for those with sensitive eyes. Overall I would buy this mascara again and I would recommend it.
La Roche-Posay Respectissime Volume Mascara is perfect for my skin conditions as I have sensitive skin, I do not get an allergic reaction when using this mascara. it is voluminous and actually works.  The mascara also works to both condition and nourish my eye lashes.  It is lightweight and non clumpy and as my eyelashes are very short and light it doesn't weigh them down and end up running down my face like others have done in the past.  The mascara is easy to remove and doesn't fall off during wear.
I was really excited to try this mascara as I have sensitive eyes and wear contacts. So often my eyes get itchy, especially towards the end of the day. This mascara didn’t irritate my eyes or feel heavy and clumpy. It was easy to remove. However, it smudges quite badly underneath my eyes, especially in warmer weather and I’d end up checking my makeup only to find I looked like a panda. Top marks for sensitivity, but the formula that makes it stay in place needs some more work unfortunately. 
One of the best mascara’s I’ve used. Did not have that clumpy affect. What I liked more, was that this product was very light to put on and had given my eye lashes a good volume. It made it look like I had no mascara on. It was easy to take mascara off as well
I did like this mascara it went on smoothly & it was easy to build & lengthen my lashes with no clumping. I didnt get any flaking or smudging & it was easy to remove however I did get irritation.I would recommend to a friend that do not have sensitive eyes like mine. 
It s an excellent mascara for women who safer from dryness to their eyes.It doesn't t cause any irritation and for me works even better ,when I use it I don t feel my eyes dry.It doesn't t make enormous lashes as another reviewer said ,that s true, but if other products cause you irritation I think you can live without. It s also watery,you need to practice a bit before you learn how this product behave but it s not smth difficult to
I love this mascara, it really defines my lashes without making them too long or thick for day time wear,  i ve gone thru several mascaras over years and have found it hard to find one that doesn’t wear off have worn off my the time I get home from work.
This is a good, simple, non-irritating mascara. It doesn't give you dramatic lashes like you might get with other mascaras, however it is really nice for everyday use. It feels like you aren't wearing mascara at all. It wasn't sticky and my lashes didn't clump together which was great. I would probably rebuy this for an everyday mascara.
I love this mascara. I have highly sensitive eyes and struggle with hay fever I have issues with other well branded products like Mac or Bobbi Brown as they irritate my eyes. Needless to say when I wear most mascaras it tends to end up looking like the worst smudged eyeliner. I just discovered this and found it does make a huge difference to my eyes  It, gives you great lashes and so far pretty good at the no smudging. Highly happy with it so far!.A  truly lovely product that if all goes well, i'll buy again..
The La Roche - Posay mascara is a clean, simple and basic in its appearance but the product outcome is very good. This has a great balance of everything you need in a mascara, perfect amount of liquid of brush, good medium size head and applies well in a couple of swipes for full voluminous lashes. This doesn’t add length but sure adds volume.  I have sensitive eyes and sometimes if mascara gets to close to my eye it can trigger it to water but with this product I had no problem whatsoever. Highly recommend.
I generally like mascaras with a smaller brush. Some days I liked this mascara other days i didn't. I have thin straight lashes so its a hit and a miss with mascaras. It did not cause irritation, nor did it smudge. It did stay on all day and was easy to remove.  I'm fussy when it comes to mascaras and its hard for me to find one I loveeee.
I found This mascara to be soft and creamy. It felt good on my eyelashes and did not clump or crumble. I prefer this mascara to the ones I have been using and would certainly use it again in the future. I would lie brown and purple as alternate colours too.
This mascara is incredible!!! Normally volumising mascara leaves my lashes clumped together and horrible, but this one made them thick, long and so so good. The black colour is so black and this product really makes your eyes pop. I was so happy with this mascara I bought another one for when this one runs out. Would definitely recommend and loved it! 10/10
This is a great mascara which defines you eyes beautifully.  It is easy to apply and the applicator separated my lashes well. The mascara stays on your lashes throughout the day, doesn’t irritate the eyes and comes off easily at the end of the day. As someone who hates the task of removing mascara this was a huge plus for me.
I found this very average and have tried a lot of better mascaras. Firstly the wand was huge which clumped my lashes together. It smudged in the hot weather and flaked off after several hours and left me with panda eyes. I have very thin, straight lashes and needed several coats to build up to much volume. I prefer a much more dramatic look, and therefore stick with eyelash extensions and I require a really good mascara on my bottom lashes and in between appointments. This just wasn't for me. Better suited for a natural look.