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Lady Jayne Flexi-Glide Brush – Purse Size

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Lady Jayne Flexi-Glide Brush – Purse Size is a brush with a unique design with both the bristles and brush bending with the movement. The design allows the hair to redirect natural oils, helping to improve the overall condition of the hair. The flexi-gliding brush allows for gentle movement through the hair, removing knots while massaging the scalp.


Lady Jayne Flexi-Glide Brush – Purse Size


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My favourite brush in travel size

I love my Lady Jayne Flexi-Glide Brush and now I have twice the reason to love the Lady Jayne Flexi-Glide Brush in Purse Size. Having thick, frizzy and unruly hair a brush that truly works well is what I need and now I can have this at home and when I’m on the go. Whether I use it when my hair is wet or dry it glides through my hair like a hot knife dies to butter with no resistance. Having hair that I constantly have relaxed and colored other brushes have often broken my hair. Not only is using this brush a daily pleasant and pain free experience it has helped the overall health and appearance of my hair. Thank you Lady Jayne for creating this amazing brush at an amazing price I will always continue to buy this and recommend this to everyone.