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LANATÉ Cream is a dermatologically developed face and body cream that revitalises and smooths the appearance of the skin. It exfoliates, stimulating dermal renewal, and moisturises dry, rough skin by reducing water loss and drawing additional moisture to the skin. Containing high strength ammonium lactate, a naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid, LANATÉ has been widely used by people suffering from the very common skin condition, keratosis pilaris (chicken skin). Keratosis Pilaris causes surplus skin cells to accumulate around individual hair follicles, producing numerous small, rough, red bumps and patches around the follicles, which become dry and flaky. High strength Alpha Hydroxy Acid creams like LANATÉ rehydrate inflamed areas and remove the surface layer of dead skin cells, making way for new and smoother skin.




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Silky soft skin - amazing!

It is a face and body cream designed for dry, scaly skin and skin prone to Keratosis Pilaris (KP). I don't have KP so I can't comment on the efficacy of treating this skin condition. I do have dry skin that is prone to being scaly if I don't regularly moisturise and it becomes itchy. The product is packaged in an upside down 150g tube with a twist top lid. The cream is white and of a lotion consistency. I used this around 3 times a week after showering for almost 3 weeks. It's recommended to use sparingly once or twice daily. It has a fairly strong clinical smell which is not very pleasant. I think this is due to the Ammonium Lactate, which is an AHA and aids in exfoliating the skin. I used this on the lower half of my body and legs and used another moisturiser on my arms as I didn't like the smell. However after 3 weeks, I do notice how much softer and smoother the skin is on my legs. It's silky soft! Such amazing results, I'm very impressed!

Sample review for Lanate Cream

I have used a 5mL sample of Lanate cream. The cream is nice and thick, with a somewhat medical type smell. The cream says it's for face and body. But I can't see how I would put this on my face - certainly not as a all-over moisturiser given the smell and the texture. Containing high strength ammonium lactate. The brand claims that Ammonium lactate is a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), present at 17.5%. Therefore, a fairly strong exfoliant. It claims that it is for keratosis Pilaris. I don't have this condition. I mainly used this on places like heels, elbows, knees. I've used a couple of times and I have already run out of product. So far, it feels moisturising, but cannot really tell whether it smooths those areas. I feel that an extra sachet would probably help me to make up my mind more about the effectiveness.


I have never knew keratosis pilaris is a skin condition that need to be treat until i tried this Lanate cream. I’ve struggled with keratosis pilaris for as long as I can remember—hundreds of tiny red bumps across t my arms, legs. The package image perfectly shows what is the skin look like. I used this cream on my legs every night after shower. I applied small area first because I was a little scared of how my skin would react. I was pleasantly surprised two weeks later how my skin looks. I can see noticeable changes on tiny red bumps and my skin. My skin looks smoother and helps soften rough skin and incredibly moisturizing. Lanate cream comes in 150g squeezable upside down tube. The texture is quite light like body lotion, which is fantastic because it doesn't leave a thick layer of cream on you like other moisturisers I've used. It was easy to apply, absorbs into my skin very quickly and hydrating. Not sticky and oily feeling at all. It has a light ammonia smell but not overpowering. I would definitely recommend Lanate cream for any one with dry scaly skin and keratosis pilaris condition.

Cream for sensitive skin owners.

This is such a good cream. I have a sensitive and dry skin so it can be difficult to find something that actually moisturizes without irritating my skin. Since this cream is meant to be used for various skin conditions, I can agree on my behalf that it really works without causing harm. The cream itself smelt like a cream when I applied it but didn´t stay on for long, which is good because then it is not overpowering other scented products. The consistency was smooth. It absorbed super quickly and left my skin 100% moisturized and soft.
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A cream that gives results

I was a little apprehensive before applying this cream due to the label warning that it may cause mild tingling due to reactions to previous products. Thankfully this didn’t occur. It’s a very generous sized tube which made me think I’d need a lot of product to see a result and this definitely wasn’t the case. A little went a long way due to its slightly watery consistency and even a small application left my skin smoother and less irritated. I applied the cream to both “normal” skin and that that recently had an eczema flair up resulting in very dry scaly patches. It left both areas smooth although had a more obvious effect on the scaly areas. The product had a slight chemical smell but thankfully this wasn’t too obnoxious and for the relief it provides I can get past this issue. All up I’m very impressed, especially given its RRP.
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Works! And How!

Wow! I can't believe I have never tried this before. I do have 'chicken skin' especially on my arms, making me want to cover them, even on a hot sunny day. When I received this, I didn't expect much to be honst. But how wrong I was! this is one of the only products I have used so far that has bought about a visible change to the condition! Bye bye shrug, hello sleeveless tops! I will be buying this cream again, and have been recommending this to all my family and friends. I am also keen on the brand and will explore further. Really want to thank beauty crew for the opportunity to try this cream, I would not have known about the effects otherwise.
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Great Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

LANATÉ Cream Is the first product that I have found that actually works to fix the Keratosis Pilaris that I suffer from on my upper arms. I have always been self conscious about the bumps and redness on my arms and if I had of known about LANATÉ Cream when I was younger I would have been using it for sure. I decided against using it on my face or as an all over body moisturiser as it felt tingly when I applied it and I thought it might be a little bit too harsh on the parts of my skin that didn’t require the treatment. Also I read the warning about needing to be cautious of sun exposure. Overall I highly recommend this cream for anyone with Keratosis Pilaris!
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Five Stars!

I do like the packaging of this cream and that it comes in a tube making it easy and hygienic to dispense. One small criticism is that it didn’t have a tamper-proof seal under the lid. For me a simple thing like a tiny foil seal gives me a lot more peace of mind when it comes to using creams and lotions. The LANATÉ cream is white, a little runny, and feels smooth and luxurious. It absorbs easily into the skin and has a very light, pleasant scent. I've been applying the cream morning and night for about ten days now to my neck, arms and legs, and paying particular attention to my elbows because the skin there was quite dry and scaly. I haven't experienced any adverse reaction and my skin is feeling smooth and hydrated. I’m very impressed with LANATÉ cream. The dry, scaly skin on my elbows started to improve within days and is now looking healthy and normal. There is quite a lot of cream in each tube and it spreads easily so it will last quite a while making it great value for money.
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Lanate Cream

I have been using the Lanate Cream, dermatologically developed it promotes a smooth and hydrated skin being made for dry, scaly skin and skin prone to keratosis pilaris. I suffer from very dry skin and have it all over my body on various parts, I was very excited to give this cream a go. After showering I applied it all over my body and felt instant hydration I like that it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling as especially after showering then needing to get dressed that has often put me off certain creams. I would definitely recommend this cream for those to give it a go with very dry skin.
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Softens skin

The Lanate cream can be used for both your face and your body and is for those who have rough and bumpy skin. My skin does get a bit bump on my arms, especially my upper arms and I always like my skin to be soft and smooth. What I really like about this cream is how lightweight it is. I was expecting something thick and greasy but the cream was incredibly silky, light and absorbed really easily without leaving any residue behind. I used it on my arms as well as my legs which can get really dry and bumpy and my body felt hydrated. I didn't notice a difference right away but within several days I noticed that my skin started to feel less bumpy than before. You can use it day or night and it does not cause any irritation.
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I received this product to review and have to say I will never look to another brand in the same field again! Within using this product for a week I have found the "chicken skin" red spots on my legs have faded to a very light pink where they are almost gone. I have super sensitive skin so am very weary when trying new creams as I mostly get an itchy red rash straight away but with Lanate I didn't have any problems. It works into my skin well and I found the absorption rate quite good. I find some moisturisers to leave an oily residue on the skin but this one didn't which was good.
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LANATÉ Cream Lovely and Smooth for face and body

I received LANATÉ Cream as part of a trial. It goes on well and doesn’t leave that heavy white mark some moisturisers have, that leave you rubbing it in for far too long for it to seep in to the skin. It is great that it can be used for the face and body saving money having to purchase two separate moisturisers. The only thing that would make me think twice about re-purchasing this product is that it makes you more susceptible to the exposure of sun damage. I do find that a bit concerning and prefer my moisturisers to have a form of sun protection in them rather than having to put sunscreen over the top.
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Amazingly Smooth!

This is seriously a miracle cream! I couldn't believe how smooth my skin was only after a couple of uses of this amazing cream. I saw a huge difference in my skin and any rough areas were really exfoliated out with ease. I think the price and the size is definitely adequate and I would have no issue buying it at the price. I have sensitive skin and I didn't get any allergies or irritations from the product and my dry skin was really smooth. I have used other creams and they really didn't work this fast or this week like Lanate Cream. Also, the texture is great and not greasy and the scent isn't overpowering either for a high strength cream.

Smooth skin!

Some creams just do not cut it but LANATÉ Cream does! I stick with the rule that prevention is better than cure and moisturise twice a day to help restore my skin’s smooth texture and create a moisture barrier. I applied twice a day as I would with any moisturiser. The cream is fragrance free and had a medium consistency. I am really happy with my results because LANATÉ brings your extremely dry skin back to life and makes it so smooth. Fragrance free and extra-gentle, a great choice for anyone with bumpy skin.