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Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara is a mascara that lengthens, lifts and volumises lashes to create bigger, brighter eyes. The swan neck brush features a unique bend that allows for maximum and even deposit of mascara. The smudge-free formula contains rose cell extract to nourish and smooth lashes while providing buildability, coating lashes with an ultra black, glossy and quick-drying colour. 


Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara


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Sadly disappointed.

Huge Lancôme fan here so I am reluctantly submitting my review. When I first started using Grandiôse Mascara I really liked it. It was almost as good as my favourite Hypnôse but I didn't like the wand as much. After a month every time I used it a huge clump would come out on the wand and stem. So much so I had to wipe it down before I could even think about using it. I couldn't just simply wipe it on the neck of the base because there was so much and the the brush is spiky. I have never had this happen to me before??? It was thick! Such a waste of product.
I was lucky enough to be given this mascara to trial as I could never afford to buy Lancome otherwise but having used the Grandiose I can see why people pay the extra money. This mascara has a different shaped wand that is like a swans neck that makes it easier to apply your mascara and get into the harder to reach places. It goes on well and defines your lashes without adding thickness but still making your eyes pop. I really love this mascara and I wear it as my everyday mascara as it really makes a difference to my look and my confidence. It generally lasts all day and I find it doesn't smudge. It comes off fairly easy with make up remover which is always great. Overall this is a great mascara to make your eyes look Grandiose and is worth the splurge!
A girl at work has recently committed to a "rebrand" from sweaty gym mess to sophisticated colleague and this mascara has worked a treat in the process. Easy for those not used to daily makeup and definitely has a strong lift.
Grandiose Mascara gives lashes a beautiful finish. Its unique SwanNeck wand helps with perfectly placing product on lashes without making a smudgy mess on skin. The wand is not too large and the bristles not bunched together so lashes easily achieve a natural, even finish. The SwanNeck wand design is shaped to fit the eye's curves, reaching every lash and coating them with flexible polymers. Grandiose Mascara contains rose cell extract to soften lashes and prevent them from drying out, while flexible polymers allow the flexible formula to bend and move as needed. This means that I can wear Grandiose Mascara all day long, accidentally touch my lashes through the day and lashes do not smudge or flake. For someone with sensitive eyes or wearing contact lenses, this truly makes Grandiose Mascara a winning formula hence why I have given it such a good review. Admittedly, not everyone will be able to afford this mascara but if you are truly lash obsessed then I do highly recommend you try it at least once. If you love really thick dramatic lashes then Grandiose is most probably not your type of mascara. It lengthens, curls and subtly volumises but it won't give lashes drama - try Lancome Hypnose Drama instead. Price aside, Lancôme Grandiose Mascara is a beautiful mascara that lives up to its claims. Hypnose Drama Mascara is my all-time favourite mascara and I am yet to discover a mascara which can supersede it. I love dramatic lashes and Grandiose Mascara offers a beautiful lengthening, defining and separating finish which is a different finish altogether.
This is the real deal. I love this mascara it is has all the properties I want such as lengthening, thickening and defining. The brush is a beautiful swan neck design that allows you to really get in the lash base. The wand is a rubber short bristle style that allows for even and smooth application with easy layering. It wears beautifully and hold a curl on my lashes all day. It's worth the splurge.
I wear this mascara every now and then - I generally save it for special occasions due to the price. I have long, thin eyelashes and this definitely gives them plenty of volume and curl! The shape of the wand makes it easy to reach those hard to get little lashes on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. I always get comments when I wear this mascara. Only negative point is that due to the length and curl of my lashes, it does transfer onto my brow bone when I wear it.