Lancôme La vie est belle Eau de Parfum

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Lancôme La vie est belle Eau de Parfum is an oriental fragrance with a twist of gourmand. It features notes of iris, jasmine, orange blossom and patchouli.

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Lancôme La vie est belle Eau de Parfum


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Refreshing as a spring breeze

I adore this perfume! i always get nice comments when I wear it and I can pick up when others are wearing it. Its so different to other perfumes that are going around at the moment and is light, refreshing and doesn't give me a headache like some others do. Ive not found a fragrance recently that I like as much as La vie est belle. I also love the advertising program for this fragrance. I got a small sample and its definitely not enough for me so I need to buy a bigger bottle so I can adore this perfume every day

Lancôme La vie est belle Eau de Parfum

Lancome's La Vie Est Belle L'eau De Parfum wasn't a perfume on my radar but I received a mini as part of a prize and was all too happy to try a new perfume. Launched in 2012, this perfume is blended with top notes of blackcurrant and pear, middle notes are iris, jasmine and orange blossom, with base notes of praline, vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean. I didn't expect this perfume having a gourmand base to be so sophisticated. The soft florals blend so beautifully with the juicy sweet fruits. The rich almost syrupy notes of praline vanilla, tonka bean and patchouli add to the appeal providing a perfect balance to the top notes. I totally get why this perfume is so popular. I could see myself buying a full size of Lancome La Vie Est Belle L'eau De Parfum to save for special occasions, but falling into the temptation to wear it more often just for my own pleasure.

Gorgeous Scent!

I was a bit worried when I first tried this as the patchouli was overpowering, but it soon died down and now I can hardly sense it when I spray it. Perhaps I got used to it? It's a gorgeous fragrance, and as with other Lancome fragrances lasts a long time which is very important to me. Nothing worse than spraying yourself 15 times a day because it disappears. I've also tried the Intensement version, which isn't listed here, and it's incredible too. It has raspberry notes though not sickly overpowering like I found Tresor Midnight Rose to be. I also just got a sample of the rose version so will be trying that soon! Lancome fragrances might be a bit pricey but they are worth it as they last far longer than most cheap fragrances. I love that they also often have amazing deals on their website where you get lots of free products with a certain amount spent. It's worth saving to get a fragrance when they have such deals. Treat yourself!
Best perfume ever. My Husband buys me this and I adore it.  Used to wear most of the channels but have started to wear this and get loads of compliments as it suits me and my skin.  Would love some more as  it is my birthday soon and how lovely would it be to receive this.
This is a beautiful fragrance by Loreal, I used it almost everyday and it smell beautifully sweet. But for me, the silage doesn’t stay long, maybe just a few hours, and before lunch, I couldn’t really smell it.  It’s perfect to use all day, or night time.  Great for any age and feel modern. 
La vie est belle is a beautiful fragrance by Lancome and one that would certainly appeal to those who love something sweet. It has notes of praline, vanilla and Tonka bean along with floral notes like iris, jasmine and orange blossom.  When you spray it you realise how strong the fragrance is and this works in your favour as the scent stays on for long periods of time.  The bottle is feminine, the fragrance is warm and inviting and it's my favourite out of their entire range of perfumes.
La vie est Belle is such a pleasant floral fragrance. I instantly fell in love with this soft feminine parfum. It feels like I am surrounded in an aura of flowers. It lasts for long hours and I dont have to apply it again in the day. I have been using this parfum since a few months now. The packaging is luxurious and I have fallen head over heels for this gem.
I can never just spray any perfume on and love it; it has to be perfect. Lancome La vie est belle is elegant , sophisticated, soft, sexy and confidently feminine. With notes of iris, jasmine, orange blossom and patchouli it is the perfect winter scent and I am on my third bottle so it must be good! 
This fragrance is my ride or die! It truly has my heart. When I first received a bottle I instantly fell in love and often received compliments, so I made it my everyday signature fragrance. The only problem with that (it’s first world issues in Tammerly’s life! Haha) is that when it ran out, I ran crying to the department store for my next one only to leave the store crying (still) when I found out this super popular fragrance had sold out at the time! I have moved on to another favourite fragrance for the time being but will DEFINITELY purchase another bottle of La Vie Est Belle soon because the scent is alluring, feminine, fragrant and exciting all without being overbearing. Life is Beautiful...
This is one of the most beautiful perfumes I own. The scent lasts all day and I get so many compliments when I wear it. The bottle is also beautiful and feels special when you put this on everyday. It is a sweeter smell without being sickly or too sweet.
This is a really beautiful, long lasting perfume. It has a rich, sweet scent that is very feminine. Both my Mum and I wear this perfume so I think it would suit all ages. The bottle is elegant and because you only need a little, the perfume lasts a long time. I regularly get compliments when I wear this scent. I would recommend this product to anyone who likes a deep floral smelling perfume.
When I first smelt this perfume on someone I stopped them and asked what they were wearing, I loved it. This is my Holy Grail of perfumes. This is the only Lancome perfume I like.The smell, the bottle and the feeling it gives me is very feminine, elegant and sophisticated. Only cons is that I can’t get enough!
I can see why this perfume is a huge commercial success.  It's a really lovely fragrance that appeals to perfume lovers of all ages.  I'm 40 and I love it.  My 14 year old daughter borrows sprays from my bottle quite often and when I gave her a mini vial of her own, she took it to school and her friends quickly emptied it all over themselves because they all liked it so much.  Sometimes perfumes just get it right and this is one that appears to have got it very right.  This fragrance is quite sweet and possesses substantial warmth and depth, but it's not too heavy for use all year round.  The bottle is so simple yet lovely.  The mesh ribbon at the top of the bottle makes me think of a sophisticated Parisian beauty wearing a scarf.  La Vie est Belle is a triumph and testament to Lancome's worthiness of their status as a top 10 beauty brand.
I hate to give only four stars because this is beautiful, but not my favourite. First of all, the bottle is so beautiful and draws you in right away. I have actually received these a few times in Lancome's Christmas collections. This might be part of why it's not my favourite because I've never really sought it out (if that makes any sense at all). The fragrance itself is definitely a classic, but perhaps slightly too sweet for me. However, I'm simply not a fan of sweet fragrances. That being said, the sweet notes fade within the first hour or so and then it becomes more of a floral, french field in the spring time sort of fragrance - which is much nicer in my opinion. Recommend to those who like a sweet but perhaps more sophisticated fragrance. If this is you, or you know someone who needs to escape the Brittney Spears Curious phase of their life, this is a wonderful gift for yourself or others.
When I think of simplicity, elegance and sophistication, I think of La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. Ever since this perfume was released on 2012 I have always had a bottle of it in my perfume collection. It has become an absolutely staple for me. First off, let me talk about the scent, because that is what makes a perfume. This scent is a full bodied floral scent, which is sweet without being overpowering. Iris, jasmine and orange blossoms are the key ingredients here with top notes of black currant and pear, and base notes of praline, patchouli and vanilla.  This creates a truly exquisite floral aroma, which instantly transports me to another world! I always get complimented on how lovely I smell whenever I wear this perfume. I love how long-lasting it is too - it will last all day long for me and the scent will still linger well into the night. The concentration is great as you do not need much more than 1-2 spritzes to last the whole day, which means a 100ml bottle will last for ages making it great value for money too. The bottle it comes in is also noteworthy as it is simple and understated, but looks so gorgeous on my dressing table with its sleek shape and cute little bow at the neck.  Pros: - Sweet, floral scent - Sophisticated and elegant - Long-lasting - Gorgeous packaging - Great, trusted brand - Timeless scent Cons: - None at all If I could give this perfume six out of five stars, I would - it is just that good! A definite holy grail perfume for me.
This perfume has the most beautiful feminine scent. If luxurious femininity was a physical thing this is exactly how it would smell. What I love most is the subtlety of the perfume. It is distinct, but in no way overpowering or overwhelming. I'm a reserved woman and it takes a while to get to know me, and this perfume compliments my intrapersonal confidence.
Another big tick for Lancôme with this stunning and beautiful fragrance that is just a pleasure to wear.  It has the right balance of fruity combined with floral, it is very elegant and sophisticated, I feel really special when I wear it, is so classy yet also soft, seductive and feminine.  It also stays on most of the day, I love it.
Perfume is powerful beauty, and a category all of its own. One spritz can whisk you away to a different era, place and invoke different emotions and feelings in every person. I am steadily building up a big fragrance wardrobe comprised of different scents, moods, and beauty look that I go for on any given day. It really looks as though I have a whole army of gorgeous, coloured glass soldiers, and it's an important thing in my beauty filled life. I have used and loved Lancome Tresor in love, and it is both a beautiful scent and bottle, so I knew I was in good hands when it came to purchasing this La vie est belle version. The first thing that always captures my attention and eye when buying a new perfume is the bottle, how gorgeous and colourful the bottle is, and this bottle ticks those boxes. Next is then the actual smell, whether it captures a particular feeling or mood or emotion, and how powerful and confident it will make me feel each time I wear it. This scent is captivatingly feminine and girly in a French chic kind of way, with notes of jasmine and iris and orange blossom, patchouli making it oriental rather than fully floral. The combination is sweet, musky and powdery and spicy, and completely heady and intoxicating, and it lasts all day and night, the scent continuing to linger and strengthen and only a tiny bit is needed, so a little goes a very long way, and with a price tag of $139, that's a very good thing, and the bottle has made a very nice and happy home alongside my other coloured glass bottle soldiers. Perfume is totally beautiful and unique in its own way, it is a beauty icon, and with each spray, a different emotion, feeling and mood is unleashed. Power, confidence and happiness is only a little, beautiful spray away.
La Vie Est Belle in French translates to 'Life is Beautiful'...and so it should be. The parfum is housed in the shape of an open smile carved into a square block of crystal spray bottle. The cool, clean contemporary look of the bottle is complete with a pearlescent grey neckerchief tied delicately around the neck of the bottle, topped with a cube shaped lid. The only hint of colour comes in the form of the blush coloured parfum liquid, adding much needed warmth to the heart of an otherwise icy bottle. The overall impression of the bottle is its carrying parfum for a woman who isn't afraid to celebrate her feminine and romantic side.  From the first spritz of the parfum you can instantly tell the fragrance is a sweet, gourmand scent and it makes no apologies about it. It opens with a slightly fruity, sweet flavour with a base of praline, vanilla and hints of patchouli. A spritz of this perfume on my pulse points lasts me a good 12 hours. It has good silage and I know this because I receive compliments whenever I wear this perfume. I've even had a male friend inquire about the perfume because he liked it so much he wanted to buy it for his girlfriend.  The perfume is ideal for the colder months as the scent is a sweet, warm fragrance with hints of floral and fruit. Some might turn their nose at this perfume as the fragrance is beautiful but safe. But there is a complexity about this fragrance that makes me want to sniff my perfumed sprayed pulse points all day long. Its alluring and addicting and makes me feel attractive and happy. La Vie Est Belle is almost identical to Victor and Rolf's Flowerbomb but longer lasting which makes it a better bang for your buck if you're comparing the two. I'm giving it 4 stars because its long lasting, has good silage, and has a complex fragrance which appeals to both men and women alike.  Pro  Elegant, contemporary bottle  Long lasting scent  Good silage  Draws compliments from men and women alike Con  Might be too sweet for some 
Before this perfume came out I was never really a fan of Lancome fragrances.  They always smelled mature and very old lady like to me.  There was no appeal to the younger generation but it was finally time to change. The name translates to "Life is Beautiful" which wonderfully captured the essence of this fragrance.  Immediately upon spraying the perfume it reminded me so much of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.  Even the colour of the fragrances were the same.  The difference is that La Vie Est Belle is more gourmand sweet whereas the former is more floral.  The glass bottle, the light pink colour and the accessorised silver ribbon combines youthful femininity with sophistication, appealing to the broad spectrum of women who identify with the brand.  I have a huge sweet tooth so I just loved the smell of Praline, Vanilla and Pear.  It was warm, inviting and sensual. It reminds me of the holidays, like Christmas in New York.  Just luxurious and the perfect scent for a cold winter day.