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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Cleansing Wipes

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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Cleansing Wipes are cleansing wipes for women aged 50 and over. The wipes are enriched with magnesium and a high concentration of vitamin C to help cleanse and de-crinkle mature skin, leaving it looking rejuvenated. Wipes are made from organic fibres and are 100 per cent biodegradable.


L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Cleansing Wipes


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I recently purchased these wipes during a promotion/sale and although they're designed for slightly more mature skin, I love that they leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. There are 25 wipes in each pack and the resealable plastic lid is airtight so it keeps each of the wipes fresh and prevents them from drying out. These wipes have a silky soft texture and are pretty well moistened with the cleansing ingredients. They also contain hydrating and nourishing ingredients as well as vitamin c, and I find they don't dry out or irritate my skin. They easily remove heavy makeup with a few quick sweeps and I don't need to use more than one wipe to get rid of waterproof mascara. However they have a very strong fragranced therefore I can't use them around my eyes too much and these wipes may irritate very sensitive skin.  In  my opinion these wipes are worth paying a little bit extra for as they seem to more saturated and softer than some others I've tried. I find my skin feels clean, fresh soft and well moisturised when I use these, and they are perfect for on the go. On the pack it does say "your skin appears de-crinkled and revived", I'm not sure about de-crinkled part but my skin does have a healthy glow and looks revived when I use these wipes. I will continue using this product and will repurchase it in the future. I'd say this product is ideal for all skin types except very sensitive or very oily. 
I bought these because of the name For women aged 50 and over. Don't know why I thought they would be any different from other face wipes but you got to try everything as you get older. They are effective in getting rid of most of my make up (I always have trouble getting rid of all my eye make-up). They did not leave my face feeling dry like other have, but then I always use a night cream. They don't irritate my eyes which is a big bonus. I do tend to but them when they are on special as I think this is quite expensive for a make-up remover wipe.
I have purchased my first packet of these wipes and will definitely buy them again. They are everything I want in a wipe - they cleanse thoroughly but also very gently, including removing mascara easily first wipe. I love that I don't need to use a separate eye makeup remover after using the wipes to get rid of last traces of mascara. They also don't irritate my eyes and sensitive Tzone in any way either. They feel soft, moisturising and like they are caring for my complexion while I remove makeup - really it is similar to using a top quality cleansing creme,but in a more convenient, mess-free format. They also come in a packet that seals really well and will never have the wipes dry out. Big thumbs up L'oreal, I won't find my last wipe or two dried out and useless! Highly recommended, these are some of the best wipes on the market, especially for those of us who have mature skin needs.
These L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect wipes are perfect. They are incredibly gentle and effective in removing makeup without any need to drag your skin. The ease of use is excellent and I'd now never take anything else away with me when holidaying. They are compact and the excellent lid fastening system means that the wipes are moisturised without any drying of the wipes right through from the first to last wipe. I love the way they make my skin feel clean, soft and well moisturised. I have a major problem with heavily fragranced skin care but the fragrance with these wipes is subtle and gentle. Usually one wipe is sufficient for my needs as I wear minimal makeup but if one isn't enough then two will always cleanse and remove every trace of makeup. Convenient, effective and low cost but most of all, keeping my skin looking great at my "Golden Age." What more could I ask for?