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L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer is a matte primer. It uses a high concentration of elastomers to help minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines, while silicon oil smooths skin before makeup application. The primer also contains soft powders to mattify skin by absorbing sebum that causes shine.


L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer


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I recently got to sample L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer in a mini tube form. Before using this I knew there would be some competition against my favourite Benefit porefessional  as a matte primer. The primer colour of a salmon pink surprised me even though the packaging is the identical colour of the product. Upon first use it was quite smooth to apply but can get a little tacky if you try to go overboard. Less is more in this case. It did help minimise the appearance of my pores and some fine lines but I found I absolutely had to let it set for a good few minutes prior to applying any foundation on top. The soft powders in this primer did appear to mattify my skin by absorbing any excess shine. I would not recommend applying this directly after cleansing as your skin may be too dry. I also wouldn't recommend this for anyone with already dry skin. It definitely surprised me by how good it was and I would use it as an alternate to my favourie one BUT it's a close second in comparison. This is best suited for normal to oily skin if you want to see decent results without drying out your skin. Works well under liquid or mineral powder foundation. Overall a great little product. Not sure about the mini tub as the mini tube sample size made for minimal wastage. Perhaps they should reconsider packaging?
This tiny little pot claims to do wonderful things for your face, many claim to be in love with this product, but I am not one of them.  The first time I used it I made the rookie mistake of applying too much, it balled up as I applied my makeup over the top and I had to wash my face and start again. The next time I used very little and let it warm up as reviews had stated to do, after a few minutes I started applying foundation.  It went horribly wrong again I had a blotchy looking finish and again it had balled up. This is when I gave up on this little pot of magic and went back to my usual fast absorbing Natio primer.
As primers go- this one is so far my favourite (and I have tried a few). It's super smoothing and I find that it helps my makeup to last all day. It goes on really easily- however, if you use too much of it, it seems to clump together and peel off in little pieces. But I absolutely love it!
This product is Awesome. Boring bits; It comes in a 15ml jar for $29.95 The primer comes in a black box with a picture on it of the product itself. Inside is a little glass jar with a black lid. The jar has mainly black writing for the product name and description with L'Oreal written in silver. Once you unscrew the black lid it's an open top jar. The packaging I'm not a huge fan of as you have to repeatedly dip your finger in it or use some sort of applicator. It is quite a thick product so I'm not sure if it would work in a tube type packaging. If you've got long nails use the top side of your nail so it doesn't get stuck underneath it or digs into it. Having said that though I'm so happy with the product that I've forgiven the negatives of the container in which it comes. The nitty gritty. It's a pale pink paste and is really thick. You don't need a lot of product and a little goes a long way. I normally use it on my chin and inner cheeks to cover my pores and to smooth those bits out. My skin is fairly normal but can sometimes be a little on the dry side. I get breakouts and have rosacea and some sensitivity. Before using I cleanse, tone and moisturise my face, letting it sit for about 5 minutes or so before using a primer. When applying it feels very silky on the skin and almost immediately your fingers feel as though they glide over the skin. I apply with my fingers, I have tried a brush before but it just didn't work very well. The warmth of the fingers seem to help it spread over the skin and sit better on the skin. It also appears to have a slightly mattifying effect which for me suggests it might hold your foundation be it liquid or powder a little better than some others. I think it may even be ok to wear on it's own as it does matte the skin and has a slight blurring effect on minor imperfections as well. I've tried it with a mineral powder and also a few different liquid foundations and it holds up really well under all of them. Providing a nice smooth base that works with the foundation to sit on the skin without sinking into pores and lines making them more obvious. I had a problem on one single application but don't blame the products. I had the primer followed by a liquid foundation. It was a hot day and my skin was sweaty which made the products seem to almost wipe off the more I tried to work it ti stay in place. It did stay well once I got it sorted even though it was warm and i kept sweating. I was glad to see it didn't slide off so hopefully that means the product would be all good for those with more oily skin. When I use a powder on its own or over a liquid foundation without a primer first it can easily sink into my pores making them more obvious and also sitting in fine lines. This primer is great and I haven't had that issue at all. Even if using a matte finish liquid I don't feel self conscious of my pores or looking 'aged' because of how it sits. What you need to know. I highly suggest this primer. It can seem quite expensive for the price compared to the size of the jar. Getting it on sale at Priceline or anywhere really makes it totally worthwhile. I never let myself run out of it as I like it so much I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. For me it compares to a few other primers on the market and between this and Revlon Photoready Primer I'm totally covered as far as making a great, smooth canvas for the art I try to create with my makeup. My rosacea wasn't exascerbated and it didn't affect my sensitive skin. I also didn't have any issues with breakouts after having used it even though the product feels quite rich and thick. I recommend it to anyone who wants the best, smoothest base/ canvas for their makeup.
This product is by far the best primer to keeping your makeup in place as well as covering up fine lines and pores.  It comes in a 15ml glass pot with a screw top lid (not wild about this, don't like jars!).  I use a small spatula to scoop a tiny amount out and then gently pat and rub in small circles to the areas I need fixing - for me that is fine under-eye lines that makeup can settle into, pores on my nose where it touches my cheeks and also to blend out dry patches to prevent makeup grabbing.  It is a very bouncy, soft pink, thick mousse type cream and it has a basic cosmetic scent.  It lasts really well for me and prevents my makeup clinging to dry patches, stops my eye makeup creasing when I smile and also to blur out my pores.  Less is more with this one, it may seem small but it lasts forever!
This primer is pale pink in colour, quite thick in texture, and very soft to the touch. I don't need to use very much of it to cover my face properly pre foundation. It feels lovely and soft on application and does leave my skin feeling and looking smooth. My foundation lasts well with the primer underneath & it's an excellent base in hot, humid weather too - it really does help my makeup to stay in place. The only downside is it doesn't include any SPF protection, hence 4 stars, not 5!
When I initially saw this product I thought it had looked familiar, just like the L’Oreal Studio Secrets smoothing resurfacing primer to be precise. The pretty pink formula looked the same but definitely felt different in that it is more mousse-like, softer in texture, hydrating, smoother when blending and also that the Base Magique has no scent at all. Another bonus was that there is double the product and it’s $10 cheaper than the Studio Secrets primer! I used the primer as follows, keeping in mind that my complexion is normal to dry:  I cleansed and moisturised as normal then allowed time for my moisturiser to absorb properly before rubbing the primer between my fingers until the formula was smooth and blendable. I then applied the primer to my eyelids (for a smooth and longer lasting eyeshadow application),chin (hate it when lines of foundation settle in the crease), nose (smooths out any blackheads perfectly), forehead (the unique blend of silicon oils show those frown lines whose boss by giving them a beaut fill-in). If you have open pores that annoy you big time then now is the time to fill them in for a flawlessly smooth canvas that is also velvety and soft. For an incredibly smooth base I use a foundation brush to apply foundation over the primer as you don’t want to rub away the primer with your fingers from where you have applied it. I don’t have shine or an oiliness that drives me crazy like my fellow oily/combo friends but because of the product’s mattifying properties (the soft powders absorb sebum and reduce shine), this is a gem. I didn’t have the need to use a powder at all as my foundation looked so velvety and smooth so I was really impressed. Now what a gorgeous start to a beautiful make-up application that won’t budge throughout the day all thanks to a tiny pink jar!
Oh my gosh this primer lasted me for ages! I have oily / combination skin and I was looking for something I could wear between sunscreen and foundation. Applied thinly, I usually just stuck to my t zone. This primer didn't settle into my pores or ball up or any such annoyance. It really helped control the oiliness and I found I didn't have to touch up as much throughout the day. It made a great base for my makeup, I was really happy with how it looked and felt. I'm not massively keen on the pot but that's not a deal breaker for me. If you find yourself baulking a bit at the $29.95 price tag for 15 ml, just remember, you only need a tiny amount so that 15 ml will last you quite a while!
Packaging feels expensive and looks good. Such a tiny little pot so you have to dig your claws in there and it get messy.  Only need a small amount. Fills pores well, but avoid eye area as can lead to bunching and creasing. 
This primer is good, but not the best I've tried.  It feels a little waxy on your fingers but does feel lovely once it's on the face.  Makeup goes on beautifully with the primer on but I've found that my makeup rubs off very quickly compared to some other brands.  I like it and will continue using it until I've run out.  I won't be rushing out to get more though.
I had read reviews on this product being AMAZING, and thought I had to try it. So I forked out my hard earned cash to buy this tiny pot of apparent miracles. I opened the somewhat larger than the actual product box, to find a really small pot of pink primer. I wasn't put off by the size of the jar, as I'd read that a little bit went a long way. Upon opening the pot, there was no discernible scent to speak of, it just had a 'cosmeticy' smell. In the reviews I had read it said you only needed a tiny amount on your fingers, and to let it warm up before application, so I did that. Then I went about smoothing it over my face. And that's where it all went horribly wrong. I ended up looking like my skin was rolling up and peeling off in little balls. Now as I've said, I waited a good amount of time letting the primer warm on my fingers, but that seemed to make no difference. Little balls of brown primer, everywhere. Before application my skin had been cleansed well and toned, so my face wasn't dirty at all.  Not good. I have since tried patting or pushing this primer into my skin, but all that achieves is the primer sitting on my skin in patches, not melting or settling into it as I would expect. I've even tried using my Beauty Blender to apply it, but I really think you need the warmth of your hands to help it onto your skin, as it just sat on my blender and smeared around. This primer is a no-go for me, not matter what I've tried, it does not settle on my skin in any semblance of 'beautiful and smooth and silky'. I cannot comment on weather it increases the longevity of my makeup, as I've never been able to put makeup over it. Overrated, overpriced and not recommended at all by me, sadly.
This is probably the best primer I have ever used.  It comes in a small pink jar with a black screw top lid. It is only a small amount at 15ml, but a little goes a long way with this primer.  It's a pale pink color and quite  a rich and creamy texture. It is basically odorless.  I use a very tiny amount which is enough to cover my entire face easily. It feels absolutely incredible once applied! Luxurious and silky.  I have found it works great as a base for liquid and mineral foundation and makes the foundation apply so smoothly with any usual lines now invisible.  My skin usually starts getting oily half way through the day and I need to apply powder to absorb the shine. No such issues when using this. Keeps my skin matte and perfect all day long!  I'd think this would work for all skin types though as it is matte yet still very moisturising and creamy. 
This may be a small sized 15ml pot but the product lasts and lasts because I only need to use such a small amount for a big and professional-looking effect.  I find it good to warm the product slightly between my fingers and then dab and gently blend it on the areas where I like to create a smoother skin.  It's a high performance primer which goes on after my moisturiser and just before my foundation.  It helps my make-up last really well and also creates a more matte, subtle and silky base for my foundation.   My foundation glides onto my skin when I use this primer underneath and I don't need as much foundation product either.  My fine lines  are much less obvious and I don't get foundation settled in them so it gives my whole look a much younger and fresher appearance.   I love to use it both under mineral powder foundations as well as liquid foundations - it works excellently under both types.   This primer has absolutely no scent whatsoever and is a pretty, very pale pastel pinky-white tone.  It goes on clear on the skin so it adds no colour at all.   Personally I like to apply it just where I need it most:  around my eye and lip areas where I'm driest but I blend it out towards my cheeks, eyebrow area and forehead.  I recommend using the smallest amount to start with  - a pinhead sized amount is all I use.   This primer would suit any skin type I think - from oily to dry and and it's perfect for ageing skin types because it hides fine lines!  I have a vastly varied combination skin type and it works for me.  It doesn't cause me pimples (I also havepimple-prone skin) and it also helps a lot to hide pores, making my skin appear much more refined.