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L'Oréal Paris Bonjour Nudista Skin Tint is a tinted moisturiser for creating a natural-looking “no-makeup” look. It contains 92 per cent natural ingredients including apricot and coconut oils and shea butter to nourish the skin and leave the complexion glowing. The formula provides up to 24 hours of hydration and protects skin from pollution. 

Available in four shades.


L'Oréal Paris Bonjour Nudista Skin Tint


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The worst product I've ever used, had the worst allergic reaction to this. Caused my whole face to swell and still in agony. Do not buy
I only got this one as I though it was replacing the Glam Beige foundation I liked very much. This one is similar, has almost the same plastic tube packaging. The consistency is moisturiser like, it has a lovely scent as well. The shade I have it is medium and it is quite a good match for my skin tone. The foundation, or to me more like a tinted moisturiser applies well, but it has light coverage. The result is rather sheer, but even toned. The finish is glowy, and after a few hours it might become quite shiny/greasy if you have a combination or oily skin. Even if we set it with powder it ig going to become shiny. I use it on days in, when I do not go out, but still want a slight make up. It is not the best tinted moisturiser though.
wow such a piece of crap :( stuck to my dry patches and facial hair, gathered in lines, provided no coverage at all and burned my skin. Bought it because the shade seemed to match my skin tone and felt ok on the skin on my hand. Now its flying straight into my garbage bin. Such a disappointment!
If you're looking for a natural and subtle look this product is great. However if you're looking for a full coverage formula, then you should probably pass on this product. Even though the product gives you a dewy look, it doesn't really last very long. By the end of the day most of the product was off my face.
I was really excited to try this product but unfortunately apart from the package it was a let down. The tube was a good size and the packaging was more on the luxe side alluding to a good product within but the consistency I thought was to light, the perfume quite strong but the colour itself was ok. For a product though that claimed it was nourished with oils I found it to be quite drying and failed to last more than an hour before becoming patchy; I tried moisturizing prior to application but was unable to apply. Would not recommend this product.
I was hoping this would just be an apply and go product, but with oily skin it broke down fast without setting powder. That said, it didn't leave me feeling oily or gross. If I had tried it on a clear skin day, with a setting powder, I think I would like this more. It does also dry fairly quickly at first, so you have to apply fast.
Unfortunately, this did not work for my oily skin. I always use a brush or sponge as I don't like using my hands to apply products and this doesn't work well with either. It applies streaky, it didn't last long on my skin and the shade I was sent was way too light for me. Do not recommend.
I really wanted to love this product, but it wasn't great. I found the texture was OK until I applied it to my face, It seemed to dry very quickly and wasn't easy to apply. I did have quite a bit of trouble with this, when applied with a brush it would leave lines and was patchy. 
I was very excited to try the Bonjour Nudista Skin Tint as it sounds just what i like, evening skin tone out without the heaviness. I wanted to like this product but couldn’t. Firstly the tube, i love, easy to handle, not the slippery type of tube. Pretty packaging colours too imo. However, upon frst squeezing the product out, i immediately smellt the fragrance in it. I am not a fan of fragranced facial products as i have very sensitive skin. This skin tint also has high alcohol content.  So ok, i still try it. It wasn’t easy to blend it in, but once i did and it settled, it gave a beautiful, almost pearly glow to my skin... wow, i was thinking, was worth the try! Yeah... the glow lasted for about an hour and after that, only dryness, no glow, the product disappeared and only the dry and tight feeling remained (i suppose from the alcohol). I tried it for several days and i always got the same result. Such a shame as it would be a great product
I really liked the lightness of this skin tint as it didn't feel too heavy on my skin. It matched my skin tone really well without looking orange or too dark. The scent was really nice and it felt smooth when I applied it. I normally wear a bb cream and powder and I found I could just use this skin tint to even out my complexion without feeling like I was wearing a full face of makeup.
The L'Oral Paris Bonjour Nudista Skin Tint is a great product for those days when you don't want to wear heavy foundation but still want a nice glow and to even out your complexion. Upon first application I noticed the product had quite a strong glue smell - or maybe it was sunscreen but nowhere on the packaging did it say it had sunscreen included in the product. After smoothing out the product on my face with my fingers it melted nicely into my skin however the coverage wasn't there. I would've liked it to blur out my imperfections and smooth out my skin's texture however I didn't find this was the case on my normal skin.... it performed more like a primer rather than a 'skin tint'. It did however produce a lovely glow to my skin. Overall, I probably wouldn't purchase this product again as I believe there are better products out there for no makup-makeup days.
I have very sensitive skin and it was bound to react to the scent in the product - that's my skin's fault, not the skin tint! The coverage was really light and lovely, perfect for a no makeup look or under a thicker foundation. Colour match is less of an issue because it seems to adapt to the tone of your skin. I really love this product, just wish my skin would let me wear it!
I did have quite a bit of trouble with this, when applied with a brush or beauty blender it would leave lines and it would always leave an area on my face with nothing, across the tops of both cheek bones. No matter what I did it wouldn't stay there so I had to finish application with my fingers which I am not a fan of.  It has a sheer coverage which I expected being a skin tint and that didn't bother me because it felt nice on my skin and just gave that healthy glow that I want some days. It will be good to have for days when I might just want a slight coverage and mascara, but for days when I want a full face of makeup I wouldn't reach for it.
More like a light BB Cream or tinted moisturiser than a skin tint - it doesn't have a very full coverage, very sheer and would need to be used in conjunction with powder and/or concealer for full coverage. I'm not sure about the consistency, it feels ok in my hands but then pills / flakes when I apply it to my face (I just blend with fingers, no brushes etc). A couple of times it's flaked off later while I'm at work and I've found little balls of it on my clothes - gross! It gives a streaky look when applied which I haven't had with other products. Not a fave.
The skin tint is exactly what it says, a subtle B.B. cream designed for a no makeup look. I trialled the lightest shade which was a good match for my skin. The tint applied easily and didn’t crease. However I can only give this product 2 stars. Why you might ask? Well let’s be honest it isn’t really a makeup product, a B.B. cream is really skincare and it failed to deliver. My skin is quite hormonal at the moment so I didn’t expect this product to give the coverage I needed however if it is to perform as a B.B. cream it really needs to be super moisturising and it need a base of SPF. It didn’t deliver either. So it’s not really a foundation, it’s not moisturising enough and it doesn’t have any spf so while it’s pleasant enough it doesn’t really provide what I would need or look for in a skin tint (Nars have an amazing skin tint that delivers all this and more if you are in search of something for a no makeup look). Looking at other demographics such as the 15-25 age group the fact that it doesn’t have spf basically makes it redundant as one would need to apply that before hand which would negate and real effect this cream would have anyway. It also has a strong scent which while not unpleasant is something I avoid in makeup/skincare products (the whole range has a peachy type scent).
Honestly I was a bit skeptical about the shade for my skin tone .. and thought this would make my skin look ashy .. but thank god it didn’t .. although during summers it could be a bit light.. BTW my shade was medium I use this as my base on a daily basis .. right after my moisturiser! Use a mist and a sponge to blend it effortlessly 
Unfortunately, this product didn't  work for my oily pored skin.  Tried to apply it with beauty blender, hands, foundation brush and nothing worked,  it just made my skin look even more oily and it just didn't blend in to my skin  so I had to wipe it off my face  The smell is quite nice and package looks all right, nothing special  very simple to be honest (and as we know girls like pretty packages). This product didn't meet my expectations at all as I really was looking forward to trying L'Oreal new glow collection and I really loved it overall except this product!  Wouldn't recommend for girls who have combination or oily skin.  This product has potential and might work for some women who want to achieve  this natural ''no make up'' look but unfortunately it is not suitable  for my skin. It gives very light coverage and will be good for girls who love using BB or CC creams in their daily routine. 
Unfortunately, this skin tint didn't work for my skin. It was easier to apply with your hands but unfortunately very difficult to blend out. Tried using my hands, a beauty blender and a sponge but nothing worked. It became every streaky and flakey so I had to remove it.
This product has such a lovely fragrance. When I first put it on my skin it seems quite pigmented. When rubbing it in I had to be quite thorough as it left quite obvious marks around the hairline. This is good for light coverage which once rubbed in to the skin left a semi matte finish.
I was so excited to be given the opportunity to try this skin tint and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The packaging is simple but still pretty with a rose gold and champagne finish.  I quite often opt for a tinted moisturiser or light coverage foundation for day to day use and found that this skin tint was perfect for those times. It provided a light finish with just the perfect amount of tint even out my skin tone. It blends well and gives a light beautiful glow.  Overall I’m very pleased and will highly recommend to everyone. I will also definitely be purchasing when the time comes.