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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Disciplining Cream

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Disciplining Cream is a leave-in hair treatment infused with omega-rich camelina oil to smooth hair for a frizz-free finish. The formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Disciplining Cream


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I have very fine frizzy curly hair with lots of flyaways. I used a very small amount on damp hair, then a bit more on the ends later because it was still frizzy. Now my hair is greasy and frizzy at the same time, but I don’t want to put more in.
I really loved this product, I bought it after trying the shampoo and conditioner with great results. I normally use john freida fizz ease but love trying new products. this cream is lovely and hydrating and protected my hair from the heat of a blow dryer and straightener. I have really thick hair that tends to frizz and this cream tamed the frizz and left my hair silky smooth and frizz free even in humid and damp weather. A little goes a long way so its really good value for money. Easy to use just apply a little to damp hair and style as normal for really smooth hair. I thought this product was very effective and would buy it again. I highly recommend this
I really loved this product! was actually surprised how effective it was.... I'm not the biggest fan of the fragrance however the way my hair shines and the reduction in frizz/fly away's is amazing, have already recommended this product to friends and family. Only need a small amount applied to the ends of my hair for great results.
A little goes a long way. I loved the smell of this product and when i used too much it made my hair a bit oily.  Tamed the flyaways and made my hair easy to style..i applied while damp and that meant it smoothed through the knots.  My hair is naturally wavy and can get very frizzy when it rains. I would reccomended this product for wavy or curly hair 
I used this product every week and loved it. It was great to use prior to flat ironing my hair as I felt it not only protected my hair but also made it softer and smoother. I felt it was such a good product that I have even used it on my 2 young boys who both have curly hair and saw the difference quite quickly. Definitely, one to recommend.
This product smells amazing! Definitely only need to use very small amounts of these products. After i began using these products my hair became frizz free it was amazing. After straightening ky hair it helped it to stay strain for even longer. I do lobe this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has trouble controllong frizzy hair.
I loved this product, looks great in packaging but would love a different opening one that flip closed for ease. The smell is very sweet i don't find it to overpowering. A little goes a long way and i only put it on the ends of my hair and i find thats where i need it. Once again there is no directions for use on the packaging so not sure if i was using it right. I will keep on using it as keeps my frizz down and not making my hair heavy oily mess.
I used too much of this in the beginning and felt it left my hair sticky and heavy. I tried again with smaller amounts - even on my head of big thick hair, I would advise using tiny amounts. The smoothing cream did have some noticeable benefits, but as I've mentioned with the other products in the Camelina range, I think that oil may have been an irritant for me, as my scalp was left itchy. This is just my experience of course, but something to perhaps look out for if you do have sensitive skin. I plan to keep trying this ones for styling to see if I can make it work better, as I do think it has promise.
I really liked this product .... however beware not to use too much , you really only need quite a small amount , otherwise it will leave your hair in a not so nice state :) If you use a small amount you will hopefully find that , like me , hair feels fresh and is frizz free and quite soft. Used in conjunction with the rest of the range I feels all these products really compliment each other well. The scent on this one was not as overpowering as I found the shampoo and conditioner to be
Of the products in this range this is probably the product I have liked the most. I have dry frizzy curly hair so every time I wash my hair I always apply a leave in conditioner so this would replace that in my regime. Although this product has instructions it doesn't say whether to apply to wet or dry hair  it just says brush through but for me I towel dry my hair and comb in the shower so my use of the product is slightly different. I just apply to my palms and run through my hair. Their is a slight floral scent but it is not too strong which is similar to all the other products in the range. So far I have only used the product in conjunction with a mousse but they seem to both work well together at controlling my hair. The biggest issue for me with this product would be the price for a size of product I would probably go through relatively quickly compared with similar products but I think it's still a decent product.
This was the best product out of the whole range! You can use it when your hair is half dried or even when your'e hair is completely dry. You apply it to the middle and the ends of your hair and it makes your hair smoother and more styled. The thing I love about this product is a little bit of the product goes a long way and the smell is beautiful ! Recommend this to anyone who has frizzy hair!
L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Disciplining Cream comes in a strong tube packing which is very easy to use. It has a pleasant plant based smell, which I can feel even after application. It has thick creamy consistency and I need only small amount. This cream absorbs into my hair with in few seconds. I highly recommend using small amount as applying to much can be ended up with greasy hair. It instantly smooths my hair, controlled frizzy bits and settled unruly hair. My hair are easy to manage and frizz free after each application. I feel that this cream is much easy to use as oils make a lot of mess.  I used it regularly with other loreal Botanicals range and after few days my dry hair transformed into silky smooth  and frizz free hair. Overall, I like this product and it really works well with dry frizzy hair. I highly recommend it for those who are looking affective hair care with out silicone and paraben.
My hair is curly and tending to be fine, so it definitely  gets frizzy.  I really love the packaging – with the tube being the samecolour as old-school apothecary bottles – I think it suits the natural natureof the product.  The first time I used it I thought the scent was pleasant butwas worried it was a tad overpowering.  Ididn’t need to worry, because the scent is more subtle after a short time andhair smells lovely afterwards.  I hadcomments on the lovely scent, and my daughters begged me to use it in theirhair (one has thick wavy hair and one has thinner curly hair).  We all loved how it felt (great consistency) –not too sticky or thick – it is easy to rub in my palms in order to apply, andit did not sit heavy in my hair.  I onlyneeded a small quantity of product to tame my curls and be ready to go. I usedit in dry hair, not damp, and it worked fine.   I totally recommend it and will be buying it in the future.
My favourite from the product range, has a beautiful scent, lovely thick but not heavy consistancy cream which applies to hair ends nicely. No residue is left on hands and hair doesn't look overly oily like some balms can do. My hair did look less frizzy after daily use of this product. Again no directions on the product but I used daily after I washed my hair and applied wet.
This was the only product that stood out for me in the range. The scent wasn't too strong as I only needed to use a small amount (I have shoulder length hair) and I found that my hair stayed straight and frizz-free for longer after styling. My hair was also noticeably smoother and softer when I used this cream, compared to when I used just the shampoo and conditioner. I was quite impressed with the performance of this product and will continue using it.
The Conditioner is by far the best product in this range. Instantly smooth, soft and lovely with no residue. After two weeks of usage- every second day, my hair if softer with very little frizz. Loving it as I looked like I had a finger permanently in a Power point previously.
This is a great product and worked exactly as it said it would. The  scent is just beautiful soft and clean that compliments the other products without overpowering your perfume. A small amount of product goes a long way so there is value for money. I will definitely use this again
This is a great leave in product, better than many oils and serums I have used in the past. Being a cream texture made it much easier to apply and a lot less mess than with oils. It absorbed quickly into my hair and didn't leave any residue on my hands or hair. My hair was smooth and shiny without being weighed down. I'd highly recommend the Smooth Ritual Frizz Antidote cream.
This was my favourite product in the range!  It was great to apply before styling as it made my hair more manageable, softer and even aided in detangling my hair.  The smell is lovely as not over powering and didn't leave a build up on my scalp.  I also suffer from easily irritated scalp and found that this range of products didn't effect me.  I have told my family and even use this product on my girls' hair with great results. I highly recommend this range!
After two washes this conditioner made a huge difference. My hair was soft but not fluffy and the product didn't leave a film. Used with all four products in the range and my hair looked salon perfect after I straightened it. I will definitely be continuing to use all of these products.