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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Masque

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Maque is a leave-in hair mask infused with omega-rich camelina oil to intensely moisturise hair and tame frizz. The formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Masque


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As directed i used this product twice in the last 10 or do days. It smells amazing.  The texture of the product is so soft and creamy, and left my hair feeling soft, shiney and healthier. My fine hair has always been hard to manage.  This product delivers. Will buy again.
I love the L'Oreal botanicals range and this masque is a real winner. it left my hair super soft and shiny. I left it on for 30 minutesthen shampooed and conditioned. My only gripe is lack of instructions, I wasnt quite sure how long to leave it on for, I guessed and was not sure if I was using it correctly. The mask itself smells divine and is a soft rich consistency, it was easy to spread and it left my hair super hydrated and made styling really easy, my hair was really shiny afterwards and frizz was controlled. I love that this is silicone and paraben free and at $17.00 its great value as a little goes a long way. I loved this and would highly recommend it.
I really like this natural range by Loreal, and have used the yellow Safflower and this Camelina version and must admit the Camlina wins out due to it's gorgeous scent!  Totally love it and it lingers in my hair in the nicest possible way.  Why I deducted one star was the packaging, I am not a fan of a tub with it's narrow screw on cap because once you are in the shower and your hands are slippery with product it's hard to screw it back on.  This masque is really thick and only a small amount is necessary.  I like to use the matching shampoo, then towel dry my hair and apply some of this lovely masque to my hair then pop a shower cap on and relax in the bath for as long as possible before rinsing thoroughly.  The result is silky-smooth hair with no frizz but most importantly hair that is light and bouncy and not weighed down with residue like some frizz products can leave.  Just make sure to rinse the product properly as it is quite thick and easy to leave some in the hair if you are not careful.  Love, love, love the scent and the fact the frizz is tamed by natural oils and not silicones.  Great stuff!
This product smells amazing! Definitely only need to use very small amounts of these products. After i began using these products my hair became frizz free it was amazing. After straightening ky hair it helped it to stay strain for even longer. I do lobe this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has trouble controllong frizzy hair.
Great product if used in conjunction with the others in the range. I'm not sure it would be as effective without the others. Very limited information provided on how to use, I simply went off how I have used masques in the past. Fragrance isn't my favorite but its very soft and not overpowering. Would considering buying in the future.
The masque had a lovely smell, and I used it on my dry hair prior to washing it with the L'Oreal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Shampoo. I was unsure of how long to leave it on, or how many times a week is recommended, but I did feel it made a difference to my hair. I want to do a few trials to see if I change the duration of masque on hair as well as upping the treatment to twice a week to see the effects. I am not such a big fan of tubs, so that would have to be a negative for me as was the lack of information or instructions on the tub.
Not sure with this product would be great if it had more information on the packaging. I put it in after washing and left it overnight then washed it out the next day, not sure if that is what i was meant to do with it. It did feel nice after but not sure i would buy.  Packaging looks lovely and was easy to open to get into.
This was probably my favourite of the range that I trialled, but I still experienced the same problems that I did with the shampoo/conditioner - namely, that it was quite coarse to use and left my hair feeling overly heavy. I didn't notice *enough* of a reduction in frizz to make it worthwhile. Also, I think the camelina may be an irritant for me, as the range left my scalp itchy. Just my experience, but something for people who have sensitive skin might want to check out. Other options in the Botanicals range might be a better choice to avoid irritation!
L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Masque comes in a plastic jar packing which is very easy to use. I have not find any usage instruction on the jar, so I use it for 15-20 minutes.  It has very pleasant smell which I love. The consistency is thick enough and it stays in my hair perfectly with out dripping. The formula is creamy and non sticky so it removes easily with few splashes of water.  I use it in shower and I feel that it is much easier to remove when applied on wet hair.  It instantly transforms my hair. They are silky smooth  and easy to manage. The unruly hair are in control while fizziness is also less noticeable.  I use this with other Loreal Botanicals range but once I used it with some other shampoo and conditioner and it still works well with other products.  Overall, I like this product, it works really very well with my hair type. It moisturise my dry hair and improved their texture. I love the fact that it is free from paraben and Silicon. I highly recommend it for those who have dry dull and frizzy hair
I really enjoyed using this hair masque ... although like others have pointed out , the lack of instruction on how / when to use it to make it most effective was a little disappointing as the product itself really had to sell itself - which it did , instructions would have been a nice addition just to ref though . This left my hair feeling fabulous , it did a wonderful job and comparable to much pricier products . I would use this again
I have frizzy dry curly hair so I rely on using masques or treatments about every 1-2 weeks to try and add some extra moisture into to my hair. This masque comes in a tub which is how pretty much how all my masques come and it seems to be because the formula is a lot thicker. Being in a tub does make it a little bit more awkward to get out as for me I keep scooping and applying to my hair is covered. Unfortunately like many brands these days, L'Oreal has decided that they want to remove any kind of useful instructions on the packaging so you really have to make a guess as how to use this product which might means customers are not using it the way it is intended and get no results. I chose to apply it like my conditioner and leave it to sit on for a few minutes. The formula feels really thick when you apply it but for me after just a few minutes it seemed to have completely absorbed in. After rinsing it off I felt I saw more benefit the first time then I did the second time so I have mixed opinions about this masque. The lack of instructions for me though would make me reconsider purchasing again.
I loved this product.  I used this for about 5 mins amd found it to be very luxious amd conditioning.  Yes.it doesn't say how long to leave it on for but i just used my own judgement and it was very satisfactory.   Smell was awesome and it left my hair so silky.  Try this brand you will be so happy you did.
Pretty good hair mask. Like other reviewers I could not find directions on how long to leave the product in my hair. So I left it in for about 3 minutes. Makes your hair smell beautiful and my hair feels silkier after using the mask. I will definitely be purchasing this in the future.
My hair is curly and tending to be fine, so it definitelygets frizzy.   I really love the packaging – with the jar being the same colour as old-school apothecary bottles – I think it suits the natural nature of the product.   The first time I used it I thought the scent was quite pleasant but was worried it was a tad overpowering.  I didn’t need to worry, because the scent is more subtle after a short time and hair smells lovely afterwards.  I had comments on the lovely scent.  It has the consistency you expect from a hair masque, and I know they usually come packaged in jars/pots, but I  personally find jars/pots a bit more fiddly to use in the shower.  Tubes and pump packs are definitely more convenient!  I think this could easilty work in a tube (although might get confused with the conditioning balm).   My one suggestion is that the packaging does not contain any instructions for use (I searched and searched) which I think might annoy some people.  It would be nice to know how long the manufacturer recommends it stay on the hair before being rinsed out.   Having said that, the masque made my hair lovely and smooth and shiny so I did love it.   I totally recommend it and will probably be buying it in the future (but realistically not for ages as it is a large jar and I would only use a small amount weekly or bi-weekly).    
There is no instructions on the pack on how to use this product.  I really only guessed how to use it, left on for 30minutes like most masks I've used in the past. Can't say it's actually done anything for frizziness and I've used it four times in 2 weeks. Does leave hair looking soft, but puns my frizziness remained the same. Beautiful packaging, looks great in the bath room has that real trendy organic luxe feel to it and when the whole range is displayed together it looks high end
As other reviewers have mentioned, there was a lack of instruction on how to use this product, so I too used it as I would other hair masks. I found it quite difficult to wash out thoroughly so when my hair was dry it had that sticky feeling you get when you don't rinse conditioner properly. I didn't notice any significant difference in my hair after using this a few times so I've concluded that it just isn't right for my hair.
The lack of instructions reduces this by three stars, as how do you know how frequently to use and for how long? I used it for fifteen minutes first week and then for 20 minutes the second week. There didn't seem to be any difference when using this compared to just the Conditioner of this range.  Perhaps they could provide the recommended instructions on their website seeing as they chose not to include it on the packaging?
The packaging is ok, not a fan of the tub but easy to scoop product out in desired amount. The scent once again is just lovely . I don't usually use masks so it was a new experience for me and the limited instructions had me a little confused. The product was ok, my hair felt stronger after a couple of applications but I would rather use it for a month and see how it goes.
I'm not sure exactly what this does, there are no directions on the packaging instructing you on how or when to use. I took a guess and applied to my mid length and ends and left it on for about 30 minutes before washing off. After use my hair was soft and supple but there was no reduction in frizz or any obvious benefits from using.
I really like the other products in this range, however I wasn't overly happy with the mask.  It provided a great amount of moisture and my hair was lovely... but it was extremely heavy and made my hair very fluffy and had to wash my hair 2 days after using the mask as it made my hair feel oily and dirty.  My hair was much better after re-washing my hair.  Great if you want to wash your hair the next day... great product thought.