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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander Strength Source Conditioning Balm

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander Strength Source Conditioning Balm is a conditioner that detangles and strengthens fragile hair without weighing it down. It is infused with coriander seed oil, which is rich in omega 6. The formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander Strength Source Conditioning Balm


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I am use to using much thicker conditioners so this one took some getting use to. I didn't get the automatic softness that I usually get using the same amount of product with other conditioners. I find myself using a lot more than what I usually do but my hair does eventually feel stronger and smoother. I probably won't repurchase based on how quickly I'm getting through the product but at least it does work!
a perfect product to compliment the shampoo.  My hair is stronger, shinier and feels really well conditioned.  I love the scent and it is not to overpowering.  The packaging is stunning and so well priced for the results you get.  I am really impressed with this whole range of products
This conditioner smells amazing like the other products in the range. The conditioner is quite light and didn't weigh my hair down. Made my hair soft and shiny and after a few times using it I could see it was making my hair healthier and I had few split ends. I love that it silicone free!
I think I've found my new holy grail hair care range! I have been using the entire range for a fortnight now, and my hair has never looked nor felt better.  After two weeks, my bleached hair has definitely improved in condition - it is stronger, shinier and softer, with less breakage. What I really love about this conditioning balm is that it a) doesn't weigh down my fine and wavy hair at all, and b) allows me to go at least two days in between washing, without leaving me with greasy roots and dry ends. The texture of the conditioner is lovely - a thick cream - that is easily worked throughout the lengths of my hair. It detangles beautifully, and washes out quickly and easily, leaving my hair smooth and conditioned. I particularly love that there are no silicones to build up on my hair.  I was a bit wary about the fragrance - coriander is not something I usually associate with haircare - but was pleasantly surprised. The scent is a lovely earthy herbal, but in no way overwhelming, and leaves your hair smelling clean and fresh all day long. I really love the packaging - a squeeze tube is so much more convenient in the shower and there is less wastage then putting a thick conditioner in a pump bottle.  This is a great replacement for the far more expensive salon brands I have previously used - a better price and, most importantly, better results!
I kindly received this product to trial from beauty crew and L'Oréal. I have quite enjoyed this botanicals range, just keep in mind it is not as natural as the labelling might have you believe. There is a fresh, almost herbal (not coriander scented!) scent to the range, I found this did a great job noirishing my dry ends. Overall I was quite happy with how healthy my hair looks and feels.
This is my other favorite in the range. It's the Coriander strength cure range which is very interesting. The scent is herbal and therapeutic and stays on your hair all day long. It comes in a flip top squeezable bottle and it's good as I have a long hair and I tend to use a conditioner a lot faster than the shampoo. It's creamy and helps untangle the knots in my hair. It's easy to rinse as well. I love how shiny and healthy my hair every time I use this product. I only wash my hair every other day and it's nice that even other people comment how shiny my hair looks. It really feels like my hair is a lot stronger and healthier when using this range. 
What can I saw this conditioner is amazing!!! The smell, texture, consistency and the list goes on. I was super impressed to find that this range in free from parabens and sulfates. I have notices a difference in my hair since using this product and will defiantly buy it again.
My hair gets really dry and brittle and hard to control also so I used this balm and it really has left my hair frizz free and in better condition. My hair feels very smooth and soft since I have started using it and definitely has improved the condition of my hair.
The fragrance is lovely -  a little bit fresh, a little bit herb-y and a little earthy, too. The conditioner is thick and you only need a small amount to make your hair really smooth and soft. The packaging is quite cool - it looks a bit 1970s but the green makes it 'pop'. Would recommend.
I absolutely loved this conditioner. Even when you are squeezing it from the bottle you can tell that it is a quality conditioner and not all watery. It smells absolutely amazing and definitely left my hair feel lovely and silky without leaving it limp and lifeless. I also did not have a scalp reaction when I used this conditioner which was a huge relief as that has been an issue for me in the past
Herbal delight! This coriander scented (very subtle) conditioner is a perfect pairing for the shampoo. Just as with the shampoo, I didn't find that this conditioner worked any magic on my hair, jowever it does it's job and leaves my hair feeling conditioned and soft. I really liked that this conditioner isn't heavy or greasy, perfect for my fine hair. The packaging is sleek and trendy, I really like the design on the tube.
I love this conditioner. My hair feels amazing!! And so happy that there is a silicone free hair range at a reasonable price. I would use this over the hair mask in the same line... just doesn't do as great a job. Definitely recommend for colour treated thin/fine hair.
This product really did as it suggested it would- my hair felt stronger and I definitely noticed less "malting". The coriander range has an interesting, almost grassy herbalness to the scent, that takes a bit of getting used to, but is actually really refreshing. The conditioner is a great creamy thickness and left my hair feeling very well conditioned. The packaging of the range is a gorgeous combination of green and brown which makes for a soothing addition in the shower. It's also nice to know you aren't soaking your hair in more chemicals- added bonus.
This comes in a tube that stands on the lid. The lid is a flip top, it reminds me of body lotion packaging. The balm is white in color and the consistency is very thick. Once applied to wet hair, it spreads well which I like. It means using less product! The coriander scent is refreshing, not overpowering at all. After rinsing, my hair feels so soft and healthy. I found it weird that it didn't say on the packaging how to use it. I use it like an ordinary conditioner but I didn't know whether this is a treatment or just a conditioner. I would recommend this to others who have damaged tresses.
love the new  L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander Strength Source Range including the Conditioner. the packaging is truly beautiful simple yet elegant and I like the stripped back colour of the product, I enjoyed the Aromatherapy scent to the range and I feel the colour of the packaging really leads me to reminisce on old apothecary bottles which is inline with the philosophy of this range and product. The feel of the product felt very luxurious and as soon as I applied it to my hair it was so soft and it really detangled my hair! I found that my hair did feel stronger also. I would recommend others to use this range and I will continue to use!
Good packaging - tick Smells lovely - tick Makes my hair feel nice - tick Not too heavy - tick Makes my hair stronger - can't say I have noticed. But pethaps it is too early to judge after using it for 10 days? (I shampoo and condition every day...not sure if that makes a difference) And I also have not noticed my hair being less tangled. 
Yet another lovely product from the Coriander range. I find the sleek dark brown tube very pretty. The ornament in the shape of a green flower indicates that the product is more "natural" than others on the market. The quality of the packaging is impressive, the first glance and one can see the product is well designed and is not going to break upon the second use.  The only thing missing from the packaging are the instructions how to use it... well, in case of the shampoo it is self evident, probably the same with the conditioner, but it would be nice to know whether to keep it for a minute or five. The formula is white and pretty thick. The scent is very herbal, spicy, indeed botanical, but at the same time very relaxing and refreshing. It might be a hit or miss, depending on our preferences. I must say I was surprised by the performance of the conditioning balm as for the product that doesn't contain silicones it does make my hair very smooth and soft. The hair looks and feels healthy, the frizz is kept at bay. The conditioning balm cooperates well with the shampoo from the same range too. The product does not feel heavy on the hair and it definitely doesn't weigh the hair down. What I noticed is that my hair stays fresher for longer and I do not have to wash it every day ( usual chore for me). A very pleasant product, and I would recommend it for those who want strong and healthy looking hair.
Okay- for $12.95 this product is an absolute bargain. The range has the most beautiful scent and the product works really well. My hair was shiny and soft after using it. And with this conditioner, a little goes a long way, so it's really great value for money.
This conditioner pairs very well with the shampoo from the same line. It is in a flip top squeeze tube (I wish it came in the same size as the shampoo in a pump bottle, for convenience and so I don’t run out of conditioner before I’ve finish using the shampoo!!) It has a similar light, refreshing herbal scent to the shampoo. I left the conditioner in my hair for 2 minutes before rinsing out. The texture is rich and nourishing and I found that it conditioned my hair without being too heavy or weighing it down (a must because I have quite fine flat hair). It wasn’t greasy or oily and delivered a great moisture boost to my hair.
The luscious feeling of this product is wonderful! A perfect companion to the shampoo. My hair is starting  to feel like it used before I started bleaching it. The smell is beautiful and I'll be continuing to use this range.  It's a great solution for anyone that with fragile hair that needsan extra bit of love