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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Colour Radiance Spray

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Colour Radiance Spray is a leave-in hair treatment infused with geranium oil that makes dull or colour treated hair instantly shiny. The formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Colour Radiance Spray


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I used the shampoo and conditioner from this range with great results based on the recommendations of beauty crew testers. As I colour my hair and love to have shine i was intrigued to see if this product would work. I really loved it, so easy to use, just spray on and leave in, I styled as normal and my hair was a whole lot shiner after use so it does what it promises. It smells beautiful and the pump is easy to use. This product protected and extended the colour in my hair and left it looking healthy and in great condition. A really amazing product that I am glad I tried and would buy again, I highly recommend this
The L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Spray is a leave in spray with geranium oil to help with dull or coloured hair and leave it shiny. As my hair is coloured I like to use sprays to add a bit of extra shine to my hair.  This spray comes in a plastic container with a spray nozzle. The packaging is pretty and earthy toned. The spray has a really nice scent that is not too overpowering. During parts of the day I could smell the lovely scent faintly. As it's a spray it is very easy to apply to the hair. I did a couple of quick spritz to my hair styled and was ready to go. I used the spray on my hair both when wet and dry and it worked both ways but I preferred to use it on wet hair.  The spray adds a quick boost of shine to the shine, leaves a soft scent.  I also really like that the spray is free of paraben, colourant and silicone.  I would like this product more if it also was a heat protectant. Pros: - adds shine  - Easy to use.  - Smells nice  - Free of nasties.
This hair spray smells absolutely amazing!!!!  The bottle comes in a mysterious purple and gold tone colour with the spray nozzle on top which delivers a beautiful fine mist. The product contains beautiful natural products but the scent that stood out was the coconut. I love it! Overall after using it, my hair certainly feels more nourished and sleek. It does feel slightly heavy on the hair though.  My main disappointment with the product is that it doesn't have any heat protecting properties. 
After using this beautiful product my hair feels and looks great - just a couple of pumps every day and my hair is shiny, soft and most importantly my freshly applied colour looks amazing.  The smell is amazing and the product is so easy to use - perfect size so I can take it with me and re apply throughout the day.
Out of all the products in the line, this was my least favourite as I don't think it really added any benefit to the routine. If anything, it weighed my hair down and made it look and feel greasy after less than a day. I found the conditioner and/or the masque provided enough shine and hydration without this product.
Didn't really like this product. Made my hair look a little unwashed and greasy, and didnt do much else. Would probably work better on dark thick hair as opposed to my blonde that is vwry thin. Also smells a little funky like vinegar. Wont be buying this one sadly.
Loved the smell and the concept of this, but it didn't really work. My hair just felt a bit wet and was no longer soft and shiny. Bit confused about this one, wouldn't buy it. I think the shampoo and conditioner combination is enough to get the results I want anyway.
When I first spray it on it does not smell great as it has a bit of the vinegar smell. But then the smell slowly  fades away after a while.  It add shines to my hair as what it claims to do. Love the silicone, paraben and colourant free formula. Great spray bottle size. Can be used for when travelling.
Nice to add a little extra shine to your hair along with the geranium scent but not an essential in my opinion, in fact it was a bit of a disappointment, I would have preferred a heat spray to apply to wet hair before blow drying as I feel this is what's missing from the range, after shampooing then conditioning or using the mask I found that blow drying my hair left it a bit frizzy with flyaways and the shine vinegar didn't help with this at all. I had to use a leave in treatment from another range as I felt I really needed it after using the other products. While it's not a bad product it's just another unecessary step that I didn't find beneficial, L'Oreal this range really needs a type of heat spray to use before blow drying to complement the rest of the products, especially as they are silicon-free so they don't leave the hair as smooth as most other shampoos and conditioners, you really need that extra step.
Scent was mid of the range, the mist was easy to use, Great packaging. I am not sure if this did much for my hair as the shampoo n conditioner did, once I had a couple of goes with the hair mask. Wasn't overly impressed. i used it on wet hair because the time I sprayed on dry felt unpleasant and left me wondering why
What a great leave in! The vinegar smell is kind of weirdly fun and my hair looks super shiny while my colour looks as good as the day i dyed it. Once blow dried my hair was soft and full of volume. Will definitely be recommending this product to others.
This spray was nice and refreshing. It adds some great shine to your hair but use sparingly as too much product can leave your hair feeling greasy. The fragrance is beautiful and strong and lasts most of the day. It was a nice addition to the shampoo, conditioner and mask that are in the same range.
While the ritzy packaging and the pump pack bottle of the Geranium Radiance Remedy spray may look nice and it definitely smells nice, this really did nothing but made my hair looking greasy. I used sparingly but as the name suggests, I won't be putting "shine vinegar" on my hair again.
I liked the smell and packaging of this product, but as another reviewer mentioned, I'm not sure what the it was meant to accomplish. I found that the product really just wet my hair and weighed it down. I didn't notice any increase in shine, so other than the lovely fragrance it didn't do too much.
L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Colour Radiance Spray is a spray that you apply to dry and styled hair, during the day, or whenever you want to give your hair a little more life and vitality, and a lot of shine.    It is a light and soft spray, only apply a small amount, and if you have fine or thin hair, 1 or 2 sprays is more than enough to add shine, radiance and good health to your health.    The spray comes in a very easy to use spray and you can take it with you, the packaging is small enough to pop into your bag.
I love this shine vinegar! It is lightweight, so it didn't take away any of the volume in my hair. It also smells amazing. I noticed that it added depth to my colour hair as well as shine making it seem healthier. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone with dyed hair.
It has a lovely aroma, and makes hair shinier and softer.  I thought it was a detangling spray at first, it's not.  It certainly does help with tangles but is more for a shine, soft texture.  I have also been using it on my daughter and she loves it as it makes her hair so silky and shiny.  Will purchase again.
I'm always wary of leave in conditioners as I have fine hair that's easily weighed down, but I didn't have that problem with this product. Bizarrely, when I first put it on it smells like vinegar, but the scent fades almost immediately. This definitely makes my hair look lovely and shiny. I use a few sprays every second day and my hair looks amazing.
Great product, loved the vibrant packaging and smelt great. My hair which is recently coloured with a dark colour looks shiny and healthy.  So far so good. I will continue to use and see what the affect is over the coming weeks. I have quite straight hair but it is getting abit dull with age so this seems to have put back 10 years into my hair.
This is what I called my product! It's a new L'Oréal Paris botanical range in geranium shine vinegar leave in spray !! Ahh long name but it worth very single penny ! And yes it travels with me every where I go as I keep it on my purse it spray bottle packaging makes it very travel friendly and it looks like water with all those divine smelling stuff in it , it not only smells nice but make my hair styling so easy that I am totally sold for this product , I am definitely buying 100 bottles in future myself as it so budget friendly as compare to other brands on market and of course beletting my family friends know too ! Thanks L'Oréal