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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Conditioning Balm

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Conditioning Balm is a conditioner infused with geranium oil to detangle dull or coloured hair and leave hair shiny. The formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Conditioning Balm


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I used this conditioner with the matching shampoo and masque as I was fortunate to receive them as a prize. The whole range has a really lovely and natural geranium oil scent, which is a scent I haven't come across a lot. Although I found that the shampoo wasn't as effective as my usual, and I had to use a lot to achieve a good lather,  the conditioner did leave my hair nice and shiny. It is actually a very thick formula, actually thicker than the treatment product which is unusual, and I didn't need a lot of product to work through my hair mid lengths and ends. Again- no instructions, but most conditioners are left for a few minutes so that's what I did. It was easy to rinse out and left my hair with a nice scent afterwards, but the next day my ends still felt a bit dry, so I really need a leave-in conditioner just for the ends when I use this product.  So this is a useful product to use sometimes and I keep it in the 2nd bathroom, but it my HG product, which does everything I need, wins out again!
I started using the L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Conditioning Balm a few months ago after discovering I was pregnant. I wanted to use products on my hair that were natural, yet affected so naturally this range ticked all the boxes!  I used the conditioning balm, alongside the matching shampoo and hair mask to gain maximum results. It comes in a flip top cap and 200ml in size. I was a little confused about the size variation as the shampoo comes in a bottle twice the size of the balm. After actually using the products for a few weeks, I realised why this was. The conditioning balm is supremely hydrating and nourishing, which enables you to only use half the amount you would use of the shampoo. The conditioning balm is not too thick in consistency which assists with distributing it seamlessly through the ends of your hair. The geranium scent is not for the faint hearted, it is extremely aromatic but surprisingly nice as it leaves a soft linger of geranium scent in your hair that is sure to be noticed by others. As the conditioning balm suggests, it does leave your hair revitalised and radiant, perfect for colour treated hair. The way your hair feels, feels like the way nature intended it to, without the artificial, plastic result other chemical based brands offer. I would repurchase this product in the future, but perhaps in a different scent to mix things up a bit!
i love this range from loreal. I have used the matching shampoo to this conditioning balm with great results. This product leaves hair frizz free and silky smooth and shiny. The conditioning balm is rich and luxurious and you dont need to use a lot for great results. it rinses out well and after styling hair is sleek and looks professionally done. being silicon and paraben free is a plus and the product smells amazing, it detangles hair well and is of a high quality. Super hydrating I love this conditioner and would recommend it
The L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Conditioning Balm is a conditioner infused with geranium oil to help with full of coloured hair and leave it shiny. As my hair is coloured a conditioner that helps with hydration and shine is what I need. This conditioner comes in a tube with a flip too lid. The packaging is pretty and earthy toned. The conditioner has a really nice scent that is not too overpowering.  The conditioner has a thick creamy texture and is easy to apply to the hair and wash out. The conditioner feels really nice in the hair so I sometimes leave it in a bit longer than usual to give my hair an extra boost.  After washing out this conditioner my hair feels super soft, is shiny and is really easy to detangle. The conditioner works together really well with the matching shampoo.  The conditioner added more shine and hydration to my hair and made my hair feel softer and smoother overall. I have enjoyed using this conditioner. I also really like that the conditioner is free of paraben, colourant and silicone. Pros: - adds shine  - leaves hair feeling very soft.  - Hydrates  - Smells nice  - Free of nasties.
I really liked this balm, smells great. I found my hair really needed this after using the shampoo which left my hair a little dry. I  love how thick the balm is you don't have to worry about product waste, one little  squeeze from the tube and your good to go. Overall I would buy this again and will recommend to friends. 
I have never had a conditioner I the consistency of a balm before and this product is very refreshing. I massage it onto my hair while sparing the roots after shampooing. After rinsing, you can still feel all the goodness of natural oils in your hair. This conditioner is rich. Rich enough to be a hair mask in my opinion. I love how my hair feels after use.  Lastly, have I mentioned how much I love the coconut scent?!
Best conditioner I've used so far. My hair was left with an amazing shine and texture. The smell of the product is amazing. And most importantly my hair was tangle free and looking healthy - even after applying colour to it. Even the packaging is lovely - I will definately will be buying this product again. 
I loved this conditioner - after using the shampoo from the same line, I found it gave my hair some much needed moisture without weighing my hair down. The smell and texture is lovely. My only gripe is that the bottle is much smaller than the shampoo and I went through it much quicker so it isn't really cost effective.
Love love love this! The packaging was a nice feeling plastic, not too shiny and cheap, and the balm was a great texture and consistency, thick but went on well and smoothed ojteasily. Again, no instructions on the pack, so I just left it on for 3 mins and then rinsed...?!?!
Do not really like the shampoo from this range but I think this is a great conditioner. The packaging it's great and simple with the ease to squeeze out from the tube. Love the smell of it and it is pretty good. My hair feel smooth and shiny after.
So I may not have been blown away by the shampoo in this range but I actually really like the conditioner, I found it worked really well in my fine hair smoothing it out, after the shampoo left it a little tangled, but without weighing it down. As with the shampoo I really like the look of the packaging and the flip-top tube makes it easy to use in the shower. The scent of the conditioner is basically the same as the shampoo and again I was surprised how much I liked it as I'm highly sensitive to floral scents and normally don't like the smell of geranium, although there are dozens of different types of geraniums with completely different scents. Overall I found this conditioner left my fine, straight hair smooth and shiny but not greasy or heavy so I will continue to use it before probably going back to my usual products.
Really happy with the conditioner rich and creamy, Lighter in smell than the shampoo my hair was turned from greasy limp dull hormonal hair to lively shiny soft hair. Wish the size was a little bigger I go through more conditioner then shampoo other than that I would buy this again. (Use without shampoo)
This conditioner is thick and fragrant and left my hair smelling and looking great. My hair was still full and bouncy after blow drying without having lost moisture. This product has also given my hair quite a nice shine, which most conditioners fail to do. When used with a shampoo other than its twin it does absolute wonders for my colour damaged hair.
This conditioner was a great addition to the shampoo in this range. The packaging is attractive and the scent is gorgeous. The conditioner was gentle on my coloured hair and I found I didn't need to use as much product as I've had to with other brands. The only downfall is that the conditioner packaging is about half the size of the shampoo bottle so it would have been nice if it was a little larger.
Out of the four products in the range, the conditioner is by far the best. I didn't mind the tube, except it's half the size of the shampoo. I found that very strange. Also there are no clear directions on the packaging on how to use it. I had to go online to check. Very odd! I would rather use a range that gave promising results and this didn't deliver.
I used this product as part of a trial and unfortunately was disappointed. I loved the packaging and smell, however the conditioner wasn't hydrating enough as the shampoo had left my hair feeling quite dry. The product seemed fine for my colour, but not for the overall condition of my hair.
L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Conditioning Balm is a lovely, thick and hydrating conditioner which contains geranium oil to hydrate, deeply moisturise and condition coloured and dull hair.  Leave it in for a minute or 2, and rinse out, to see shiny and healthy hair, that radiates good health.  My hair felt much softer and looked radiant, brighter and my colour was vibrant and much more alive.
I've used this conditioner for just over a week and it definitely has added some radiance to my poor colour damaged hair. It feels and smells great. The only problem I have had is that it is a bit heavy. I would not recommend it for anyone that gets oily hair.
Free of all nasties, but very effective.  A little goes a long way but it doesn't weigh your hair down, like some conditioners. My hair feels lovely, fresh, light, full of body and perfectly moisturised.  It smells great too!  My only negative, is that I would prefer it with a pump dispenser option like the shampoo (but I appreciate that this might be difficult given how creamy the conditioner is).
Finally a conditioner that is half the size of the matching shampoo! I always find that I finish my shampoo and have half a bottle of conditioner left, it'll be great to finish both products at the same time! I've noticed that since I started using the L'oreal Botanicals hair care my colour has lasted longer, normally by now it would have started to fade but it's looking as bright as it does when I first colour it. I loved the gorgeous scent and how hydrating this conditioner is. It works really well for my fine, coloured hair.