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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Conditioning Balm

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Conditioning Balm is a conditioner infused with safflower oil that nourishes and detangles dry hair. The formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Conditioning Balm


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I used this conditioner along with the matching shampoo from the range as the beauty crew trials seemed impressive. I needed something to combat dry hair and this range is excellent. The conditioner was thick, rich and luxurious. I did not need to use much so a little goes a long way. It smells amazing and the handy tube is convenient and easy to use. After styling my hair was silky smooth soft and shiny and felt really hydrated. It is salon quality for a fraction of the price. I colour my hair so need a good product for protection and this range left my hair so glossy with no frizz, incredible. I also love that their are no parabens or silicones in this, so no build up. A great conditioner that I would 100% recommend
The conditioner was creamy and thick and lovely to use. Just like the shampoo the scent is beautiful. The real test though was to seeing how it performed after my hair was dry. It was a success! My hair was smooth and soft and felt well conditioned. I have continued to use product and will purchase in the future.
This conditioner is the star of the range for me - with the shampoo a very very close second. They are both outstanding products for the price. The Botanicals Safflower conditioner comes in a convenient squeeze tube with a lid that snaps securely closed. A little goes a long way, it spreads easily through my hair and rinses away cleanly, leaving my hair feeling like silk. I can feel my hair de tangling under my fingers as I rinse it out. It's quite amazing that a conditioner with no silicone can work so well to make my hair smooth and silky. Oh and the smell of this conditioner is quite honestly to die for, it's not overpowering but I kind of wish it was stronger because I wouldn't mind if it hung around!  If you only buy one product from the Botanicals range to try, make it this one (but really, buy the shampoo as well!). 
Love the exotic scent of this range, my hair was left smelling divine for hours! I found this product very easy to use and my hair was left a lot softer to touch and definitely more manageable as I normally suffer from dry, coarse hair. I will definitely be buying this in the future, as when used with the mask, my hair stays silky smooth and frizz free for hours. Like the size of the tube too, a little goes a long way.
This is an excellent conditioner that did wonders with my dry, thick and heavily colour damaged hair.  I found the conditioning balm to provide excellent hydration, particularly if left to sink in for a minute or two.  My hair is very thick and tangle prone, but using this conditioner I found it soft, silky and easy to bush - a real winner. The thick texture of the product makes it feel more like a mask than traditional conditioner and is easy to get a nice even coating on all hair. The smell is gentle and pleasant rather than being overpowering, and the squeeze-tube packaging is ideal for the product.
A great product from this range to be used after shampoo. It leaves my heair really smooth and detangles all my knotty dry hair which I have trouble before. Feel that I have less hair loss after using about 2 weeks now as I can comb my hair easily without force.  The packaging it's simple and easy to dispense with easy and simple packaging design.  The scent just like the shammpoo itself which brings a little orange fruity scent which leaves my hair smells great throughout the whole day. The product itself it's quite thick so a little product goes a long way. This product revive my dry hair to be soft and subtle easy to manage. :)
This is a beautiful smelling Conditioner - Very organic and Fresh. very smooth consistency, easy to work in to the hair. When I rinse the conditioner out of my hair, my hair feels like silk! After using the Shampoo and conditioner my hair feels very smooth and clean. The packaging is also beautiful
love the smell, loved the product.. at first.  I have thin and bleached hair, so perhaps this product would be better for different types of hair. The main issue was the residue that this conditioner left on my hair and after only 1 week of using the product I could notice my hair starting to go oily.
I used this product as part of the Botanicals Safflower trial and this was my ABSOLUTE FAVE out of all of them. Just like the shampoo, ointment and mask - it has a wonderful smell and I could tell it was really good quality. I love that this range doesn't have any nasty parabens or silicone - it really ticks all the boxes when looking for a hair care routine. The packaging was really nice and 'earthy' and looks super premium. Much better than the really glossy, generic packaging of many supermarket hair brands.  When using this conditioning balm, it was surprisingly thick - which I really liked. It felt instantly nourishing and went on very smoothly, de-tangling my hair. Unlike other conditioners it didn't leave a nasty residue or oil... afterwards my hair was soft but without frizz or fly aways.
My hair is looking and feeling great! Dry hair what dry hair. This conditioner teamed up with the shampoo are my new fave thing.Might seen expensive to some but definitely worth the price. It's very luxurious and thick so only need very minimal amount. Will be buying again.
I tried this conditioner and it was a nice thickness. It didn't really make my hair feel any better than when I've used other conditioning products. It took quite a lot of rinsing to wash it out of my hair and I found the scent unpleasant. I would not purchase this product.
I've been using this conditioner for two weeks, and it's become one that I've reached for automatically. I'm quite impressed by the new Botanicals range from L'Oreal, which is free of silicone and parabens, for those who are concerned, and there are four different collections targeted to treat different things.  The Safflower range is for dry hair, and there is a shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave-in treatment as part of the collection. This conditioner comes in a tube with a flip lid, which makes it easier to get viscous products (such as a conditioner) out of it. The product itself is relatively thick and white, and coats the hair nicely when put through it. I leave it on for about a minute before washing it out, and this does the trick nicely! I like that it leaves my hair feeling moisturised, but without that weighed down consistency to it, and it also allows for a bit of body, which is a bonus! It also smell quite pleasant, and it's definitely not an overwhelming scent. All in all, a great conditioner from L'Oreal!
Perfect shampoo & conditioner combo! After applying the product, I left it in it for about a minute so my hair could absorb as much of the nutrients from the natural ingredients as possible. I was surprised to find that after running a comb  through my hair to detangle, the amount of strands left on the comb that I always thought to be standard shedding, were reduced dramatically. Left my hair feeling so smooth and soft, with the same fantastic smell of the shampoo. combthrough to detangle and to spread the product. Rinse well!
Thank you Beauty Crew and L'oreal for the opportunity to trial this product. This is the product I love MOST in the whole Safflower Rich Infusion range (but I like the others too). Again, the packaging of the whole range is stylish and thoughtful. The conditioning balm is very thick, and therefore is packaged in an inverted soft squeeze tube for easy dispensing. At first, I was a bit surprised that the shampoo is 400mL and the conditioning balm is only 200mL (usually the shampoo and conditioner volume are the same, or the shampoo just slightly bigger than the conditioner). However, upon first use, I know why. The conditioning balm is SO THICK that the consistency is almost like a hair mask. I only have to squeeze out 2 maybe 3 centimeters from the tube for each use. It is so highly concentrated and very effective. Considering the concentration, the product is really cheap! The product smells strongly of coconut (with coconut oil as a main ingredient).  I myself am not a fan of coconut smell in beauty products and the smell does linger, but I figured it I use a vanilla based perfume afterwards they actually work quite well together!  I use the conditioning balm after washing my hair. It makes my hair really smooth and silky afterwards. The most important thing is that there is no heaviness, no residue, just smooth and soft and it feels light as well. Overall, very impressed and will be recommending this conditioning balm to my friends and family!
This product was amazing it left my hair silky smooth and my hair has never smelt so good! I recommend using this product if you have dry, dead hair like me as it works 100% I have told all my family about this product and will continue to use it myself 
I have quite dry hair due to my use of hot irons and also repeated hair colouring.  I have high standards when it comes to conditioners and mostly supermarket brands fail me - but not this one.  I started with the matching shampoo (a 5* performer) and then applied this lovely conditioner.  It is a thick white balm/creme and it smells as divine as the shampoo - a very sweet, nutty scent and I adore it.  It coats the hair thickly and evenly and only a small amount is necessary for my bra-strap length hair.  After a few minutes I rinse and my hair feels like liquid silk, it is so slick and easy to detangle.  What is more impressive is that it is has no parabens, colourants or silicones - so you are not getting that "silicone slickness" to your hair, it is the lovely combination of oils that give your hair an amazing softness, suppleness and manageability.   After rinsing and drying my hair is light, glossy and virtually zero frizz.  I am totally impressed with the quality of this product - the packaging is spot on with the soft squeeze tube, very easy to manage in the shower.  The ingredients are impressive, the price and performance totally surprised me and the results are amazing.  This range is going to be in high use in my hair care regime.
I used this product in partnership with the shampoo, mask and leave in nourishing ointment. This was probably the best product out of the four, it was really thick and luxurious, without being heavy and oily. It smells fantastic, just like the rest of the range. When I put it in my hair I could instantly feel the rejuvenating effects and it conditioned my dry ends really well without making it flat. Another benefit of this product is that it washed out really easily, unlike other conditioning products. It was much more like a 'balm' than a conditioner... Would 100% buy this product again with the rest of the range.