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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Masque

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Masque is a conditioning hair mask infused with safflower oil to intensely soften dry hair. The formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Masque


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I have dry coloured hair and this mask is a amazing. I left it on for about five minutes after shampooing and this seemed to be long enough. Its quite odd that the product doesn't have any usage instructions on it. Five minutes on the hair seems to be enough as my hair felt super soft, nourished and shiny.
The mask is a nice addition to the set of products, it has a nice texture and smell. Not too sure if it repaired my hair as I haven't used it long enough, I normally use a mask once a week. The reason I gave only three stars is the packaging not easy to open and use in the shower.
I found it really hard to scoop this mask out of the container without getting it stuck under my fingernails. I wasn't really sure how much to use and how long to leave it on. I'm not really keen on the scent so I rinsed it off pretty quickly.
This mask is the one product the range can really do without. It's not a bad product, but the others make it look less special.  It doesn't perform any better than the conditioner in terms of moisturising qualities, and the packaging is a big turn off for me. The jar is hard to open with wet hands, and when you open it in the shower water gets in and dilutes the product so over time it becomes slushy. It's ok, but for me the conditioner is just as good in better packaging. It was a miss for me personally, but if you prefer jars then I can recommend it because it does work well as a moisturising mask and, like the rest of the range, it smells amazing.
Love this product! Love the smell, the texture of the mask (not too thin and easy to apply) Love that there are no silicones, (as these can leave a horrible thick, greasy buildup, and are just not necessary). The only negative I found is that it does still contain a lot of other chemical nasties for a so-called "botanical" range. Otherwise very impressed, my hair was left soft, smooth, had a healthy shine without looking oily or weighed down and felt fresh like I'd just had my hair coloured at the salon. Absolutely no frizz or tangles either when used with the nourishing balm. A nice pampering treat for dry hair.
I absolutely loved this mask! With my thick, dry, colour damaged hair I go through a lot of hair masks and can confidently say this product is excellent in delivering intense hydration and leaving the hair feeling silky and smooth. My hair was much easier to manage, looked healthier and was notably smoother after using this mask. The scent, as with the rest of the range was mild and pleasant.  The only downside of this product is the small tub with a narrow opening which makes it difficult to get to the product after the first use, otherwise a stand out performer!
Can't find any fault in this range for the effectiveness ! However,  the design of the packaging and lack of instruction for this masque let me to minus 1 star from the rating system. The small and narrow opening of the masque cover makes it hard to scoop the product out. I think the product pricing it's reasonable and great for the size and effectiveness. The smell it's amazing just like the shampoo and balm. Will use this maybe once or twice a week to boost my hair maintanence. The paraben free and silicone free it's just what i needed which is a huge thumbs up. The balm it's great but the masque it's to reinforce it.
As per the rest of the SafflowerRich Infusion range the scent is beautiful. Very Organic Fresh Scent that doesn't linger after drying (it doesn't clash with my perfume) I didn't really know how to use it though as there wasn't any instructions on the tub. I used it between shampoo and conditioning. It did leave my hear feeling like silk. particularly after a week of straightening and dry shampoo after using the mask my hair felt like I'd just stepped out of the hairdresser after a treatment. The conditioner is very moisturizing so I don't need to use it every wash. Great packaging also
I used this product 2 times during a weekly trial. Issue 1 - no directions on the product container which I thought was a bit odd. I left the treatment in for 5 minutes as replacement for conditioning. My hair felt stronger and thicker after first use, and smelled amazing! I would recommend this product again.
I had to google how to use this mask as there wasn't any instructions printed on the back. In saying that it was a nice product to use, very heavy bit does its job for the low price. Was hard with nails as kept getting stuck under my finger nails. I probably won't buy again as the conditioner is A+++
Being silicone free is the biggest selling point for this hair mask! This product comes in a tub format which is not really my preferred option. I also found it is difficult to scoop out the product as it is quite slippery. However, the mask is very thick (almost solid like) and it may not be feasible to be packaged in a squeeze tube. I found the texture quite similar to my favourite hair mask Kerastase Nutritive, so I was hoping that it would give me just as good results! Consistent with the rest of the Safflower line this mask is heavily coconut scented. There isn't much instruction on the tub, so I use after shampoo, leave on for 15 to 30 min and then rinse, used twice a week. After rinsing off, my hair feels really silky and soft. Best of all my hair is not heavy. It remains really light until the next wash. I also found my hair rather frizz free after using this mask. After a few uses (in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner) I found my hair noticeably shinier. At $12.95 I found this mask to be incredibly reasonably priced. On another note, I found the Safflower conditioner in this line to be really good that I don't think I will need to use this mask very often!
I've been using the L'Oreal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower range recently, and loving it! Their new Botanicals range is free of silicone and parabens, for those who are concerned, and there are four different collections targeted to treat different things. The Safflower range is for dry hair, and this stuff is pretty awesome! While the shampoo and conditioner are a fantastic duo, the addition of the masque to the range gives it that much more of a boost. A moisture boost, that is! This particular mask comes in a jar with a screw top, and it's a lovely dark brown/amber shade. This has a thick consistency, and is white in colour. I put it through my hair and leave it in for a few minutes with my hair up in a clip before I wash it out. It affords a fantastic bit of moisture without weighing the hair down - definitely gets two thumbs up from me!
This product was amazing it left my hair silky smooth and my hair has never smelt so good! I recommend using this product if you have dry, dead hair like me as it works 100% I have told a of my family about these products and will continues to use them myself  Very happy!
The shampoo and conditioner in this range were both 5* performers for me they almost made this masque redundant.  I found after using the shampoo and conditioner my hair was so soft, shiny and manageable that I almost didn't need this product.  It comes in a 200ml pot with a narrow lid and part of the reason I deducted one star was due to this packaging.  It is quite hard to manage in the shower, the lid is narrow and once your hands are wet it's a little hard to manage to screw it open, scoop out the product then put the lid back on.  The product itself is a very thick white creme and I found that less it truly more with this one.  I found it worked best when applied to the lower mid-lengths and ends of my hair only.  If I placed it higher on my hair I found it would weigh it down a little and I had to be careful to fully rinse my hair as it can coat the hair a little too well and if you weren't so scrupulous with rinsing you could easily get residue.  It has the same sweet, nutty scent as the shampoo and conditioner but I could detect a stronger note of a more herbal scent which made me not love it as much as the shampoo and conditioner.  I found it was almost too rich for my hair, even though it is dry due to regular heat styling and colouring.  I love that it is colourant, paraben and more importantly silicone free.  Just remember a less is more approach and fully rinse for the best results.
I used this mask with the other products in the Safflower Botanical range (shampoo, conditioner and nourishing ointment). I really felt that this product delivered the 'pampering' aspect to my routine. I have very dry hair and I felt this instantly softened it and hydrated it, and didn't leave any kind of oily residue. As with the rest of the range, it smells beautiful and goes on smoothly. I've noticed since using it a couple of time, my hair is shinier and softer... would definitely buy again.