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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Nourishing Ointment

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Nourishing Ointment is a leave-in hair treatment infused with safflower oil that restores softness to dry hair without weighing it down. The formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Nourishing Ointment


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Couple of months back I saw these botanical line in Priceline & got one of each type to try it on. I have fine hair and have always tried multiple products over the years to add some life to my hair. This is one product that became my absolute favourite in a few uses.  To start with, it has a pleasant smell and all you need is a pea size. I use it before I towel dry my hair and notice that my hairs looks fresh, shiny and smells amazing. I even find it a bit bouncy than usual! A little goes a long way and I am still using my first tube. That says it all!  I would highly recommend this to anyone with fine hair. Give the normal conditioner a break and try using this! You hair will thank you later!
Love it! It's creamy, it smells amazing and it does the job of leaving hair soft and light.  As it's a leave-in treatment, I can take it with me on a bad hair day and use it whenever i need it. It doesn't make my hair greasy. My favorite product of this line!
The softening ointment is definitely the shining star in this product range. I have used product in two different ways as a leave in treatment and also for use on flyaway hair. Only a tiny amount is needed and the fact that its multi purpose also makes it very cost effective. Its hard to find products that work well on flyaway hair and this one is brilliant.
I loved this product, I have really frizzy dry brittle hair, after  one use of this I had soft shiney manageable hair.  My hair was easier to style and it took less time to straighten. It smells is lovely, you only need a pea size amount, does not weigh hair down like oil products do. I would definitely recommend to friends and family and I will be buying again.
I liked how smoothly this product went through my hair and it didn't feel slimy or sticky. My hair felt nice and soft. I don't really like the scent of this range though do I wouldn't buy it for that reason. I will check out other products in the range.
Final product that I've tried from this range.  Loving  all of it so far. Applied a small amount of it  on towel dried hair then follow with blow drying my hair. Love the scent of it and the product  formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free. The tube it's easy to use and dispense. Leaves my hair free from fly away. Will definitely buy this product again as it leaves my hair feel and look good.
First off: do not apply a walnut sized amount! Maybe it got lost in translation but wow did I learn the hard way. My hair was like an oil slick but on the bright side it was like leaving a treatment in for the day! I had to wash it out. You need to be careful not to overdo it. Start with a pea sized amount on damp hair and work a little more in as needed and you'll love the results! The smell is fresh and nutty, it gives my hair a beautiful shine and incredible softness without weighing it down with the usual heavy silicones, and it doesn't leave a residue or buildup. This is a unique and refreshing change from the usual silicone leave-in products, I enjoy using it and I will definitely repurchase it, I will also be checking out the other Botanicals varieties to see what leave-in products they have to offer.
This product has become my new handbag staple to tame flyaways and hydrate my hair in a snap! Love the exotic fresh scent, not too overpowering or fake smelling, and love the way my hair feels after using just a tiny amount! It leaves my hair smooth and hydrated without looking oily or lank. I apply a pea sized amount to dry hair, so could definitely get a lot of use out of the one tube. My new favourite hair product.
This is my favourite product of the range. I have dry, thick, colour damaged hair that is very difficult to manage, as a result I have used a number of ointments, balms and leave-in conditioners. I can say with certainty that this is amongst the best I have tried.  I use it both in damp hair prior to drying and in small amounts on dry hair as a smoothing and finishing treatment. In both cases my hair is noticeable smoother and easier to brush and cuts down significantly on fly-aways. I don't find this product to be heavy, weigh down my hair or leave any unwanted residue like other similar products do. The smell is gentle and pleasant and the squeeze tube packaging is effective for distributing a good amount of product each time. Im overall very impressed with the Nourishing Ointment and continue to reach for it as a regular part of my hair routine.
I LOVE this product! It is my favourite product from the SafflowerRich Infusion range. A little goes a long way, and it works well, on damp hair or dry hair! I found myself using between washes to give my ends a bit of a lift and refresh, its non greasy and doesn't make the hair feel heavy - as with the rest of the range - I love the scent. I will definitely continue using this product!
This is my favourite product out of the Botanicals Safflower range. I used a 10cent piece amount onto towel dried hair, or to dry hair after blow drying to keep down strays and add some softness. My hair felt so smooth and strong after use, as well as helping my hair to retain styling.
Another product where a little goes a long way. Was great in my hair when wet as a treatment. I used it to tame my fly aways in dry hair which worked a treat and smelt amazing but did make my hair feel oily by the end of the day.
Thank you Beauty Crew & L'oreal for the opportunity to trial and review this ointment. Throughout the trial period I have used the L'oreal Safflower Rich Infusion shampoo, conditioner, masque (twice a week) and occasionally this leave-in treatment.  The shampoo and conditioner leave my hair in top condition, and I do not find it necessary to use this leave-in ointment very often. The cream has a medium lotion-like consistency and the white colour disappears upon application. The treatment has an unmistakable coconut scent.  The product comes in an inverted flip-cap tube which is very easy to carry around and use. Being silicone and parabens free is such a bonus as I found that silicones (especially in conditioners and leave-in creams) tend to make my hair flat. I have trialed this in three different ways: 1. Apply on towel dried hair. Let hair dry naturally. 2. Apply on towel dried hair. Blow dry. 3. Apply on dry hair. In terms of results, I found that (2) or (3) above works best on my hair. When applied on towel dried hair followed by blow dry, the leave-in treatment seems to have completely disappeared, yet my hair is silky smooth and very soft.  No volume is compromised and the hair feels almost "fluffy" to touch.  I feel that my hair is very nourished throughout the day.  I do not have to use very much at all - a 5 cent piece massaged to mid-length and the ends is all I need for my shoulder-length hair.  I also found that the product protects my hair from the harsh chlorine in the swimming pool the next day - my hair was more manageable to wash after the swim! When applied on completely dry hair, I found that I only need the tiniest amount of product to tame any frizz and smooth out the ends. On the other hand, when I apply this leave-in treatment to my hair on towel dried hair without further blow-dry, interestingly I found that my hair takes longer than usual (i.e. compared to no leave-in product) to dry. When hair is dried it also feel slightly sticky and heavy.  However, I also found that this is generally how my hair behaves when I use a cream-form leave-in treatment, whereas i have no issue with leave-in oil applied to hair and let my hair dry naturally.  I am a time-poor person and prefer to (on most mornings) have my hair wash-and-go.  As I do not have the luxury to blow dry my hair every morning I prefer to use an oil-form treatment which usually does not leave my hair sticky after it is dried naturally.  That's why I have taken away 1 star but this is purely due to personal preferences. I will continue to use this beautiful product as a leave-in treatment before blow-drying my hair, particularly on days when I am "going out".
I love that L'Oreal has delved into a different branch of hair care after being in the market for ages!  Their new Botanicals range, for people who are into it, is free of silicone and parabens, and there are four different collections targeted to treat different things. I got to try the the Safflower range, which is specifically for dry hair, and I've liked all four products that I've tried from the range! This particular leave in hair product comes in a tube with a flip lid, and the product itself is white and relatively thick. I apply this to my hair when it's damp, preventing knots from forming. While my hair doesn't hold a large amount of volume at the roots, this does give my hair a bit of shape, rather than letting it dry straight like it usually would. My favourite part of this is that it doesn't leave a residue, which is awesome! 
The matching shampoo and conditioner did such a good job smoothing my hair that I found this product to be almost redundant.  Normally I have very dry hair that is difficult to detangle and prone to frizz due to repeated heat styling and hair colouring.  Product comes in a handy 100ml tube and instructions say to "apply a walnut-sized amount to damp hair and comb through".  Let me tell you a walnut sized amount is too much!  I tried this and it left my hair feeling heavy and coated and quite dull.  Next time I tried with a quarter of that amount and that seemed to be much better for my hair.  It is a thick white creme and has the same delicious sweet nutty scent as the shampoo and conditioner.  I found it also works well as a touch-up after heat styling my hair.  I rub a small amount to my hands then lightly pat over any frizzy bits and they are instantly smoothed.  I deducted a star because honestly I am not a fan of cremes to leave in my hair as they can quickly make it feel heavy, dull and coated.  If this product came in a hair oil I would buy a crate of it, an oil with the same ingredients and scent would be heavenly for my hair as I much prefer oils as they feel more natural and don't weigh my hair down or leave it feeling coated.
This product was amazing it left my hair silky smooth and my hair has never smelt so good! I recommend using this product if you have dry, dead hair like me as it works 100% I have told a of my family about these products and will continues to use them myself  Very happy!
Love, love, LOVE this product. I never use leave in ointments or treatments, but this has converted me! I put this in damp hair after my shower using the shampoo and conditioning balm of the same range. It goes in smoothly and de-tangles instantly, but doesn't feel heavy - when it dries, you wouldn't even know it's in there other than the fact it's so soft and hydrated. Smells great - as does the rest of the range. Would definitely recommend using the whole range as it works best when you go through the entire routine.