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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender Mask is a hair mask for fine, fragile hair. It contains lavender essential oil, soya and coconut oil to soothe sensitive scalps and hydrate, soften and detangle delicate hair. The formula is free from sulphates, silicones, parabens and colourants. The packaging is made with 100 per cent recyclable PET to reduce environmental impact.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender Mask


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The hair mask comes in a unisex coloured packaging. The hair mask smells of lavender and musk and seems to be unisex as well. The mask is opaque white and thick in consistency. I apply it to my hair after shampoo and it coats my strands well. It also rinses out in the shower easily. I do think that the mask isn't really that special. It just doesn't seem all that different from the conditioner to me which is why I wouldn't purchase this once the mask in the tub is finished.
The smell of this product is amazing!! *note - if you don't like lavender don't even attempt purchase* I put this mask on and actually leave it overnight - I coat my hair and then put a hair cap over and wash it out in the morning. It leaves my hair very soft and makes it way easier to detangle and brush through. I find it also helps keep my blonde dyed hair from turning yellow too? The only con is the price - I tend to use a 3rd of the tub for one use, so its pretty expensive.
My hair is pretty much everything it shouldn't be.....long,blonde and dry.Add to that the fact that i do blowdry and straighten and,well, you get the idea. L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender Mask was a product i saw recently,and i was desperate to give it a try for many reasons,not least of which was the packaging.It is great that the beauty industry is giving back ,after long since taking from the planet,so the fact that the packaging here is made with 100 per cent recyclable PET to reduce environmental impact was a big plus for me.The huge 200ml tub looked lovely,but i have to say that tubs in showers aren't great to store (take up so much space) and can end with either water filling up the container or spilling if you aren't careful,but i can forgive this for it's environmental friendly attempt.Next was how it felt...really rich and buttery,very nourishing and it felt like a wand of magic had covered me with satin tresses during application (and it made wet brushing to distribute it a much less painful experience).Now,what about that scent ? Well,if you are sensitive to scents / hate lavender OR just want a blander experience,then this isn't for you...i mean,don't even attempt it,BUT,if a lux,spa type experience that creates an aromatherapy experience that soothes the scalp (It contains lavender essential oil, soya and coconut oil to do just that) as well as the senses,then you are in for a treat.That scent enveloped the bathroom for hours after,and my hair for days,so i loved that.But what did it do for my hair ? Well,it truly left it soft,shiny,silky smooth and made my split ends (really do need to cut those) manageable.My hair felt and looked transformed for some days after,BUT it did feel a little weighed down by this...but hey,i can trade a little weight for this experience. At around $18 for this,i feel that for the experience and results,that this is a great buy,and something to try if you want a little extra TLC for you...and your senses. TIP:Give this a run at night,before bed,to add a little calmness to your life (and a little like to your hair).
Lovely product. Like a day spa for your hair! Very hydrating for your hair. The lavender aroma lasts in your hair for hours! Well priced for a mask, so doesn’t break the bank as a luxury hair product! Looking forward to trying the other hair products in this range.
Obviously the masque works really well as when I went into work my hair was commented on.  They wanted to know why it was so shiny and what was I using.  Well done.  I did find the tub hard to use in the shower.  There was no instructions on the packaging so I had to refer back to your flyer on how long to leave it in for.   Love the range - I unfortunately cannot afford it at that price.
This is not your grandma's lavender scent! There is such a lovely hint of another fragrance in the L'Oreal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Lavender Mask - perhaps citrus - that really elevates this mask to the next level, and the scent still lingers in your hair after heat styling. I find this to be a huge plus for me, as I love my hair to smell beautiful and I find that with a lot of products, the fragrance just washes out after the shower and I'm left with the burning scent from my hair straightener which I have to spray over with hairspray to hide - but with this mask, I could skip that step - just straighten and go!  The only downside to this product as another reviewer has mentioned, is that there is no instruction on the jar of how long to leave the mask on for - however I left it on for a few minutes and my hair already looks visibly healthier, silkier and stronger. The stylish amber jar is also a bonus, and having this alongside the matching shampoo and conditioner in the range made my bathroom look a lot more sophisticated!
I found the jar is very hard to use in the shower without getting water in it but that is the only down side. The product itself again has a beautiful smell & when left in my hair for around 10 minutes my hair was beautifully soft with less flyaways than normally. I used this once a week instead of the conditioner & found the three products in the Botanicals Lavender range is top notch for my fine hair.
The cherry on the top.  This was a wonderful product.  As with the others, it smelt divine - like a beauty therapists rooms.  It was easy to apply and left my hair feeling absolutely wonderful.  I dont usually get excited about hair care but really loved all these products and would highly recommend.
The mask was great for my fine, dry and dull hair.  I kept it in my hair for around 30mins.  It helped put some of the moisture back into it.  The smell was great also and really gives you that extra relaxation feel.  I would definitely buy this product in the future.
I very much enjoyed using this product, however as the regular conditioner was so impressive I found that the treatment wasn't really necessary.  Personally I am a fan of tubs or pumps due to the water from a shower getting into tubs, however the packaging is very pretty and looks do count!
I tried this on my daughter's long curly hair as it isn't suited to my short hair situation. I dislike using products out of tubs, especially in the shower. It smoothed her curls beautifully and felt really hydrating, In combination with the shampoo it was a beautiful result though took a bit of body out at the crown. I think it would be a perfect product for straight hair. Smells gorgeous.
This was the first time I had tried a mask as a part of my hair care routine and im sold! This mask complimented the botanical set, and I felt it provided the perfect finish as a trio. The scent was light yet earthy, with essential oils that appealed to the whole family including the men. I found that my fine, long, straight hair felt easier to manage, less tangled and stronger after using the whole set. I really appreciated the sensitive formula, with no itching or dryness to my scalp. Ill be looking for these products on the shelves!
Packaging: The combination of the brown and purple is a quite pretty however I found the tub to be not the most practical to use in the shower, it was hard to put the lid back on with product on my hands. I think a tube like the conditioner would be better, the tub is most suitable for a leave in product to use out of the shower. Fragrance: The fragrance was fresh & clean and the lavender wasn't too overpowering. It has a lovely scent, during and after I had washed my hair. Consistency: The mask had on ok consistency for a heavier conditioner, it wasnt too thick or heavy but i did notice my curls were not as bouncy on the days i used the mask so possibly better for straigh or thicker hair. Result: I alternated the L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Lavender Mask with the conditioner when I was washing my hair but I couldn't notice any difference between the two products in terms of results and felt the conditioner was easier to use.
I was really impressed with this product and compared to other hair masks I have used in the past this one comes out on top.  Again it is free of silicone, parabens, and artificial coloring plus vegan-friendly and the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.  My hair was a lot smoother and easy to manage while styling, I like the consistency of the product and how quick it works on your hair.  After a big day at work, it was nice to come home using these products with the beautiful smell, the product was very easy to use and relaxing.  I would definitely buy this mask again
I am in love with a good hair mask and this hair mask is beautiful. The scent is of lovely lavender and even my partner commented on how nice my hair smelt after using. It comes in a stylish tub. The packaging means you can see how much your getting out and there is no wastage. I loved how my hair looked, felt and smelt after using. I would definitely repurchase.
I used this in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner, I left it in for quite a while as I wanted it to soak in as my hair needed it after two weeks of traveling and being in the sun. Wasn't sure for how long but left it in for 10 minutes. Again love the packaging on the jar, abit hard to close when you hands are full of product, maybe a tube would be better instead of the jar. I loved the feel and the smell definitely buy it again.
The ethical values around this product range is fantastic. I love the fact that it doesn't contain any sulphates, parabens, silicones or colourants and that the packaging is 100 % PET recyclable to help reduce the impact on the environment. Just like its companions (The Shampoo and Conditioner in this range), the lavender fragrance is adorable. This not only left my hair smelling fantastic but also tangle free and was the perfect density (used in small amounts) to ensure my hair was left shiny and smooth and not too weighed down.
Absolutely loved this product!  The smell is amazing (but I understand would be offputting for those who aren't a fan of lavender) and the packaging is very sturdy.  It's hard to find a masque that suits my very fine but very curly hair that doesn't then weigh it down and make it seem oily afterwards - this product doesn't do any of those things.  I found my hair less frizzy, it had more volume and it didn't feel greasy and heavy once I styled it. The texture of the product is nice and thick and creamy, and as I said, it just smells amazing.  My hair gets very knotty, so I did use quite a large amount to ensure I wouldn't get any tangles and it did the job.  I left it on for about 5 minutes and this seemed to be an alright amount - as mentioned by others, there is no recommended time for how long to leave the masque on the hair for, but besides that small oversight, I love it!
I received three products in the L'Oreal Paris Botanical Fresh Care Lavender Soothing Therapy range as part of a trial a few weeks ago and must admit that I'm not a fan of this range. First of all, the fragrance is too strong and lingers for days. The packaging was good and the masque was quite thick and creamy, you don't need to use too much. Unfortunately this range did not seem to suit my hair particularly well. I would say the masque is the best product in the range but still not fantastic compared to other products I've used. My hair wasn't weighed down and felt nice once dry but didn't feel so good when wet. That being said, the price point seems appropriate given this is a masque but it's not something I would purchase if given the choice.
The hair mask was a godsend. Like others have stated, it is always super hard to find a nourishing mask for fine hair as most other products are just too heavy. However this mask was nourishing, helping to restore vitality, shine and a little bit of volume. This is the holy grail of the trio and 100% worth trying.