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L'Oréal Paris Clinically Proven Lash Serum

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L'Oréal Paris Clinically Proven Lash Serum is a lash serum that helps promote strong, full and healthy lashes. The serum contains nourishing castor oil, conditioning provitamins, strengthening keratin, madecasside and hyaluronic acid to protect and reinforce lashes, and filloxane to boost lash volume. The serum should be applied morning and night at the root of the lash for best results. 

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L'Oréal Paris Clinically Proven Lash Serum


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I love this lash serum. It is not as expensive and it really works for my lashes. I have really short lashes before I use this. However, after a month using this serum, I can definitely see the result. My lashes are much longer and looks smooth and moisturised. It gets less fall outs. Although I don't really see it volumised my lashes, I am happy with the result for this price. The only thing you should look out is not to get into your eye as it may sting a bit. I would highly recommend this product if you want to grow your lashes.
I have been using this product since February and although I do love the results, I do not think I would repurchase this with my own money.  The product has brush applicator, much like the Touche Eclat Concealer from YSL, which makes it easy to apply.  My lashes do feel longer and shinier, but I think there are better lash serums out there.  It did not lengthen too much of my bottom lashes however there has been a significant growth in the top lashes! 
As an experiment, for the last 3 weeks I've been using this on my left lashes only, morning and night. I haven't noticed any results yet, but i'll continue to use if for another week or so.  The packaging is pretty good, however I don't love the brush tip applicator- you have to apply the product as close as possible to the lashline and i have poked myself in the eye more than once. So far I haven't experienced any irritation, which i hope continues!
This product is ok. It’s not fantastic but not bad either. The application is simple and does not irritate my eyes. However I have not seen much change in my lashes so far, I think they are a little bit shinier. I will continue to use the product to see if any more improvements come.
As i have eyelash extensions i am a regular serum user. Due to the high costs of other lash serums i thought this would be a great dupe. I was sadly disappointed. The application was easy and no stinging sensation but i just don't think it was as effective as i would've hopped. It didnt make my eyelash extensions fall out but i don''t think it assisted with strengthening and lengthening my lashes as well as other serums have done for me. I have only used this product for a month so maybe with long term use it could improve but i'm not sure.
I was sorely disappointed by this product. I had big Hope's of any kind of improvement yet saw nothing.  I used as directed over the 2 weeks however no difference was noticed.  This is not a product that I would recommend, it appears to be simply a gimmick. Very disappointing.
I didn't notice much of a difference, however I have quite sensitive eyes so I only used this about half as much as recommended. Maybe after a longer period of time there would be more of an affect.  However, happy to keep trying! Easy to apply & great price point. 
I trialled this lash serum for a month and applied it morning and night.  I found it easy to use as it comes in a twist tube. You just need wind it up and apply it to your lashes twice a day, and it’s very quick to use.  It’s easy to take with you if you are going away on holidays as you can just pack it in your bag.  Overall, I didn’t notice a huge difference after using this for a month, but I will continue to use it and see if the results improve.  Even though a didn’t see a dramatic difference , I did notice that my lashes were slightly longer and fuller. I would recommend this to someone who maybe has damaged or sparse lashes and wants a slight improvement.
I noticed my lashes to be slightly glossier, giving off a healthier and more strengthened look. I used it day and night for a month, but my lash cycle is quite slow so I think I'd need to use it for longer to see more drastic results... I assume the stronger the lash, the longer it'll grow and it won't fall out as quickly? It was really easy to apply and I did like the brush tip applicator, just a quick swipe across the top like liquid liner, but in a way that would sort of brush over the lashes themselves too... and it didn't sting when I got it close to my waterline. You just have to make sure that absolutely all your makeup is cleaned off because if there is even the slightest bit of residue, the brush tip can get a little dirty. Overall I'd say its OKAY. It didn't make my lashes grow twice as long or anything but they definitely look more fortified.
I have very short and sparse lashes so it's quite easy to tell a difference if they have grown. I've used about a handful of lash serums and I must say, I noticed the most results with this one. My lashes definitey grew and I could see new baby eyelashes forming. I wear falsies often and my real lashes were coming out less so they were definitely stronger and more conditioned. I love the easy click, slim pen and that it didn't leave me with blurry vision like some serums do. Only took one star off because sometimes it can feel "cooling" on the eyes which might cause a little discomfort, but it is definitely on the gentle side of lash serums. Overall I will continue to finish it and definitely will repurchase another one. Don't expect astronomical results - but they will be there. Slightly longer, thicker, darker and stronger lashes. Sometimes a subtle difference is still a good difference.
I like the package and easy application of product, thought I am yet to see fantastic results I feel as though my lashes are stronger not so sure about length enhancement. I will probably continue to use this to see if I get a better result from this product over longer period
I used this product both morning and night for 4-5 weeks and I didnt really notice any difference to my lashes. The actual serum stung my eyelash line quite abit when first applied, and the packaging was also quite difficult as it took many many twists of the pen each time to get any serum out. As for the results, I did notice that my lashes were shinier, but not longer unfortunately. I wouldn't recommend this to a friend.
Honestly wasn’t expecting much. I have longer lashes with white tips, however do have some uneven spacing. Much to my surprise this made them a little thicker looking and helped to disguise the slight unevenness. At least I didn find it hard to use the pen, as I wasn’t sure if I had enough or too much on.
Easy to use with a brush applicator, the click disposal function is a little annoying (i would of preferred a dip in pot). The product does not sting or irritate. there is a little product build up on the lashes if you use too much but other than that, the product itself was great.  In regards to results... i didn't notice a huge amount of extra length or thickness however i did find my lashes were stronger and a lot less likely to fall out. would be best for someone who wants stronger lashes not longer or thicker (although with prolonged use I'm sure you will see better results).  Not something I would purchase again but was a good product to try.
Having used this product for a month now I can honestly say that I havent noticed a significant change on my length of lashes. However I have noticed that they are more volume and new hair growth in areas where they were sparse. The application is easy and quick with a easy to use twistable wand which has a cooling agent and dries up very quick on your eyelashes. I would recommend this product to help with filling in your eyelash hairs.
This product overall performed well. The product applied easily and was non irritating to the eyes. The effectiveness of the product however is questionable, I did not notice much of a difference in the growth and overall appearance of my lashes. The product may have lessened an overall loss of lashes.
I used this for two time a day, and can clearly starting to see results. I have short asian lashes, which are short and sparse. Just half way through the month I thought I can try to see how the effects look after the serum. My Lashes have never looked so long and volumise in just one coat of mascara. I was super impressed. I would recommended this to anyone who is looking for a lash serum
Super easy product to use with great packaging… Applies easily and is non irritating to the eyes. I didn’t notice any drastic results from using this product twice daily for a month, however i did notice that i had less lash shedding than i normally would. I would only recommend to a friend if they had specific needs for this product.
I didn't notice a huge difference after using it twice everyday for a month, I do however feel that my lashes may be stronger.  I found that the product was a little difficult to apply as the gel didn't always come out of the end after twisting the end. It does leave a little bit of residue on the lashes once it's dry, but that comes off super easily. I would definitely recommend this to anybody looking to add a little something extra, but as I said, I didn't see any huge differences. 
I found this product to be mostly good, since being pregnant for most of last year my lashes went from being full and long (able to hold a curl) to short and straight (so weird for me) so I thought this serum may help my lashes go back to the way they were. I used it twice a day for a month following directions and noticed my lower lashes became fuller as well as some areas of my upper lashes that were a bit sparse. However didn’t lengthen my top lashes or improve their ability to curl - in saying this the product didn’t claim to do that. Overall the serum was easy to apply, it comes in a twist tube applicator and you just swipe it on, once on it felt cooling and dried up quickly. I would recommend this product to anyone with sparse lashes.