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L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray

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L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1 Day Spray is a temporary hair colour that is instantly visible and washes out in a single wash. The spray formula allows for an easy application and contains a white micro-powder to deliver a visibly pigmented colour, regardless of how light or dark your natural hair colour is underneath. The colour dries in one second.

Available in five shades.

This temporary washout is the perfect thing if you’re looking to try a fun colour, but don’t want the commitment.
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L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray


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Worst! Would not Recommend.

WORST!!! Worst product ever. I applied turquoise color fortunately on only a few strands of my brown hair just as a trail. Waited for a couple of minutes for it to dry and it is almost impossible to comb through it. It's a thick knotty mess and I lost a few hairs trying to comb through it. The hair texture is terribly rough and chalky. The only good thing is no such colour is visible on brown hair but this one is, that's what the 1 star is for. Colour transfers to skin and clothing even after hours of drying.

Hair color for bad breathing

My daugther and her friend tried this spray and after 10 min had a respiratory attacks it's been three hours and she won't stop coughing. The color transfers on every thing and leave a stain.
This is the worst thing I've ever put in my hair. Don't buy this unless you want your hair to be stained for at least a week. It turned my hair into a knotted mess, and after 4 shampoos2conditioners and a 12 hour overnight hair mask - still there!
This product smells so bad, wish it could be more fragrant. Other than that, it was hard to apply, once used, it will be very messy. It felt sticky when I touch my hair. The product stains my clothes so badly that I couldn't even wash it off. Bad product.
Awful. Does it paint your hair? Yes At what price? Horrible application, transfers to everything and it seems like it is a joke but the crusty texture wont come off of your hair. It also made my hair fall... i shampooed LITERALLY more 9 times, still gross. So mad!!!  If the color was the one that's not falling off I wouldnt be as mad... but is the horrible texture, my hair is completely hard. 
I have used the hot pink one of my hair and it just gave my hair a horrible texture even after washing with shampoo twice it wasn't out completely and still had a horrible texture. I have used the gel type one from the colorista collection and have to say it was a million times better. After applying the spray my hands turned pink anytime I touched my hair and that included the next day. It stained my neck the following day after I had slept on it. Only positive was that it didn't stain my pillow which seems to be a miracle. I'm so sad because I had bought 3 cans of it having such high hopes since the gel one worked wonders and will now need to just thought them in the bin because when trying to brush my hair after applying and letting it dry my hair was all knotted and couldnt actually be brushed as it was causing me a lot of pain and was pulling out large amounts of my hair
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Replying to ChoniloveariL'ORÉAL PARIS: Sorry to hear that you’ve had this experience with Colorista 1 day spray. We would really love to understand more about your experience if you could please reach out to our consumer affairs team. Our number is 1300 659 359, and our lines are open from 7am – 6pm AEST
I tried this product in hot pink as part of a Halloween costume, just for fun. I have dark brown hair and I found I needed rather a lot of spray for coverage. It was so messy, don't wear light coloured or good clothes when using this colour spray. I also found it extremely difficult to remove the colour. The spray itself was quite light and fine and the colours are fun. I feel this product may work better on light blonde hair, colour wise. It's not an expensive product however and changing hair colour just for a day is a novelty, great for fancy dress but I wouldn't use this too often.
I have dark brown hair and I've have tried the hot pink & light pink colour.  They did show up on my hair however the hot pink colour was definitely more vibrant and stand out (so if you have darker hair you should get the more intense colour rather than the pastel ones). The spray was fine and smooth but I found it was quite hard to get an even application. It will stain your clothes so make sure you only wear dark colour tops with this. Pros: - Low commitment  - able to test out the colour beforehand if you want to dye it pastel  - Affordable price - Pretty Colours Cons: - can stain your clothes and skins - takes ages to get off (I did an ombre and it took me more than 30 minutes to wash it off) - need some practice to get an even application - smell a bit unpleasant  Overall, I think it's a fun product for some special occasions like party, coachella, or when you're bored haha.
I used the hot pink 1 day washout also. The colour was amazing and vibrant BUT this product has stained my hair, clothes and any skin that my hair touched even after the product was 'dry' and made my hair a knotty mess after applying. Very disappointed, would not recommend.
Moderator 26 Aug 2017
BEAUTYcrew Admin
Replying to From L'Oréal Paris: We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had this experience. We would be interested to hear more about your experience if you could please contact our consumer affairs team on 1300 659 359.
I used the hot pink, I loved it, i put it on the ends of my bleached blond hair, and it was so bright and vibrant, though as the day went on it began transferring onto my skin, my clothes, then I tried to wash it out and it had stained my had, after using a full bottle of shampoo, the ends of my hair have gone a horrible, patchy shade of light pink, so for this reason I won't be using it again, and I'm so disappointed
Moderator 07 Aug 2017
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Replying to From L'Oréal Paris: We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had this experience. We would be interested to hear more about your experience if you could please contact our consumer affairs team on 1300 659 359.
I used the mint colour and I found it to be shimmery, rather than a matte strong colour. I had to use quite a lot for a noticeable colour. It was a nice subtle green and would be fun for something different. The packaging is very cute and trendy too!!
The colour is very vibrant however it was difficult to apply and felt really icky in the hair - was a fun experience but definitely would not wear to a music festival or anything that requires long wear. I would rate this a 3/5 as it was fun however was not perfect.
I trialed the lilac spray and I have super light platinum hair, clearly I was the only person that was VERY disappointed.  Even if i sprayed a lot in one area colour turned out to be more of a grey/blue. Hair felt like I emptied a can of hair spray in. All I can say I was happy to wash out my hair straight away.
I trialled the lilac spray and was do disappointed with the product. I have light blonde hair and I used an entire can only for my hair colour to not change at all. I wanted fun wash out hair for an event and my hair only ended up crusty and not coloured at all. Probably wouldn't recommend to any one
I like the sleek packaging of this it looks mordern and fresh. While trialling i sprayed this on my hair, it used a lot of product and took awhile to get noticeable colour. But after i was done i combed my hair through and it stayed on. It doesnt make my hair feel horrible which i liked, my hair felt like it just had a tiny but of light hair gel in it. I fell asleep wth the product on my hair, surprisingly it didnt stain my pillowcase at all, and easily rinsed out with conditioner. This is perfect for bleached hair as it really is one day colour with no staining. I will purchase if i need a temporary colour.
I have always wanted to try a pretty pastel colour without committing to it being in my hair for months so I was very excited by the comcept of this. My hair is brown with light brown to blonde ends so I applied this on the lighter sections. The spray application method is a bit tricky and messy to be honest and I wasnt a huge fan. It doesn't cover hige areas so it is hard to apply this product neatly and patch free by yourself. With some help it would be less time consuming though. The color itself made my hair a nice dark pink. You have to let it dry properly however or it will transfer onto anything it touches. I found it to wash out easily with no remainder and would definitely consider buying it in future . Fun,colourful hair that you can wash out instantly. Besides the application process-I loved the product and results.
I enjoyed using this product. It was fairly easy to use, the colour was quite vibrant and it was super easy to wash out. However, it was very messy to apply and the colour transferred very easily. In saying that, I would still recommend and repurchase this item in the future.
Not a great product especially for the price. The amount of time it takes you to get perfect and even coverage is a little ridiculous. This is a very messy product - transfers like crazy and the results are diffent from the colorista washout colours. Definitely prefer to use the colorista wash out colours as you get more value for your money as well as a much easier and less fuss free application.
Great if you want a temporary colour for a fun night out.  I trialled the light green colour and it made my blonde hair a cool pastel green.  It sprays on easily but I did need to use the whole bottle on my long hair! It also washed out very easily and I would definitely buy again!
Not a fan. Way too messy too use. And when i went to wash it out of my hair 5 hours later it had stained my hair and took a few days to fully be gone. Also it made my hair go a little dry. Normally i love Loreal but this product is a miss for me.