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L’Oreal Paris Colorista Wash Out

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L’Oreal Paris Colorista Wash Out is a temporary hair colour that lasts between two and 15 washes. The wash-out formula has three conditioning agents to protect the hair fibre, while also detangling, softening and promoting shine.

Available in 11 shades.


L’Oreal Paris Colorista Wash Out


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“Semi permanent” “wash out” my a**

So I bought this product 3 or so months ago, it looked really cute the first few days. I only dyed my under layers as I work on customer service and didn’t want a permanent or to out there look. Just something fun right? Nope, it faded as it should for the first few washed and then stopped. 3 months later it is still stained a weird burgundy shade on my under layers. I recently transferred to a new location that doesn’t allow any Un natural hair colors and I’m screwed. No problem with it lasting, but advertise it as such if that’s the case. Highly disappointed.

pretty alright but lasts for an age

i used the turqouise-y colour. it was very nice, a bit darker and intenser than expected. i have an ashy, dirty-blonde hair colour naturally. after a few washes it turned to a more green colour, and slightly grey. took a month and a bit to wash out, and even longer to fully go away however. not for if you want a quick colour for a week or two, but totally fine if you're willing to put in a month or three.
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Really good.

I have really dark hair and used the color #red. It worked out really good. The color stayed in my hair for 4 weeks. I'm very happy with it.
I tried the #pastel blue on my blonde hair and it did not turn out anything like the box it wasn’t a lovely pastel light denim blue but instead a dark grey with dark blue denim effect...... HORRIBLE! Also anyone who has tried this product has said their hair fades out  to a horrid green colour after even 20 washes and appears to be permanent. The best advice I’ve seen other victims of Colorista blue use is to buy and use a colour remover kit  Hope this helps someone. PLEASE DONT BUY THIS !!!!
IT DOESNT COME OUT I went for a pink and my hair is naturally blonde..it has been at least a month and I have showered everyday. Tried to get it out with products. Just dont do it. Leave your beautiful hair the way it is and please dont do what I did.
Waste of money. Bought it for my 14 yr old who was keen to colour just the ends of her hair. I read a ton of reviews on Amazon, mostly bad, so decided to do a strand test to see how it would turn out. We washed her hair, cut off a strand and coloured it. Box says leave for 20 mins, we left it for 30, then rinsed. She has light brown hair and this turquoise colour is 'vivid' according to the box, for brunettes. There was hardly any colour visible, a very slight bluey grey tone. Certainly nothing vivid or vibrantl like the much darker brunette on the box. I think if you have blonde or bleached hair these things will work, but this is false advertising as far as brunettes are
Super easy to use, fun, and very temporary colour that just washes in and is fully gone in about 5 shampoos. The product left my hair super soft and in very good condition, softer and less frizzy than before.  I found the Indigo to be much paler than the box would suggest - more a mermaid pastel blue than indigo, and though I left it in for a full hour, the end result was still quite light and uneven - with most of the top of my hair, where I applied it first, unchanged.  Though I loved the look of the rich blue on the pack, I didn’t expect it to work on my dark hair as i wasn’t willing to bleach.  In any case, it washed out fast, was very reasonably priced, and while I had it in, it felt great and was a fun change for a particular occasion (Supanova).  I had lots of compliments and the ombre effect, while not deliberate, wasn’t bad in the end.  I also appreciated that there was no smell, washout wasn’t difficult, and as long as I cleaned up any splotches quickly, very little mess.  I’d use again, but primarily when I want subtle, pastel shades for a special occasion.
I used the peach and soft pink before and they look great on my hair. (I'm bleached blond nearly white). Sadly the colors are completely gone after I washed it 3 times.  very soft after the first time already. I wished these colors stayed in longer. Generally happy with these colors, they are a bit pricey for the amount of time it stays in your hair though. HOWEVER (the reason for the 3 stars) the blue is not repeat NOT washable on bleached hair! it took me 4 months to get rid of it. I used aggressive shampoo and bleached over it 3 times (over 4 months) to get completely rid of it. I would not recommend blue if you want a temporary color. (it's fine if you want a permanent color though). I will not be using the cold colors anymore. the warm colors are great though, I wished they lasted longer.
I decided to try the colorista range in colour vivid blue. My hair is blonde and while the colour went in no problem I’m having trouble getting it out. It did lighten a little each wash but I’m now at week 9 with faded green hair. Yes that’s right it’s gone from vivid blue to a green . I rang the company ( L’Oréal ) who gave me tips to help get it out but it made the colour go from green to fluro green. They have advised that I should put a peach or pink colour in to cover the green. I would never have used this product if I’d known it would be this much trouble to remove it. I’m not sure how the lighter shades go but if your blonde stay away from vivid blue.
GREEN HAIR!! purchased the temporary blue for a festival (which didnt come out very nice at all) and also purchased the colour fade shampoo from this range so i wouldnt be a gross in between colour and to speed up the fading process....so far im about 6 shampoos in with the fast fade shampoo used every wash which has done nothing to help lighten or remove the colour and i am stuck with a blue green algea colour through my blonde. I will be purchasing a colour removing kit which will also end up removing my hairdressers dye and will have to go back to get it re coloured. Alot of work for a temporary few washes :/
I mixed this with a treatment mask when applying because I didn't trust myself to not mess up when applying, but it worked really well! My biggest problem with this product (and why I gave it a 3 star rating) is the red color - I wish it was more of an orange/copper tone rather than post box red!
This is a great fun product for young ones. I bought this for my niece who dances and does theatre, she absolutely loves it, she has blonde hair so all the shades, 11 gorgeous ones in all she can wear. I love L'Oréal products and this wash out colour won't damage hair, it's quite hydrating and conditioning and does not have the nasty chemical smell some hair colours have. The colour lasted about 2 weeks, gradually fading over time, she loves this for dancing, I was a popular aunt. It's easy to use, just be careful to protect clothes but there were no drips or accidents. Just apply from the handy squeeze tube, wait 30 minutes and rinse clear. This is such a fun product for the younger ones and I would recommend it.
Disclaimer - I'm too old and boring to have colored hair so I live vicariously through my 9 year old daughter.  I put wild wash out colours in her hair for the school holidays in the hope she won't rebel later and consult me before shaving her head or killing her hair with a home bleach job. That's the theory anyway. Plus it's fun for us both.  I've tried the brightest pink and the purple they last about the 2 weeks of the holidays leaving a slight tinge as she returns to school that no one seems to mind.  My girl has dirty blonde hair so the result isn't overly bright which works for me anyway.  I'm careful when applying, wearing gloves and protecting our clothes and I keep it off my white tiles just in case. No disasters so far.  If the colour lingers I wash with cleansing shampoo to speed the process.  It's a fun, inexpensive product that does what it promises, washes out and doesn't damage young hair.  And I look like a cool mum.  Win win! 
Every girl plays with her hair colour...for a change of image,for a change of season,even for a change of partner (he hated copper lowlights ? Well i don't care now,i'm getting them),and L’Oreal Paris has made it even easier to get some seriously gorgeous hues to your hair (mermaid-esque hair anyone )? minus the commitment and the hair salon bill. The Colorista Wash Out temporary colour is a range of shades (11 in all.Blondes can use any of the pastel colours...Seven shades for us:PEACH,PINK,SOFT PINK,PURPLE,INDIGO,BLUE,AQUA and four shades for Brunettes:TEAL,BURGUNDY,RED, TANGERINE.) that vary from the softest pink (the one i tried out) to a flaming orange (i DARE you to try that one),that last about one week (depends of course on your hair washing regime,and the products used of course)...so if you hate it,it's gone. The product comes in an 80ml tube (for around $20),can be used as either an all-over effect,an ombre effect OR as a "streaky,foiled" effect..whatever takes your mood really.The dye itself is a thick lotion consistency,but It’s really easy to work with,not overly "chemically" scented,and best of all,you can customise your shades to make one that is totally bespoke.To use is super easy:Apply amount to cover hair,wait 15 - 30 minutes depending on your hair tone and rinse thoroughly...Et Voila,hair that is soft (this is quite conditioning on the hair) and as subtly or glaringly coloured as you like (as i am a very,very pale blonde,the pale pink came up just as i wanted...baby pink in tone and subtle,yet noticeably there.It faded after about 5 days (i wash daily,and use some serious cleaning shampoos....where i work,i come home and want to wash in bleach most days).The darker hued girls reading this won't get the most noticeable effect with the pastel shades (unless you pre-lighten),but i am told the brighter hues work a treat.If you want to try some looks for your hair that go with the new looks for your face and fashion that go with a new season (but don't want a "long term relationship" with it,THIS is the answer.Now,go play. TIP:Want a sexy faded out look ? Just use a little of the L'Oreal Fader shampoo in this rangeafter rinsing out your colour mixture, work shampoo well into area you want to fade and wash out...now you have that "lived in" faded out hue that doesn't scream "can't be bothered to redo it".
I tried the indigo version. I have medium-brown hair with balayage and the deep blue showed up well on the blonde (didn't show up on the brown). The product smelled nice while applying and after rinsing out my hair felt nice and smooth. The initial colour was beautiful and vibrant, but most of the bright blue washed out after the first shampoo and I still have a green tinge way over 15 washes later. I'd try their colour fader if I wasn't paranoid my hair will snap off (my fine hair is already damaged from balayage). I'd recommend this for anyone wanting to make a statement, but keep in mind you'll be turning a kind of khaki green for a while.
Absoulte rubbish. The worst hair product I've ever used - not only has it seriously damaged my hair. But it's turned a terrible green colour after 5 washes, that now will not wash out. Do not waste your money. L'oreal should be ashamed - I've received no help from them either. Other than the advice to just use another rubbish colour over the top, that will take 10-15 days to get to me. Disgusting.
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Replying to Izzy TFrom L'Oréal Paris: We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had this experience. We would be interested to hear more about your experience if you could please contact our consumer affairs team on 1300 659 359.
I got the color aqua. My hair was already blonde but I wanted it to be platinum first so that it would be light blue like the picture. So I also bought the bleach kit. It was supposed to make my hair white-blonde but it turned out yellow af!!! And aqua turned out to be tealish green... awful.
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Replying to Christy MetFrom L'Oréal Paris: We are sorry to hear you’ve had this experience. We would be interested to hear more about your experience if you could please contact our consumer affairs team on 1300 659 359.
I just used this washout dye on my highlighted ash blonde hair!  I tried the lilac one,  was expecting a bit bright purple as lilac is but instead it turnsed out pink ish lilac colour.  I'm still happy though it looks very pretty, didn't hurt  my scalp or burnt it or anything.  I'm  ready to use 2 bottles next round because one was not enough as I have very thick hair and I tried to do full head.  Love it tho!
I have obre hair and the product suggests lightening your hair first so this shouldn't have happened but... I used the purple, temporary, colorista hair dye which, as promised, the purple washed out after three washes. It washed out to a rather bright green. Ten shampoos later and the green has not dulled in any way. Called L'Oreal consumer affairs line to be informed that my gold ombre ends mixed with the blue base of the purple dye has turned my hair green. This makes sense but no one can tell me why the green appears to be permanent. The only solution they could give me is to dye my hair again with the pink colour of the same product (product sent for free will arrive in 15 day. 15 more days looking like this). I am far from game to do this for obvious reasons. The other option is to cut the green off leaving me with short curly hair and looking like a Muppet. Needless to say I would advise against using this product unless you need a hair cut or are happy using a temporary colour only to be a different colour perminantly.
I was sent the Colourista Lilac shade and the Colourista Ombre kit from L'Oreal. Unfortunately, even after using the Ombre kit, my hair wasn't light enough for the colour to show through, so I would recommend that you stay true to having the recommended blonde to bleached blonde hair colour before using the washout shades. Despite this, the application process was quick and easy, the packaging was simple and sleek, and I loved that my box came with 2 sets of gloves (for the people who might only half the bottle in one application). Overall, I feel like I would have liked this product a lot more if my hair had been bleached to a lighter shade, so I'll probably give these Washout shades another chance after re-lightening my hair again.