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L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Nude Eyeshadow

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L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Nude Eyeshadow is a nude coloured powder eyeshadow palette. It features 10 shades from beige to pale blush, to rose-toned red and shimmery champagne. 

Available in two shades.


L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Nude Eyeshadow


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Greta eyeshadow pallet

This L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Nude Eyeshadow was the palette I bought when I wanted to learn how to do eyeshadows. And this did not disappoint. For best results use an eye primer. I didn’t use the applicator that came with it. Used my own brushes. This applies really well and the powder is light weight and fine. You can build the pigment if you want a more prominent look. The colours are lovely and very pigmented. I used this to create a nice Smokey eye.highly reccomend this L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Nude Eyeshadow for any make up beginner. It’s affordable and does the job

Brilliant palette

I love this palette. The colours are lovely and pigmented. I love the little applicator that comes with it fantastic dual tip that you can easily blend the shadow in with and then the sponge to highlight/crease or line.
I own this eyeshadow palette in 'Rose' which contains 10 shades ranging from warm pink, mauve to maroon with a mix of matte and soft shimmer. The palette is not too large, comes with a mirror and a dual-end brush - one end with a small brush and the other a sponge tip. I love these shades as I find them so soft and feminine and neutral enough to match well with most outfits. The pigmentation varies from shade to shade but I found them to be good for my light skin. The darker shades show up really well, the lighter shades are adequate for me, but may not show well on those with darker skin tones. The texture is creamy and colour lasts well on me throughout the day, and doesn't settle into fine lines. The included dual-end applicator is not very useful as the brush head is really small, but that's usually the case with most eyeshadow palettes - best to use your own brush set.
L’Oreal usually have fairly good products, not the best on the market but certainly in the middle. Unfortunately this palette falls well below their usual standard.  The eyeshadow colours are nice and will suit anyone and any skin tone. The shades blend well and can be used for many combinations.  Unfortunately the eyeshadow is very dry and does not last at all. There is lots of fall and not much pigmentation. You definitely need to use a proper eyeshadow brush to get the most from the palette. 
Great colour range, but the product itself is disappointing. Very powdery and chalky and the pigment is patchy. I was expecting more from this palette as its not the cheapest for a drugstore product and there are cheaper drugstore palettes out there that I would definitely recommend over this one. I love the packaging, it would be convenient for travelling given its size and it stays shut when closed, but unfortunately I wont be using it.
Very dry, powdery and has lots of fall out. Don't last long on the eyes either before creasing. For a $30 drugstore palette I expected a lot more and was completely let down. I also got the rose--toned one and that was the same too. Packaging also feels quite cheap. However, the shimmers in the palettes are quite nice and soft.
Absolutely gorgeous. The perfect twist on a  nude palette. It has shimmery light and dark shades and the classic browns and nudes. The quality is so great because I can apply some onto my brush and the powder doesn't fall away and create a mess which I usually hate. The colours show up really well and you don't need mountain loads to see the pigment. I personally love doing a smokey eye with the darker brown on the outside and then applying a lighter colour maybe shimmery champagne to the inner of my eye. But you can do so much like use it as an eyebrow powder to fill in those brows as well. Definitely recommend as a staple in your collection
This La Palette Nude from L’Oreal consists of ten eye shadows, designed to enable minimalistic to dramatic makeup looks. The palette comes in two different variations, ‘Rose’ and ‘Beige’.   The ‘Rose’ palette consists of a range of shadows best suited to skin with cooler undertones, whereas the ‘Beige’ palette is more suited to warmer skin tones. Both palettes remind me of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, with some of the shades being almost identical.   I purchased the ‘Rose’ variation of the palette, as I wanted to add some variety to my palette collection which was predominately warm toned. This palette includes a range of colours from white through to dark brown, with a combination of matte, satin, and shimmer finishes. The colours in this palette are as follows:   1.     White, shimmer finish (perfect for highlighting the brow or inner eye). 2.     Pink/silver champagne, shimmer finish. 3.     Dusty mauve, matte finish. 4.     Light brown, matte finish. 5.     Cream, satin finish (also nice as a highlighter). 6.     Mauve, shimmer finish. 7.     Dusty rose, matte finish. 8.     Taupe, shimmer finish. 9.     Grey, matte finish. 10.   Plum, satin finish.   Each of the shades have a nice creamy texture and rather good pigment.They are easily buildable and blendable, and the included sponge/brush applicator is effective at achieving this. There is some fallout from the shimmer shades in this palette, but nothing too drastic. The longevity of this palette is also rather good considering the cost, lasting six plus hours without fading.   I mentioned the dual-ended sponge/brush applicator previously, and it is a nice addition to the palette. The packaging is both cute and sturdy, and the layout allows the palette to be much more compact that other palettes of similar sizes. There is a full-size mirror inside the lid which is a really good size for applying makeup on the go.   At $30 RRP, the palette sits somewhere in the middle of cheap and expensive eye shadow palettes. Based on the performance of the shadows I would say this palette provides okay value for money, however if you are looking for a versatile product with superior quality I would recommend considering the Urban Decay Naked palettes as they would be a much better investment in my opinion. I would not repurchase this palette, however I will continue using this one as they perform okay for everyday wear.   PROS: two varieties available, blendable, buildable, package includes a mirror and sponge/brush applicator, compact, nice packaging, suitable for sensitive skin. CONS: fall out, colours could be more vibrant. RECOMMENDATIONS: cool-toned skin types.
Loreal La Palette Nude 1 consists of 10 shadows which when you do the maths at RRP work out to $3 each......bargain!!!!!  I am a neutral colour lover which is what attracted me to this palette. It has the perfect balance between warm and cool color-temp shades, seven of them are shimmers and three matte. I particularly like the matte look for daytime and the shimmery look for evening.The palette is compact. It has a nice big mirror in it which is great for touch-ups. The applicator is dual-ended brush at one end and a sponge at the other end.The texture of the eyeshadows is quite smooth and although applies easily it does require a little work to achieve a deeper pigmentation. Without a primer they stay put for about 4-5 hours. As Loreal is a common brand the palette is easy to source and really affordable. It is a good all inclusive kit that I would recommend for everyday use.
Having fallen in love with the stunning L'Oréal Colour Riche and Infallible eyeshadow singles, La Palette Nude is disappointing. Dry, stiff and poorly pigmented, no matter what combination of shades I use, they come off looking like a dull muddy mess. The compact itself is very well designed: slim, secure with a good sized mirror. The mix of 10 mattes, shimmers and satins might suit those looking for a 'barely there' look, but for my money a dense, buttery L'Oréal single packs a bigger punch.
Great variety of shades and textures.   Easy to blend and work with. Would benefit if included more than one applicator.
If you love neutral eyeshadows and you are looking for a good everyday palette, then you might like to give this one a go - especially if you're just getting started in makeup! There is a good combination of matte, satin and shimmer shades and all blend fairly easily. Unfortunately there is a little bit too much fallout for my liking and I prefer more a more pigmented formula.
This was one of the first eyeshadow palettes I bought for myself, and I was not disappointed! There is a medium to high strength of pigmentation in each shadow, and they are all easy to transfer and leave little fallout on your face! These are so incredibly easy to blend and come in a range of colours perfect for everyday wear at work, school or out and about! I have absolutely loved this palette and recommend it to anyone else starting out. I have used better pigmented palettes before, but this one is still very good :)