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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Purple Shampoo

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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Purple Shampoo is a colour-correcting purple shampoo for highlighted, blonde and grey hair. The purple formula helps to neutralise unwanted yellow, orange and brassy tones in chemically lightened and highlighted hair. The shampoo contains UV filter technology to protect hair from harmful UVA/UVB damage. 

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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Purple Shampoo


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This purple shampoo does the job protecting my lightened hair colour and leaving my hair nice and soft. My hair does feel a little dry after use so I would use hair masque after using the purple shampoo. Overall I this is a very good  affordable purple shampoo that does what it says.
Love the shampoo! It was perfect to keep my highlights looking bright without turning brassy just like walking out of the salon. Smells very nice but if you are the one of those girls who loves the bubbly kind of product, don't expect much bubbles with this product. I highly recommend it, great product without spending much!
I really liked this product! I was sceptical at first as I normally purchase my hair products from the salon and not the supermarket but I was pleasantly surprised. It left my hair super soft and smooth and reduced the brassy tones. It also has a pleasant smell that’s not overpowering. Will definitely purchase in the future.
I have dark chocolate brown hair which I bleach blonde every 6-8 weeks with foils so I am constantly looking for products to keep my blonde looking less brassy and more soft ash blonde. This shampoo delivered and whilst it was a bit drying when used with the conditioner the hair is left with ok texture and no brassy tones
Everyone knows having blonde hair comes with a bit of maintenance so you can keep the brassiness away, so a good purple shampoo is a must. The L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Purple Shampoo isa great purple shampoo for maintaining a nice shade of blonde on me.   When I use a purple shampoo, I also want it to thoroughly clean my hair, and this L’Oréal does a a job good of that for me, so big ticks of approval. After washing out the shampoo, I was really happy to say my hair didn’t feel dry or stripped at all. My hair felt soft and smooth.   I have enjoyed using this purple shampoo and will continue to get on using it. With 200 ml of product is a great budget friendly purple shampoo which performs well and should be a staple product for blondes.
I normally use salon toning shampoo as I've found in the past that the drugstore ones don't tone my hair as well. I find that they don't reduce too much brassiness and don't leave me with ashy hair but I was really surprised with this. The purple shampoo is dark enough to help neutralise orange tones without turning my hair purple. I did find that I had to apply it for longer than my salon shampoos to get the same result. I like the convenience of being able to pick this up at Priceline, rather than having to go to a salon to purchase it as well as it being half the price. The only drawback I found with this was that it does have a strong fragrance.  If you are sensitive to scents, then I would skip this. I liked the packaging. The bright packaging makes it stand out on a store shelf.
I absolutely loved this blonde shampoo !!! I’ve always used an expensive salon purple shampoo but can honestly say that the L’Oréal one is just as good if not better !!! It takes the brassy colour out of my roots without leaving a purple stain colour which some blonde shampoos tend to do. My hair looks clean and crisp, I will definitely be purchasing this again :)
Exactly what I want in a toning shampoo. Dark purple and tones perfectly. Smells nice and costs a fraction of the salon  shampoo I usually buy. Only downside is it makes my hair frizzy but nothing my usual styling products won’t fix. Very happy with this one. It makes my hair feel so soft.
I was privileged enough to get to trail this shampoo! I must admit I didn’t have high hopes for this, boy was I proven wrong. This product worked as well as my purple fudge shampoo and is cheaper than it! It helped control the brassiness of my highlighted hair and even helped with toning it. For the price I would definitely recommend this!
This is great value for money. I used to use Vidal Sassoon shampoo, but after a friend recommended me this brand, I can never go back. The smell is beautiful, and it is always a pleasure in the bath. Overall, I would say it keeps my hair clean, smells good, and is very affordable. 5 stars!
This shampoo is a rich colour also smells quite nice/ I have found it quite drying (which is fairly normal for toning shampoos). As a cheaper alternative to salon shampoo and conditioner sets the price range is good. It does tone the colour down somewhat. It isn’t as strong as salon shampoos but it does do what it says. I would recommend for those on a budget. Personally I will stick my my salon ones as I like my blonde to be silvery and this one just isn’t strong enough to offer the results I am after.
I have lightened hair and have used a number of shampoos and a toner, or purple shampoos. Always prefer the purple shampoos as you use less water so its better for the environment. This product I love, because you don't need a lot of it, and it can effectively wash out oil and buildup with a smaller amount than other shampoos I've used, and its richly pigmented so actually does what it claims to do. I also like the fragrance of this shampoo. I used another brand shampoo that is as richly pigmented and did a great job with controlling brassiness, but had an awful smell. Its a win-win with L'Oreal's purple shampoo for me because it does the job, smells great and is a much cheaper price point that the other one. Will definitely be buying again.
Love this purple shampoo - a great amount of pigment (even stained my fingers temporarily!) that really toned my heavily dyed blonde hair. Like most purple shampoos that work, it left my hair feeling a bit dry and stringy immediately after use, but that was fixed straight away by using the matching conditioner which is also lovely.  Fresh fruity smell, and easily lathers up making it easy to apply evenly throughout hair. I know use this once to twice a week and am loving the results!
As a brunette with blonde highlights I find purple shampoos can be a bit hit and miss. This product smells fantastic and lathers really well. I did find the purple colouring was very strong and left me with purple hands in the shower - but nothing a little extra scrubbing didn’t remove.  I do think the product tackled the brassiness I have been dealing with but I did find without a strong conditioner it had a very drying effect on my hair.  For the price is a great option to give purple shampoo a go.
I am constantly switching up my shampoo and conditioner for various reasons, so I was all for adding this into the rotation as I wanted to try a different purple shampoo. This shampoo was very pleasant to use. It cleans the hair quite thoroughly and has a very nice scent. My hair was nice and soft after using it, and felt nourished and not so dry, as it usually is, which was quite lovely.  My hair always tends to look quite orange after colouring, and definitely needs to be toned with a purple shampoo, even a couple of weeks after. This shampoo is a must to neutralise the brasiness and yellow tones in highlighted hair as it certainly delivers on those claims.  
L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Purple Shampoo is great I just had blonde highlights put in. And have been using this shampoo and conditioner since. It's keeping my hair blonde,  no brassy onange colour.  Also it smells beautiful and you don't need to use alot. I feel like it's living up to what it says it offers.
Left my hair feeling clean from products and hair care, without being drying. Removed orange tones which were starting to creep into my highlights. Lathered well and did not smell like chemicals. Quick and easy to use and great smell. Very affordable given it should only be used weekly. I followed this product by using the matching conditioner.
Pros: smells lovely, washes and lathers really well. That’s where it kind of stops for me.  I have brunette coloured hair with blonde highlights, it didn’t really do much with taking the yellow or orangey tones out. It left my hair stringy and dry, which was really disappointing. I think the worst part was that each strand felt as thought it had something stuck on it. I don’t think I would be getting this again especially when there are lots of other products that will tone hair with out leaving your hair stringy and dry
Really enjoyed this shampoo. After a few uses reduced brassiness significantly. Super strong, may have left my hands a bit purple, but seemed to do the trick. Really liked the smell. Didn't seem to be drying either as some toners can be but that may be the conditioner doing the work. Would defiantly purchase again.
A good shampoo, smell is really nice, however I found you had to leave it on a little bit longer than recomended, not particularly drying which is a bonus considering most of the purple shampoos I have used have been quite harsh, in combination with the conditioner works a treat I would say I still have slight brassy tones but I have only been using for a week.