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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask

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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask is a rinse-out hair mask designed for application before shampoo. The mask is enriched with green, blue and white clay to purify the scalp while hydrating ends for up to 72 hours.


L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask


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This is the first hair mask that I've ever used in a "tub". I find it hard to apply having to dip my hand into the container then apply into hair. I don't find the packaging very user friendly if it was a pump action it would be much easier to use. I have used it about 4 or 5 times now and after only these few uses the container is nearly empty. I also found it hard to massage and spread into your roots so you need to keep putting more and more to cover all your roots properly. I couldn't see it helping with keeping my hair being less oily so I would not use again, I also found the smell quite strong which is not something that normally bothers me as I love perfumed stuff but this had more of a chemical smell rather than a nice perfume smell. Only lasted my about 6 uses or so from the tub so not long lasting either.
L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask has given me an impressive root lift since the first application. The mask comes in a flat tub in a beautiful turquoise colour. The mask itself is light grey in colour, it smells delicious and is rather thick. I found that it can be a little difficult to scoop out the mask from the tub because it is so thick. I apply this mask on my roots BEFORE shampoo. I section my hair before applying so that the mask can reach most of the root area. I usually leave the mask on for about 10 to 15 minutes while I have my breakfast, and then jump into the shower to wash the mask off. The mask is quite easy to come off, and it is completely rinsed away once I apply the shampoo. After rinsing off the shampoo, I follow up with the conditioner from the same range. Even though I wash my hair every day, I found that the mask gives me an impressive and extra root lift from the first application - I also feel that my roots are a lot fresher compared to when I just use the shampoo and condition without the mask. This mask absolutely makes a difference to the root lift and I am very happy with the results. The only disadvantage that I can see is the extra time commitment to do this step. I work part time at the moment and on the days that I have to get ready to work I found that it is very difficult to find any extra time to do this step.  However, on my day-offs and on the weekends, this results that come from this extra step is well worth the effort.
I received a sample of this product inside a magazine, which was a good thing as I was intrigued with the concept. Pros: love the scent and the funky colour (which is also it's curse). Cons:  - It didn't do anything to my hair. - The funky colour STAINED my white bath (I have a shower over bath), turning it into a blue-tinted bathtub. It has been 5.5weeks since, I have tried various things to clean it, the stain is still there, it's not budging. I'm hoping my landlord doesn't charge me a fee to replace his bath tub! I took photos of the state of the bath so I can back it up - I wrote to L'Oréal but they just replied with a generic "We'll forward your feedback".  Not a winner. 
This pre-shampoo mask comes in a little tub with a screw top lid. Its consistency is like a thick clay and it smells like the ocean. I followed the instructions and applied to oily roots before shampooing. I must admit, it felt strange to put something so thick onto my scalp. It was time consuming as I had to section my hair to get to all of my roots. The tub only lasted me a month (used 2 - 3 times a week) I left it on for five minutes and washed it out in the shower. It seemed like it was just spreading through the lengths of my hair, rather than rinsing out. I found the whole process very time consuming and would have preferred if this was a spray that I could apply to my roots, that way it wouldn't need to be sectioned and I could just lift my hair to get to the roots. I would not recommend this unless you have plenty of time on your hands.
I am new to the pre-shampoo mask idea so I was a little sceptical and thought I it could have been a waste of time but I wanted to try Elvive Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask before I made up my mind. Ok so I don’t know everything and I was pleasantly surprised because it does give you oil free roots for longer and visibly better root lift. The scent was pleasant, fresh and didn’t irritate me.The mask is thick so it is easy to scoop out of the container and to massage into my scalp. I slapped it on 5 minutes before I was ready for my shower so it really isn’t an inconvenience at all. It isn’t messy and does run everywhere so that is a big bonus! After 5 minutes I jumped into my beautiful slightly hot shower and rinsed. I had no problem rinsing the mask off and followed up with shampoo and conditioner like I normally would. I get the whole detox idea and most things need a deep clean to keep everything running smoothly so why not your hair? It makes sense. As a result of using Elvive Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask my hair is cleansed and ready to face a few days without having to wash it. You beauty!  
I purchased this on a whim after seeing it half price at safeway. For reference I have fine hair, but lots of it, and regularly (much to the hairdressers dismay) dye my hair with box dye. It is quite dry and course. This product felt really weird to put on - especially on dry hair! It took alot of effort to wash out. I didn't really notice much of a difference in terms of oily roots - it did however leave my hair feeling really heavy.  PROS something different! Often can be purchased at half price CONS time consuming to put on and wash out I don't think i will repurchase this product again - i will stick to dry shampoo for oily roots.  
this product is amazing, I was intrigued to try this based on the amont of advertising it got and beauty crew reviews. I have to admit I thought putting clay on the roots of my hair then rinsing and washing was a bit weird but was keen to give it a go. The product was easy to use, I coated the roots of my hair in the green  clay massaged it in and waited. I hadnt washed my hair for a few days when I used this product which I received as a sample in a magazine, so my hair was quite oily. After massaging it in in the shower then rinsing and shampooing and conditioning as normal I found the product had rinsed out clean and after styling my hair was amazingly super clean, so shiny and soft and felt amazing. I could not believe the difference, this clay removed all oil, build up and grime and my hair has never looked better. I will definately be buying this product after trialling it for the amazing rresults as not only my roots were healthy but the ends were so nourished. This comes at a great price point so is a great buy and I would highly recommend it
Hair is where beauty really begins for me, as there is nothing better than having a really good hair day, which makes everything else fall into place, beauty wise. I experiment with different home hair dye kits, which dries out my hair quite a lot, but I also naturally have quite oily roots as well as dry ends, so when I saw that one of my favourite beauty brands, Loreal Paris, had a new hair care range specifically aimed at oily roots and dry ends, I had to have it. A pre-shampoo mask treatment is a fairly new innovation, and the only one I've tried prior to this one was from Matrix so I had a little bit of experience. You apply to your hair before shampooing and it starts treating your specific hair concern before you even get under the water. After applying this mask treatment to the entire lengths of my hair and clipping it up for five minutes, I rinsed it out thoroughly, double shampooed and conditioned with the matching products from the range, rinsed thoroughly again, then wrapped my hair up in my hair turban and completed my shower. I dried off and combed my hair, and what I was left with was smooth, shiny, light and soft as silk strands. My scalp and roots really were less oily and lank than usual which lasted until my next hair wash, and the lengths were so soft, luscious and full. The product itself was thick, creamy, and very effective. Since I started using this range of shampoo, conditioner and pre shampoo mask and dry shampoo, my hair is a lot less oily and dry, and much more soft, full and voluminous.  Loreal products are my favourite because they are affordable, effective, work straight away, giving instant and long lasting results, the packaging is colourful and pretty and it's one of those beauty brands that make you feel so worth it every day that you use them, and that is the power of beauty.
For some reason this review did not post... But this clay mask can be very messy when applying however once on it gives a lovely smell that is not too strong, as I have a sensitive nose. The produce does what it says it does however I may have used slightly too much and it made my hair a bit heavy but that may have been my fault in applying it.
I think this product would be good if you consistently  had really oily roots. Whist this product worked I found it an unnecessary step to my routine, the shampoo and the conditioner were sufficient in reducing oily roots and maintaining moisture at my ends. I probably would not buy this product.
Great product for oily roots. It was a little strange to apply and the texture of the clay was quite unusual but after I used this product and combined it with the shampoo and conditioner my hair felt wonderful, super clean, smooth, easy to manage but no additional weight. I'd definetely recommend this product
I loved this product and have never used anything like this to help out with my normally oily roots that i hate! But this mask has a nice consistency once I applied it and i felt like I was being pampered in my own home with was great. The scent was strong but enjoyable and i the results that it delivered were wonderful. I will definitely be buying this product to help save my hair looking oily and unattractive.
I loved the smell of the clay mask but think it was  quite time consuming to do as you need to concentrate on the roots and I wasn't a big fan of the clay texture. My hair after using the mask and shampoo and conditioner does feel very nice.
Again amazing product.... worked in conjunction with the other products i could not fault this system that LOreal have put forward.  Amazing smells, freshness and look of the product and it works a treat on all types of hair. No oil, just bouncy fresh smelling hair and was great on my colour also
I must say out of the L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Range this would have to be my least favourite. Whilst the packaging etc is in line with the rest of the products and I have no problem with any of that, I really find it hard to make it work and be practical having to apply if before the shower... I also found that once I had applied enough for one treatment I really only had half the container left, making it not that cost effective for only 2 treatments use, and to be honest I really didn't feel like it added anything to th quality of my hair and its cleanliness etc. would purchase the other products again but just not sure if this really adds anything to my hair routine for the inconvenience.
Sadly i wasn't a huge fan of this product. I found it quite messy to use. The consistency was fairly thick which made application specifically to the roots quite difficult. I would have preffered for the clay mask to have come in a squeeze tube rather than a tub. It did leave the scalp less oily after using it, but i dont see myself reaching out for it at the store once this jar is finished.
This was my first time using a pre-shampoo mask and I must admit I'm totally converted! Just apply to dry hair for five minutes then hop into the shower and shampoo! It had a refreshing minty scent and my scalp felt nice and clean for days!! Only negative is that it made the ends of my hair dry.
I have never used a pre-shampoo mask before and thought it to be an unnecessary step in my beauty routine. The thick clay should only be applied to roots as I found it to be quiet thick and dry when setting. Easy enough to wash out though I found my hair to be quiet flat when washed. Scent was pleasant and not to overpowering. All in all not sure I would purchase again.
Loved this hair mask! It felt a little weird when applying because it is quite dry but once I washed it out I could tell the difference straight away. It made my roots feel so fresh and reduced the oiliness instantly. I would recommend it to anyone with oily roots and will definitely be buying it again.
I felt like this mask worked well. It was a little fiddly to apply especially to dry hair, but gets easier with practice. I did feel like the clay helped to soak up oiliness before following with the shampoo and conditioner. I'm not sure whether I believe it made my hair stay cleaner for longer, but it definitely had an initial effect.